Keyword : music information retrieval

A Local Feature Aggregation Method for Music Retrieval
Jin S. SEO 
Publication Date: 2018/01/01
Vol. E101-D  No. 1 ; pp. 64-67
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section LETTER (Special Section on Enriched Multimedia — Potential and Possibility of Multimedia Contents for the Future —)
music retrievalmusic searchmusic information retrievalsupervector
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Robust Singing Transcription System Using Local Homogeneity in the Harmonic Structure
Hoon HEO Kyogu LEE 
Publication Date: 2017/05/01
Vol. E100-D  No. 5 ; pp. 1114-1123
Type of Manuscript:  PAPER
Category: Music Information Processing
automatic music transcriptionharmonic structuremusic information retrievalsinging voice
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Frequency Filtering for a Highly Robust Audio Fingerprinting Scheme in a Real-Noise Environment
Mansoo PARK Hoi-Rin KIM Yong Man RO Munchurl KIM 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems
Publication Date: 2006/07/01
Vol. E89-D  No. 7 ; pp. 2324-2327
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Music Information Processing
music information retrievalcontent-based audio identificationaudio fingerprintfrequency filtering
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