Keyword : underwater acoustic sensor networks

AUV Based Data-Gathering Protocol for the Lifetime Extension of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Heungwoo NAM 
Publication Date: 2017/07/01
Vol. E100-A  No. 7 ; pp. 1596-1600
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
underwater acoustic sensor networksautonomous underwater vehiclespath-planning algorithmsdata-gathering protocols
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Ray-Model-Based Routing for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Accounting for Anisotropic Sound Propagation
Ping WANG Lin ZHANG Victor O.K. LI 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications
Publication Date: 2013/08/01
Vol. E96-B  No. 8 ; pp. 2060-2068
Type of Manuscript:  PAPER
Category: Network
energy-efficient routingunderwater acoustic sensor networksgeographical distanceray modelanisotropic propagation
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