Experimental Evaluation of a Grouping QoS Control Scheme for Wireless Equipment in IEEE802.11 Wireless LAN Stations

Toshiyuki SHINTAKU  Masashi IWABUCHI  Takeshi ONIZAWA  Tetsu SAKATA  

B - Abstracts of IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications (Japanese Edition)   Vol.J99-B   No.8   pp.602-611
Publication Date: 2016/08/01
Online ISSN: 1881-0209
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
IEEE802.11,  WirelessLAN,  CSMA/CA,  QoS,  NAV,  

Full Text(in Japanese): PDF(1.6MB)
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With the rapid growth in the number of wireless LAN (WLAN) stations (STAs) complying with IEEE802.11 standards, like smartphones, heavy congestion is a common occurrence where many STAs are present. We have proposed a transmit constraint method that takes account of transmission speed, in addition the number of STAs. The proposed scheme highly offers effective priority STA protection. In this paper, we evaluated the system throughput by measurements using an IEEE802.11b/g standard experiment of the proposed scheme to solve this problem. These results confirm about two times system throughput higher than conventional scheme for a configuration consisting of one 11g STA and three 11b STAs. Moreover, the overlapping basic service sets (OBSS) environment proved the proposal method to be effective. These results confirm about 1.6 times system throughput higher than conventional scheme with 2BSS.