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Volume E101-D No.12  (Publication Date:2018/12/01)
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Special Section on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networking

pp.2863-2863  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Akihiro FUJIWARA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(96.2KB)

pp.2864-2877  PAPER-Real-time Systems
Parallel Precomputation with Input Value Prediction for Model Predictive Control Systems
Satoshi KAWAKAMI  Takatsugu ONO  Toshiyuki OHTSUKA  Koji INOUE  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2878-2888  PAPER-Real-time Systems
Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Face Detection on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Embedded Platforms
Chanyoung OH  Saehanseul YI  Youngmin YI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (722.9KB) >>
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pp.2889-2901  PAPER-Memory Devices
ATSMF: Automated Tiered Storage with Fast Memory and Slow Flash Storage to Improve Response Time with Concentrated Input-Output (IO) Workloads
Kazuichi OE  Mitsuru SATO  Takeshi NANRI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>
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pp.2902-2907  PAPER-Graph Algorithms
The Panpositionable Pancyclicity of Locally Twisted Cubes
Hon-Chan CHEN  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (342.1KB) >>
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pp.2908-2915  PAPER-Graph Algorithms
Order Adjustment Approach Using Cayley Graphs for the Order/Degree Problem
Teruaki KITASUKA  Takayuki MATSUZAKI  Masahiro IIDA  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (433.5KB) >>
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pp.2916-2921  PAPER-Graph Algorithms
Cycle Embedding in Generalized Recursive Circulant Graphs
Shyue-Ming TANG  Yue-Li WANG  Chien-Yi LI  Jou-Ming CHANG  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (650.5KB) >>
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pp.2922-2932  PAPER-Information networks
Enhancing Job Scheduling on Inter-Rackscale Datacenters with Free-Space Optical Links
Yao HU  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (913KB) >>
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pp.2933-2941  PAPER-Cluster Computing
Distributed Video Decoding on Hadoop
Illo YOON  Saehanseul YI  Chanyoung OH  Hyeonjin JUNG  Youngmin YI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.2942-2957  PAPER-Cloud Computing
A Robust Algorithm for Deadline Constrained Scheduling in IaaS Cloud Environment
Bilkisu Larai MUHAMMAD-BELLO  Masayoshi ARITSUGI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (843.8KB) >>
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pp.2958-2967  PAPER-Cloud Computing
Avoiding Performance Impacts by Re-Replication Workload Shifting in HDFS Based Cloud Storage
Thanda SHWE  Masayoshi ARITSUGI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (548.2KB) >>
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pp.2968-2970  LETTER-Architecture
Hardware Based Parallel Phrase Matching Engine in Dictionary Compressor
Qian DONG  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (479.2KB) >>
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pp.2971-2975  LETTER-Architecture
A Genetic Approach for Accelerating Communication Performance by Node Mapping
Takashi YOKOTA  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takeshi OHKAWA  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (374.7KB) >>
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Regular Section

