Full-Duplex Transmission Using 2-RF-Port Electroabsorption Transceiver with Photonic Up- and Downconversions for Millimeter-Wave Radio-on-Fiber System

Kensuke IKEDA  Toshiaki KURI  Yoshiro TAKAHASHI  Ken-ichi KITAYAMA  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics   Vol.E86-C   No.7   pp.1138-1145
Publication Date: 2003/07/01
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8516
Type of Manuscript: Special Section PAPER (Special Issue on Recent Progress in Microwave and Millimeter-wave Photonics Technologies)
Category: Photonic Links for Wireless Communications
radio on fiber (ROF),  electroabsorption transceiver (EAT),  chromatic fiber dispersion,  millimeter-wave communication,  photonic upconversion,  photonic downconversion,  microwave photonics,  

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Full-duplex transmission of 60.0 GHz and 59.6 GHz millimeter-wave (mm-wave) signals of 155.52-Mbit/s differential phase shift keying (DPSK) data, radio-on-fiber (ROF) signals over 25-km-long standard single-mode fibers (SMFs) is experimentally demonstrated for the first time using a single 2-RF-port electroabsorption transceiver (EAT). The simplification of base stations (BSs) is strongly required to realize cost-effective and high-reliability mm-wave wireless access. This single EAT detects a C-band ROF signal modulated by a mm-wave downlink signal and simultaneously modulates the L-band optical carrier by a mm-wave uplink signal. The BS mainly consists of the EAT, leading to a simple and low-cost BS. Optical pilot tones and optical bandpass filters are used for photonic downconversion and photonic upconversion, to convert frequencies between mm-wave signals and intermediate frequency (IF) signals in the optical domain. With the use of optical conversions, these signals have no significant fading problems. The simultaneous transmission of both up- and downlinks has been achieved with the BER of less than 10-9. Also the fading problems due to the fiber dispersion of photonic conversions are analyzed mathematically in this paper. The single-EAT BS will become a promising candidate for a ROF access system.