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Volume E98-D No.12  (Publication Date:2015/12/01)
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Special Section on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networking

pp.2047-2047  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yasuhiko NAKASHIMA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(61.9KB)

pp.2048-2059  PAPER-Wireless System
A Proposal of Access Point Selection Method Based on Cooperative Movement of Both Access Points and Users
Ryo HAMAMOTO  Tutomu MURASE  Chisa TAKANO  Hiroyasu OBATA  Kenji ISHIDA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>
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pp.2060-2070  PAPER-Wireless System
SP-MAC: A Media Access Control Method Based on the Synchronization Phenomena of Coupled Oscillators over WLAN
Hiroyasu OBATA  Ryo HAMAMOTO  Chisa TAKANO  Kenji ISHIDA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.2071-2081  PAPER-Network
GA-MAP: An Error Tolerant Address Mapping Method in Data Center Networks Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Gang DENG  Hong WANG  Zhenghu GONG  Lin CHEN  Xu ZHOU  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (5.4MB) >>
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pp.2082-2090  PAPER-Network
Survivability Analysis of VM-Based Intrusion Tolerant Systems
Junjun ZHENG  Hiroyuki OKAMURA  Tadashi DOHI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (589.4KB) >>
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pp.2091-2104  PAPER-Network
Modeling and Testing of Network Protocols with Parallel State Machines
Xia YIN  Jiangyuan YAO  Zhiliang WANG  Xingang SHI  Jun BI  Jianping WU  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2105-2115  PAPER-Switching System
Novel High Performance Scheduling Algorithms for Crosspoint Buffered Crossbar Switches
Xiaoting WANG  Yiwen WANG  Shichao LI  Ping LI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (777.9KB) >>
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pp.2116-2122  PAPER-Switching System
The Fault-Tolerant Hamiltonian Problems of Crossed Cubes with Path Faults
Hon-Chan CHEN  Tzu-Liang KUNG  Yun-Hao ZOU  Hsin-Wei MAO  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (572.3KB) >>
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pp.2123-2131  PAPER-Grid System
Failure Detection in P2P-Grid System
Huan WANG  Hideroni NAKAZATO  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2132-2140  PAPER-Grid System
Dynamic Job Scheduling Method Based on Expected Probability of Completion of Voting in Volunteer Computing
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (783.4KB) >>
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pp.2141-2149  PAPER-Architecture
Performance Evaluation of a 3D-Stencil Library for Distributed Memory Array Accelerators
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2150-2158  PAPER-Architecture
Ultrasmall: A Tiny Soft Processor Architecture with Multi-Bit Serial Datapaths for FPGAs
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1MB) >>
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pp.2159-2167  PAPER-Operating System
Postcopy Live Migration with Guest-Cooperative Page Faults
Takahiro HIROFUCHI  Isaku YAMAHATA  Satoshi ITOH  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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pp.2168-2177  PAPER-Storage System
A Flexible Direct Attached Storage for a Data Intensive Application
Takatsugu ONO  Yotaro KONISHI  Teruo TANIMOTO  Noboru IWAMATSU  Takashi MIYOSHI  Jun TANAKA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>
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pp.2178-2186  PAPER-Software
A Light-Weight Rollback Mechanism for Testing Kernel Variants in Auto-Tuning
Shoichi HIRASAWA  Hiroyuki TAKIZAWA  Hiroaki KOBAYASHI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (656.3KB) >>
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pp.2187-2191  LETTER-Operating System
Fast Control Method of Software-Managed TLB for Reducing Zero-Copy Communication Overhead
Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  Masahiro TSURUYA  Hideo TANIGUCHI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (250.2KB) >>
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pp.2192-2195  LETTER-Storage System
Parallel Geospatial Raster Data I/O Using File View
Wei XIONG  Ye WU  Luo CHEN  Ning JING  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (4.2MB) >>
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pp.2196-2198  LETTER-Software
Repeatable Hybrid Parallel Implementation of an Inverse Matrix Computation Using the SMW Formula for a Time-Series Simulation
Yuta MATSUI  Shinji FUKUMA  Shin-ichiro MORI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (445.1KB) >>
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Regular Section

