High-Performance Small-Scale Collector-Up AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's with a Carbon-Doped Base Fabricated Using Oxygen-Ion Implantation


IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics   Vol.E77-C   No.9   pp.1437-1443
Publication Date: 1994/09/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8516
Type of Manuscript: Special Section PAPER (Special Issue on Heterostructure Devices and Epitaxial Growth Techniques)
heterojunction bipolar transistor,  collector-up structure,  carbon-doped base,  oxygen-ion implantation,  maximum oscillation frequency,  

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We report the development of high-performance small-scale AlGaAs/GaAs collector-up heterojunction bipolar transistors (C-up HBT) with a carbon (C)-doped base layer. Oxygen-ion (O+) implantation is used to define their intrinsic emitter/base junctions and zinc (Zn)-diffusion is used to lower the resistivity of their O+-implanted extrinsic base layers. The highly resistive O+-implanted AlGaAs layer in the extrinsic emitter region sufficiently suppresses electron injection even under high-forward-bias conditions, allowing high collector current densities. The use of a C-doped base is especially effective for small-scale C-up HBT's because it suppresses the undesirable turn-on voltage shift caused by base dopant diffusion in the intrinsic area around the collector-mesa perimeter that occurs during the high-temperature Zn-diffusion process after implantation. Even in a small-scale trasistor with a 2 µm2 µm collector, a current gain of 15 is obtained. A microwave transistor with a 2 µm10 µm collector has a cutoff frequency fT of 68 GHz and a maximum oscillation frequency fmax of 102 GHz. A small-scale C-up HBT with a 2 µm2 µm collector shows a higher fmax of 110 GHz due to reduced base/collector capacitance CBC and its fmax remains above 100 GHz, even at a low collector current of 1 mA. The CBC of this device is estimated to be as low as 2.2 fF. Current gain dependence on collector size is also investigated for C-up HBT's and it is found that the base recombination current around the collector-mesa perimeter reduces the current gain.