An Algorithm to Allocate Diagrams Automatically on Document Formatting Systems

Takeshi ARITA
Jun-ichi AOE

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems   Vol.E80-D       pp.259-273
Publication Date: 1997/02/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8532
Type of Manuscript: Category: Computer Applications
automatic diagram allocation,  document processing,  automatic document layout system,  document formatting system,  

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In accordance with the diffusion of applications, such as the Desk Top Publishing system, the Document Formatting system and the Document Editing system, it is easy to make a document by using a computer. However, as for allocating the diagrams (figures and tables), there are few document processing systems able to allocate diagrams on the appropriate places automatically. In a document processing system it is a very important issue to allocate diagrams on the most suitable places. This paper defines the criteria for allocating diagrams on the suitable positions by investigating published papers. These criteria concern 1) the order of diagrams to be allocated, 2) the stability of the diagram allocations, 3) the distance between the diagram and the location of the corresponding first reference in the text, 4) the allocation balance of diagrams in a text, 5) the restricted areas where diagrams shouldn't be allocated, 6) the allocation priorities between diagrams of different width. Moreover, this paper proposes a method for deciding the diagram allocations satisfying the above criteria automatically and fast on document formatting systems. In this case we have limited its application to one type of ducuments, which is papers. Especially, this method can skillfully allocate diagrams of different width on the page by reallocating the diagrams and texts within it, and can allocate diagrams over the document uniformly.

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