Keyword : compressive sensing (CS)

Parameterized L1-Minimization Algorithm for Off-the-Gird Spectral Compressive Sensing
Wei ZHANG Feng YU 
Publication Date: 2017/09/01
Vol. E100-A  No. 9 ; pp. 2026-2030
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Digital Signal Processing
compressive sensing (CS)spectral compressive sensingoff-the-grid issueparameterized L1-minimization
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Model-Based Compressive Sensing Applied to Landmine Detection by GPR
Riafeni KARLINA Motoyuki SATO 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics
Publication Date: 2016/01/01
Vol. E99-C  No. 1 ; pp. 44-51
Type of Manuscript:  Special Section PAPER (Special Section on Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Theory and Its Application)
compressive sensing (CS)stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW)ground penetrating radar (GPR)Nyquist theoremmodel based CS
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Narrowband Interference Mitigation Based on Compressive Sensing for OFDM Systems
Sicong LIU Fang YANG Chao ZHANG Jian SONG 
Publication:   IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Publication Date: 2015/03/01
Vol. E98-A  No. 3 ; pp. 870-873
Type of Manuscript:  LETTER
Category: Noise and Vibration
narrowband interference (NBI)compressive sensing (CS)repeated training sequences (TS)
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