Biologically-Inspired Autonomous Adaptability in a Communication Endsystem: An Approach Using an Artificial Immune Network

Junichi SUZUKI  Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems   Vol.E84-D    No.12    pp.1782-1789
Publication Date: 2001/12/01
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8532
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
Category: Databases
system adaptability,  self-configuring system,  reflective system,  artificial immune system,  Internet server,  

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This paper describes the adaptability of communication software through a biologically-inspired policy coordination. Many research efforts have developed adaptable systems that allow various users or applications to meet their specific requirements by configuring different design and optimization policies. Navigating through many policies manually, however, is tedious and error-prone. Developers face the significant manual and ad-hoc work of engineering an system. In contrast, we propose to provide autonomous adaptability in communication endsystem with OpenWebServer/iNexus, which is both a web server and an object-oriented framework to tailer various web services and applications. The OpenWebServer's modular architecture allows to abstract and maintain a wide range of aspects in a HTTP server, and reconfigure the system by adding, deleting, changing, or replacing their policies. iNexus is a tool for automated policy-based management of OpenWebServer. Its design is inspired by the natural immune system, particularly immune network, a truly autonomous decentralized system. iNexus inspects the current system condition of OpenWebServer periodically, measures the delivered quality of service, and selects suitable set of policies to reconfigure the system dynamically by relaxing constraints between them. The policy coordination process is performed through decentralized interactions among policies without a single point of control, as the natural immune system does. This paper discusses communication software can evolve continuously in the piecemeal way with biological concepts and mechanisms, adapting itself to ever-changing environment.

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