pp.2976-2983  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Parametric Models for Mutual Kernel Matrix Completion
Rachelle RIVERO  Tsuyoshi KATO  
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (299.4KB) >>
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pp.2984-2990  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A New DY Conjugate Gradient Method and Applications to Image Denoising
Wei XUE  Junhong REN  Xiao ZHENG  Zhi LIU  Yueyong LIANG  
(Publicized: 2018/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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pp.2991-3004  PAPER-Software System
Shortening Downtime of Reboot-Based Kernel Updates Using Dwarf
Ken TERADA  Hiroshi YAMADA  
(Publicized: 2018/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>
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pp.3005-3018  PAPER-Software System
Automatic Prevention of Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Using Candidate Code Generation
Young-Su JANG  Jin-Young CHOI  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.6MB) >>
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pp.3019-3037  PAPER-Software System
Cooperative GPGPU Scheduling for Consolidating Server Workloads
Yusuke SUZUKI  Hiroshi YAMADA  Shinpei KATO  Kenji KONO  
(Publicized: 2018/08/30)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.2MB) >>
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pp.3038-3058  PAPER-Software System
A Verification Framework for Assembly Programs Under Relaxed Memory Model Using SMT Solver
Pattaravut MALEEHUAN  Yuki CHIBA  Toshiaki AOKI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/12)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1MB) >>
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pp.3059-3072  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Currency Preserving Query: Selecting the Newest Values from Multiple Tables
Mohan LI  Yanbin SUN  
(Publicized: 2018/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.3073-3082  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Highly Efficient Mobile Visual Search Algorithm
Chuang ZHU  Xiao Feng HUANG  Guo Qing XIANG  Hui Hui DONG  Jia Wen SONG  
(Publicized: 2018/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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pp.3083-3091  PAPER-Information Network
BareUnpack: Generic Unpacking on the Bare-Metal Operating System
Binlin CHENG  Pengwei LI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/12)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (515.9KB) >>
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pp.3092-3101  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Hidden Singer: Distinguishing Imitation Singers Based on Training with Only the Original Song
Hosung PARK  Seungsoo NAM  Eun Man CHOI  Daeseon CHOI  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1MB) >>
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pp.3102-3107  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Salient Feature Selection for CNN-Based Visual Place Recognition
Yutian CHEN  Wenyan GAN  Shanshan JIAO  Youwei XU  Yuntian FENG  
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.3108-3122  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Discovering Co-Cluster Structure from Relationships between Biased Objects
Iku OHAMA  Takuya KIDA  Hiroki ARIMURA  
(Publicized: 2018/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.4MB) >>
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pp.3123-3137  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
In-Vehicle Voice Interface with Improved Utterance Classification Accuracy Using Off-the-Shelf Cloud Speech Recognizer
Takeshi HOMMA  Yasunari OBUCHI  Kazuaki SHIMA  Rintaro IKESHITA  Hiroaki KOKUBO  Takuya MATSUMOTO  
[Paper on system development](Publicized: 2018/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.3138-3149  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Robust Depth Image Based Rendering Scheme for Stereoscopic View Synthesis with Adaptive Domain Transform Based Filtering Framework
Wei LIU  Yun Qi TANG  Jian Wei DING  Ming Yue CUI  
(Publicized: 2018/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.2MB) >>
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pp.3150-3157  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Block-Permutation-Based Encryption Scheme with Independent Processing of RGB Components
Shoko IMAIZUMI  Hitoshi KIYA  
[Paper recommended by Technical Committee on Enriched MultiMedia](Publicized: 2018/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.7MB) >>
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pp.3158-3169  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Rate Perceptual-Distortion Optimized Video Coding HEVC
Bumshik LEE  Jae Young CHOI  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>
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pp.3170-3180  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Local Feature Reliability Measure Consistent with Match Conditions for Mobile Visual Search
(Publicized: 2018/09/12)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.3181-3189  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Development of License Plate Recognition on Complex Scene with Plate-Style Classification and Confidence Scoring Based on KNN
Vince Jebryl MONTERO  Yong-Jin JEONG  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>
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pp.3190-3198  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
View Priority Based Threads Allocation and Binary Search Oriented Reweight for GPU Accelerated Real-Time 3D Ball Tracking
Yilin HOU  Ziwei DENG  Xina CHENG  Takeshi IKENAGA  
(Publicized: 2018/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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pp.3199-3208  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Extrinsic Camera Calibration of Display-Camera System with Cornea Reflections
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>
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pp.3209-3217  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Leveraging Unannotated Texts for Scientific Relation Extraction
Qin DAI  Naoya INOUE  Paul REISERT  Kentaro INUI  
(Publicized: 2018/09/14)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.3218-3225  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Improving Thai Word and Sentence Segmentation Using Linguistic Knowledge
(Publicized: 2018/09/07)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.7MB) >>
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pp.3226-3237  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Syntax-Based Context Representation for Statistical Machine Translation
Kehai CHEN  Tiejun ZHAO  Muyun YANG  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (944KB) >>
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pp.3238-3241  LETTER-Software System
Visualization of Inter-Module Dataflow through Global Variables for Source Code Review
Naoto ISHIDA  Takashi ISHIO  Yuta NAKAMURA  Shinji KAWAGUCHI  Tetsuya KANDA  Katsuro INOUE  
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (213.2KB) >>
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pp.3242-3245  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Multilevel Indexing Method for Approximate Geospatial Aggregation Analysis
Luo CHEN  Ye WU  Wei XIONG  Ning JING  
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (409.4KB) >>
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pp.3246-3248  LETTER-Information Network
Finding Widespread Events with Simple Bitmaps
Syed Moeen Ali NAQVI  MyungKeun YOON  
(Publicized: 2018/09/12)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (476.3KB) >>
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pp.3249-3252  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
A Two-Stage Crack Detection Method for Concrete Bridges Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Yundong LI  Weigang ZHAO  Xueyan ZHANG  Qichen ZHOU  
(Publicized: 2018/09/05)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (908.5KB) >>
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pp.3253-3257  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
A Novel Speech Enhancement System Based on the Coherence-Based Algorithm and the Differential Beamforming
Lei WANG  Jie ZHU  
(Publicized: 2018/08/31)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (394.4KB) >>
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pp.3258-3262  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
New Context-Adaptive Arithmetic Coding Scheme for Lossless Bit Rate Reduction of Parametric Stereo in Enhanced aacPlus
Hee-Suk PANG  Jun-seok LIM  Hyun-Young JIN  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (344.7KB) >>
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pp.3263-3266  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Security Consideration for Deep Learning-Based Image Forensics
Wei ZHAO  Pengpeng YANG  Rongrong NI  Yao ZHAO  Haorui WU  
(Publicized: 2018/08/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>
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pp.3267-3271  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Patch Optimization for Surface Light Field Reconstruction
Wei LI  Huajun GONG  Chunlin SHEN  Yi WU  
(Publicized: 2018/09/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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pp.3272-3275  LETTER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Multi Long-Short Term Memory Models for Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction
Zelong XUE  Yang XUE  
(Publicized: 2018/09/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.1MB) >>
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