High Alumina Co-Doped Silica EDFA and Its Gain-Equalization in Long-Haul WDM Transmission System

Takao NAITO  Naomasa SHIMOJOH  Takafumi TERAHARA  Toshiki TANAKA  Terumi CHIKAMA  Masuo SUYAMA  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications   Vol.E83-B   No.4   pp.775-781
Publication Date: 2000/04/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8516
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
Category: Fiber-Optic Transmission
EDFA,  gain-equalization,  long-haul,  WDM,  transmission,  

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In an optical submarine cable transmission system, small size, low consumption power, and high reliability are required for inline repeaters. The structure of the inline repeater should be a simple single stage. The design of erbium doped fiber (EDF) itself is very important for the inline repeater to achieve broad bandwidth, high output power, and low noise figure. We designed and developed high alumina co-doped erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) for long-haul, high-capacity WDM transmission systems. We investigated the trade-off relationship between the gain flatness and the output power to optimize the EDF length. We obtained high performance, including a slightly sloped gain flatness of +0.04 dB/nm at 1550 nm, a superior noise figure of 4.7 dB, and a relatively large output power of +11.5 dBm for an EDF length of 5 m using a 1480-nm pumping laser diode. We applied gain-equalizers (GEQs) using Mach-Zehnder type filters with different FSRs to accurately compensate for the EDFAs ' gain-wavelength characteristics. The main GEQs have free-spectral-ranges (FSRs) of 48-nm, which are about 2 times as long as the wavelength difference between a 1558-nm EDFA gain peak and a 1536-nm EDFA gain valley. Using a circulating loop with the above EDFAs and GEQs, we performed the broad wavelength bandwidth. The achieved signal wavelength bandwidth after 5,958-km transmission was 20 nm. We successfully transmitted 700-Gbit/s (66 10.66-Gbit/s) WDM signals over 2,212 km. The combination of high alumina co-doped silica EDFA and large FSR GEQ is attractive for long-haul, high-capacity WDM transmission systems.