Keyword : formal design

Automatic Generation System for Multiple-Valued Galois-Field Parallel Multipliers
Rei UENO Naofumi HOMMA Takafumi AOKI 
Publication Date: 2017/08/01
Vol. E100-D  No. 8 ; pp. 1603-1610
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on Multiple-Valued Logic and VLSI Computing)
Category: VLSI Architecture
GF arithmetic circuitsformal designparallel multipliersautomatic generationmultiple-valued logic
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Hierarchical Formal Verification Combining Algebraic Transformation with PPRM Expansion and Its Application to Masked Cryptographic Processors
Rei UENO Naofumi HOMMA Takafumi AOKI Sumio MORIOKA 
Publication Date: 2017/07/01
Vol. E100-A  No. 7 ; pp. 1396-1408
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on Design Methodologies for System on a Chip)
design methodology for security hardwareformal designcryptographic processorsGalois fieldarithmetic circuits
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Formal Design of Arithmetic Circuits Based on Arithmetic Description Language
Naofumi HOMMA Yuki WATANABE Takafumi AOKI Tatsuo HIGUCHI 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Publication Date: 2006/12/01
Vol. E89-A  No. 12 ; pp. 3500-3509
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on VLSI Design and CAD Algorithms)
Category: Circuit Synthesis
datapathsformal designarithmetic circuitshardware algorithmshardware description languagemodule generator
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