pp.2199-2206  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A Note on Harmonious Coloring of Caterpillars
Asahi TAKAOKA  Shingo OKUMA  Satoshi TAYU  Shuichi UENO  
(Publicized: 2015/08/28)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (414.3KB) >>
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pp.2207-2217  PAPER-Computer System
Design and Evaluation of a Configurable Query Processing Hardware for Data Streams
Yasin OGE  Masato YOSHIMI  Takefumi MIYOSHI  Hideyuki KAWASHIMA  Hidetsugu IRIE  Tsutomu YOSHINAGA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>
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pp.2218-2228  PAPER-Software Engineering
Lines of Comments as a Noteworthy Metric for Analyzing Fault-Proneness in Methods
Hirohisa AMAN  Sousuke AMASAKI  Takashi SASAKI  Minoru KAWAHARA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/04)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (614.6KB) >>
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pp.2229-2241  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Development and Evaluation of Near Real-Time Automated System for Measuring Consumption of Seasonings
Kazuaki NAKAMURA  Takuya FUNATOMI  Atsushi HASHIMOTO  Mayumi UEDA  Michihiko MINOH  
(Publicized: 2015/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>
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pp.2242-2249  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
A Novel Earthquake Education System Based on Virtual Reality
Xiaoli GONG  Yanjun LIU  Yang JIAO  Baoji WANG  Jianchao ZHOU  Haiyang YU  
(Publicized: 2015/09/16)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (921.3KB) >>
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pp.2250-2256  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Multi-Feature Guided Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on Magnetic Resonance Images
Ye AI  Feng MIAO  Qingmao HU  Weifeng LI  
(Publicized: 2015/08/25)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.2257-2270  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Multiple-Shot People Re-Identification by Patch-Wise Learning
Guanwen ZHANG  Jien KATO  Yu WANG  Kenji MASE  
(Publicized: 2015/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (4.2MB) >>
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pp.2271-2279  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Speech Recognition of English by Japanese Using Lexicon Represented by Multiple Reduced Phoneme Sets
Xiaoyun WANG  Seiichi YAMAMOTO  
(Publicized: 2015/09/10)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>
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pp.2280-2289  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
F0 Parameterization of Glottalized Tones in HMM-Based Speech Synthesis for Hanoi Vietnamese
Duy Khanh NINH  Yoichi YAMASHITA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (935.5KB) >>
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pp.2290-2298  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Moiré Reduction Using Inflection Point and Color Variation in Digital Camera of No Optical Low Pass Filter
Dae-Chul KIM  Wang-Jun KYUNG  Ho-Gun HA  Yeong-Ho HA  
(Publicized: 2015/09/10)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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pp.2299-2307  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Utilizing Attributed Graph Representation in Object Detection and Tracking for Indoor Range Sensor Surveillance Cameras
Houari SABIRIN  Hiroshi SANKOH  Sei NAITO  
(Publicized: 2015/09/10)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2308-2316  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Top-Down Visual Attention Estimation Using Spatially Localized Activation Based on Linear Separability of Visual Features
Takatsugu HIRAYAMA  Toshiya OHIRA  Kenji MASE  
(Publicized: 2015/09/10)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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pp.2317-2321  LETTER-Computer System
Application Prefetcher Design Using both I/O Reordering and I/O Interleaving
Yongsoo JOO  Sangsoo PARK  Hyokyung BAHN  
(Publicized: 2015/08/20)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>
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pp.2322-2327  LETTER-Software Engineering
An Empirical Study of Bugs in Industrial Financial Systems
Xiao XUAN  Xiaoqiong ZHAO  Ye WANG  Shanping LI  
(Publicized: 2015/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (158.3KB) >>
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pp.2328-2332  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
SimCS: An Effective Method to Compute Similarity of Scientific Papers Based on Contribution Scores
(Publicized: 2015/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (6.4MB) >>
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pp.2333-2336  LETTER-Information Network
Enhancing IEEE 802.15.4-Based Wireless Networks to Handle Loss of Beacon Frames
Jeongyeup PAEK  Byung-Seo KIM  
(Publicized: 2015/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (363.7KB) >>
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pp.2337-2340  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Common and Adapted Vocabularies for Face Verification
Shuoyan LIU  Kai FANG  
(Publicized: 2015/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.2341-2344  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Performance Enhancement of Cross-Talk Canceller for Four-Speaker System by Selective Speaker Operation
Su-Jin CHOI  Jeong-Yong BOO  Ki-Jun KIM  Hochong PARK  
(Publicized: 2015/08/25)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (563.7KB) >>
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pp.2345-2348  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Supervised Denoising Pre-Training for Robust ASR with DNN-HMM
Shin Jae KANG  Kang Hyun LEE  Nam Soo KIM  
(Publicized: 2015/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (79KB) >>
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pp.2349-2352  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Using Correlated Regression Models to Calculate Cumulative Attributes for Age Estimation
Lili PAN  Qiangsen HE  Yali ZHENG  Mei XIE  
(Publicized: 2015/08/28)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (443.8KB) >>
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pp.2353-2357  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Dynamic Rendering Quality Scaling Based on Resolution Changes
MinKyu KIM  SunHo KI  YoungDuke SEO  JinHong PARK  ChuShik JHON  
(Publicized: 2015/09/17)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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