Keyword : ordered binary decision diagrams

OBDD Representation of Intersection Graphs
Asahi TAKAOKA Satoshi TAYU Shuichi UENO 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems
Publication Date: 2015/04/01
Vol. E98-D  No. 4 ; pp. 824-834
Type of Manuscript:  PAPER
Category: Fundamentals of Information Systems
implicit representation of graphsordered binary decision diagramsorthogonal ray graphspermutation graphs
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Implementation Techniques for Fast OBDD Dynamic Variable Reordering
Hiroshige FUJII 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Publication Date: 1995/12/25
Vol. E78-A  No. 12 ; pp. 1729-1734
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on VLSI Design and CAD Algorithms)
ordered binary decision diagramsdynamic variable reorderingsifting algorithm
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