Scattering and Absorption of Electromagnetic Plane Waves by a Column of Magnetized Hot Plasma

Kiyotoshi YASUMOTO  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS (1976-1990)   Vol.E69   No.5   pp.638-644
Publication Date: 1986/05/25
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Print ISSN: 0000-0000
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
Category: Antenna and Propagation

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The scattering of electromagnetic plane waves incident obliquely upon a column of hot electron plasma, which is magnetized in the axial direction and is located in free space, is investigated based on a kinetic model for the plasma. This model takes into account a full thermal effect in the axial direction and includes the first-order thermal effect with respect to the transverse direction. The boundary-value problem is solved for both cases of polarizations of the incident wave, i.e., TM wave and TE wave. The numerical results of the back-scattering cross section, the far-field power pattern, and the albedo of the plasma column are presented for several typical values of plasma parameters. The thermal effect of plasma on the characteristics of scattering and absorption are discussed at length. It is shown that when the frequency of incident wave is close to the electron cyclotron frequency, in the case of high-temperature plasma, the energy of incident wave is strongly absorbed through the process of collisionless absorption.