Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits Grown on Si Substrates

Takashi EGAWA  Takashi JIMBO  Masayoshi UMENO  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics   Vol.E76-C   No.1   pp.106-111
Publication Date: 1993/01/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0916-8516
Type of Manuscript: INVITED PAPER (Special Issue on Opto-Electronics and LSI)
Category: Integration of Opto-Electronics and LSI Technologies
GaAs/Si,  OEIC,  laser,  degradation,  MOCVD,  

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We have demonstrated the successful fabrication of the monolithic integration of a GaAs metalsemiconductor field-effect transistor (MESFET), an AlGaAs/InGaAs laser and a p-n photodetector grown on a SiO2 backcoated p-Si substrate using selective regrowth by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The use of SiO2 backcoated Si substrate is effective in suppressing unintentional Si autodoping and obtaining a good pinch-off GaAs MESFET. The MESFET with 2.5400 µm2 gate exhibited a transconductance of 90 mS/mm and a threshold voltage of 2.2 V. The reliability of the laser on the Si substrate can be improved by the strain-relieved AlGaAs/InGaAs laser with the InGaAs intermediate layer. The longest lifetime of the laser is 8 h at 27. During the GaAs layer growth, the p-n photodetector is formed near the surface of the p-Si substrate by diffusing the As atoms.