ISI and CCI Canceller with Preselecting Adaptive Array and Cascaded Equalizer in Digital Mobile Radio

Yoshiharu DOI

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications   Vol.E81-B       pp.674-682
Publication Date: 1998/03/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8516
Type of Manuscript: Category: Antennas and Propagation
adaptive array antenna,  maximum-likelihood sequence estimation,  inter-symbol interference cancelling,  co-channel interference cancelling,  diversity branch preselection,  

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An adaptive array has been proposed as a canceller for both inter-symbol interference (ISI) and co-channel interference (CCI). However, it has no path-diversity gain since it selects just one signal correlated to the reference signal. In this paper, a novel interference canceller having sufficient path-diversity gain is proposed. The canceller is characterized by the combined configuration of an adaptive array and an equalizer. In the proposed system, a pre-selecting adaptive array is installed first. By employing a specific training sequence and sampling timing at the receiver during the training period, the perfect correlation between the "desired signal" and "short delayed" is achieved. Therefore, the pre-selecting adaptive array can extract the desired and ISI signals simultaneously, and the cascaded adaptive equalizer can provide the path-diversity gain without degradation by interference. The proposed system achieves a simple configuration and robustness against both ISI and CCI with a sufficient path diversity gain. In computer simulations, average BER characteristics of the proposed system were evaluated in a quasi-static Rayleigh fading channel. The simulation results showed that the system can reduce both long-delayed ISI and CCI efficiently, and that the expected path diversity gain is obtained even with strong CCI. They also showed that the degradation is not so serious when the number of antenna elements is less than that of incoming signals.