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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E102-D No.7  (Publication Date:2019/07/01)
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Special Section on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities

pp.1228-1229  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Ichiro IDE  Yoko YAMAKATA  
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pp.1230-1239  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Webly-Supervised Food Detection with Foodness Proposal
Wataru SHIMODA  Keiji YANAI  
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pp.1240-1246  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Simultaneous Estimation of Dish Locations and Calories with Multi-Task Learning
Takumi EGE  Keiji YANAI  
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Regular Section

pp.1247-1256  PAPER-Computer System
A Fine-Grained Multicasting of Configuration Data for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Takuya KOJIMA  Hideharu AMANO  
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pp.1257-1270  PAPER-Computer System
Dynamic Performance Adjustment of CPU and GPU in a Gaming Notebook at the Battery Mode
Chun-Hung CHENG  Ying-Wen BAI  
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pp.1271-1279  PAPER-Computer System
PMOP: Efficient Per-Page Most-Offset Prefetcher
Kanghee KIM  Wooseok LEE  Sangbang CHOI  
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pp.1280-1295  PAPER-Software System
Model Checking in the Presence of Schedulers Using a Domain-Specific Language for Scheduling Policies
Nhat-Hoa TRAN  Yuki CHIBA  Toshiaki AOKI  
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pp.1296-1301  PAPER-Information Network
A Simple Deterministic Measurement Matrix Based on GMW Pseudorandom Sequence
Haiqiang LIU  Gang HUA  Hongsheng YIN  Aichun ZHU  Ran CUI  
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pp.1302-1309  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
A Study of Online State-of-Health Estimation Method for In-Use Electric Vehicles Based on Charge Data
Di ZHOU  Ping FU  Hongtao YIN  Wei XIE  Shou FENG  
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pp.1310-1320  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction  Open Access Paper
Fast Computation with Efficient Object Data Distribution for Large-Scale Hologram Generation on a Multi-GPU Cluster
Takanobu BABA  Shinpei WATANABE  Boaz JESSIE JACKIN  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takeshi OHKAWA  Takashi YOKOTA  Yoshio HAYASAKI  Toyohiko YATAGAI  
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pp.1321-1331  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Recognition of Moving Object in High Dynamic Scene for Visual Prosthesis
Fei GUO  Yuan YANG  Yang XIAO  Yong GAO  Ningmei YU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.1332-1341  PAPER-Office Information Systems, e-Business Modeling
lcyanalysis: An R Package for Technical Analysis in Stock Markets
Chun-Yu LIU  Shu-Nung YAO  Ying-Jen CHEN  
[Paper on system development]Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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pp.1342-1348  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Fast Non-Overlapping Multi-Camera People Re-Identification Algorithm and Tracking Based on Visual Channel Model
Chi-Chia SUN  Ming-Hwa SHEU  Jui-Yang CHI  Yan-Kai HUANG  
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pp.1349-1361  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision  Open Access Paper
A Robust Tracking with Low-Dimensional Target-Specific Feature Extraction
Chengcheng JIANG  Xinyu ZHU  Chao LI  Gengsheng CHEN  
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pp.1362-1373  PAPER-Natural Language Processing  Open Access Paper
Rule-Based Automatic Question Generation Using Semantic Role Labeling
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pp.1374-1383  PAPER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Travel Time Prediction System Based on Data Clustering for Waste Collection Vehicles
Chi-Hua CHEN  Feng-Jang HWANG  Hsu-Yang KUNG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.6MB) >>
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pp.1384-1395  PAPER-Biological Engineering
Using Deep CNN with Data Permutation Scheme for Classification of Alzheimer's Disease in Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (sMRI)
Bumshik LEE  Waqas ELLAHI  Jae Young CHOI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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pp.1396-1399  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A New Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization Based on Brain Storm Optimization for Feature Selection
Haomo LIANG  Zhixue WANG  Yi LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.1400-1403  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Super-Node Based Detection of Redundant Ontology Relations
Yuehang DING  Hongtao YU  Jianpeng ZHANG  Yunjie GU  Ruiyang HUANG  Shize KANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (483.2KB) >>
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pp.1404-1407  LETTER-Information Network
Clustering Malicious DNS Queries for Blacklist-Based Detection
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pp.1408-1411  LETTER-Information Network
A Novel Frame Aggregation Scheduler to Solve the Head-of-Line Blocking Problem for Real-Time UDP Traffic in Aggregation-Enabled WLANs
Linjie ZHU  Bin WU  Zhiwei WEI  Yu TANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (603.1KB) >>
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pp.1412-1416  LETTER-Office Information Systems, e-Business Modeling
Temporal Outlier Detection and Correlation Analysis of Business Process Executions
Chun Gun PARK  Hyun AHN  
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pp.1417-1421  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Unsupervised Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition Using Target-Adapted Least-Squares Regression
Lingyan LI  Xiaoyan ZHOU  Yuan ZONG  Wenming ZHENG  Xiuzhen CHEN  Jingang SHI  Peng SONG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (106KB) >>
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pp.1422-1425  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Weber Centralized Binary Fusion Descriptor for Fingerprint Liveness Detection
Summary | Full Text:PDF (344KB) >>
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pp.1426-1429  LETTER-Pattern Recognition  Open Access Paper
Attention-Based Dense LSTM for Speech Emotion Recognition
Yue XIE  Ruiyu LIANG  Zhenlin LIANG  Li ZHAO  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(322.6KB)

pp.1430-1433  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Quality Index for Benchmarking Image Inpainting Algorithms with Guided Regional Statistics
Song LIANG  Leida LI  Bo HU  Jianying ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (977.4KB) >>
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pp.1434-1437  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Entropy Based Illumination-Invariant Foreground Detection
Summary | Full Text:PDF (358.3KB) >>
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