Fabrication and Experimental Evaluation of an Interdigital HTS Bandpass Filter Using CPW Quarter-Wavelength Resonators

Daisuke KOIZUMI  Kunihiro KAWAI  Kei SATOH  Shoichi NARAHASHI  Zhewang MA  Yoshio KOBAYASHI  

C - Abstracts of IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics (Japanese Edition)   Vol.J91-C   No.6   pp.341-348
Publication Date: 2008/06/01
Online ISSN: 1881-0217
Print ISSN: 1345-2827
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
high temperature superconductor (HTS),  bandpass filter (BPF),  coplanar waveguide (CPW),  quarter-wavelength resonator,  microwave,  

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This paper describes the method to fabricate precisely the previously proposed 5 GHz band 5-pole interdigital high temperature superconducting (HTS) bandpass filter, and analyzes spurious characteristics of the filter with electromagnetic simulation of current distribution and temperature-dependent property of the filter frequency characteristics based on kinetic inductance of HTS thin film. The proposed method achieves the processing accuracy of 2 µm. Numerical and experimental results confirm that the lowest order spurious mode is excited at about 10 GHz by the unwanted current distribution, and that the center frequency can be adjustable within 6 MHz by selecting operation temperature appropriately.