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Fogcached: A DRAM/NVMM Hybrid KVS Server for Edge Computing
Kouki OZAWA Takahiro HIROFUCHI Ryousei TAKANO Midori SUGAYA 
Publication Date: 2021/12/01
Vol. E104-D  No. 12 ; pp. 2089-2096
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on Parallel, Distributed, and Reconfigurable Computing, and Networking)
FogcachedKVSKey-Value-StoreMiddlewareedgeedge computingDual-LRUNVMNVMMDCPM
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Traffic Reduction Technologies and Data Aggregation Control to Minimize Latency in IoT Systems
Hideaki YOSHINO Kenko OTA Takefumi HIRAGURI 
Publication Date: 2021/07/01
Vol. E104-B  No. 7 ; pp. 706-715
Type of Manuscript:  INVITED PAPER (Special Section on Future Directions of Research and Development on Communication Quality)
IoTfogedgedata aggregationQoSlatencycontrolcommunication qualitycommunication traffic
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High Performance Adaptive Deblocking Filter for H.264
Yu-Ching CHU Mei-Juan CHEN 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems
Publication Date: 2006/01/01
Vol. E89-D  No. 1 ; pp. 367-371
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Image Processing and Video Processing
deblocking filterH.264edgeblocking artifact
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Template Based Method of Edge Linking with Low Distortion
Fredrick L. MILLER Junji MAEDA Hiroshi KUBO 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems
Publication Date: 1993/06/25
Vol. E76-D  No. 6 ; pp. 711-716
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Image Processing, Computer Graphics and Pattern Recognition
image processingedge linkingedgeedge segmentlinking
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