Design and Characteristics of a 2 GHz SAW Delay Line Oscillator

Jiro TEMMYO  Shokichiro YOSHIKAWA  

IEICE TRANSACTIONS (1976-1990)   Vol.E61   No.11   pp.885-890
Publication Date: 1978/11/25
Online ISSN: 
Print ISSN: 0000-0000
Type of Manuscript: PAPER
Category: Acoustics

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This paper reports the realization of 2 GHz surface-acoustic-wave delay line (SAW DL) oscillator, utilizing 3rd harmonic operation of double interdigital transducers (4F-IDTs). The simple design technique for the SAW DL harmonic oscillators is made clear, based on the state-of-the-art of microfabrication technique. 0.58 µm linewidth aluminum 4F-IDTs of a SAW DL filter have been successfully obtained on the rotated Y-cut quartz by conventional photolithographic contact printing without lift-off process. They consist of 618 lines and 0.4 mm overlap length. On the clarified design technique, a 2 GHz SAW DL oscillator was achieved without external filtering and matching networks. The frequency stability of the experimental 2 GHz SAW DL oscillator is also presented and discussed. The short-term stability of 2 part in 108 at 1 sec. gate time was measured and a nearly parabolic frequency variation with temperature (the turn-over temperature was near 20) was obtained. It was found that SAW DL oscillators can be small, lightweight and stable GHz oscillators in many communication systems.