Keyword : digital amplifier

Clipping Compensation of Noise Shaper for Digital Audio Amplifier
Kyoungsoo PARK Koeng-Mo SUNG 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics
Publication Date: 2011/08/01
Vol. E94-C  No. 8 ; pp. 1262-1270
Type of Manuscript:  PAPER
Category: Electronic Circuits
digital amplifiernoise shaperclippingmodulation index
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An Analog/Digital Mixed-Mode Audio Power Amplifier with Novel Ripple Feedback Filter
Nam-In KIM Sang-Hwa JUNG Gyu-Hyeong CHO 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications
Publication Date: 2003/09/01
Vol. E86-B  No. 9 ; pp. 2764-2767
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Communication Devices/Circuits
ripple filteranalog amplifierdigital amplifierefficiencyTHD
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