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A Study on the Market Impact of the Rule for Investment Diversification at the Time of a Market Crash using a Multi-Agent Simulation
Atsushi NOZAKI  Takanobu MIZUTA  Isao YAGI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Tracing Werewolf Game by using Extended BDI Model
Naoyuki NIDE  Shiro TAKATA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(168.4KB)

Semantic integration of sensor data with SSN ontology in a multiagent architecture for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Susel Fernandez  Takayuki Ito  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1MB)

Distributed Pareto Local Search for Multi-Objective DCOPs
Maxime CLEMENT  Tenda OKIMOTO  Katsumi INOUE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(293.3KB)

Sponsored Search Auction considering Combinational Bids with Externalities
Ryusuke IMADA  Katsuhide FUJITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

Query Rewriting or Ontology Modification? Toward a Faster Approximate Reasoning on LOD Endpoints
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

A new approach of matrix factorization on complex domain for data representation
Viet-Hang DUONG  Manh-Quan BUI  Jian-Jiun DING  Yuan-Shan LEE  Bach-Tung PHAM  Pham The BAO  Jia-Ching WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(242KB)

GOCD: Gradient Order Curve Descriptor
Hongmin LIU  Lulu CHEN  Zhiheng WANG  Zhanqiang HUO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

An Ontological Model for Fire Emergency Situations
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.1MB)

A Comparative Study of Rule-based Inference Engines for the Semantic Web
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

A Joint Neural Model for Fine-Grained Named Entity Classification of Wikipedia Articles
Masatoshi SUZUKI  Koji MATSUDA  Satoshi SEKINE  Naoaki OKAZAKI  Kentaro INUI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

An Automatic Knowledge Graph Creation Framework from Natural Language Text
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.9MB)

Temporal and Spatial Expansion of Urban LOD for Solving Illegally Parked Bicycles in Tokyo
Shusaku EGAMI  Takahiro KAWAMURA  Akihiko OHSUGA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.7MB)

Classification of Linked Data Sources Using Semantic Scoring
Semih YUMUSAK  Erdogan DOGDU  Halife KODAZ  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.9MB)

Feature Ensemble Network with Occlusion Disambiguation for Accurate Patch-based Stereo Matching
Xiaoqing YE  Jiamao LI  Han WANG  Xiaolin ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(962.4KB)

A Novel Discriminative Feature Extraction for Acoustic Scene Classification using RNN based Source Separation
Seongkyu MUN  Suwon SHON  Wooil KIM  David K. HAN  Hanseok KO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(585.6KB)

Deep Discriminative Supervised Hashing via Siamese Network
Yang LI  Zhuang MIAO  Jiabao WANG  Yafei ZHANG  Hang LI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(204.8KB)

Triple Prediction from Texts by using Distributed Representations of Words
Takuma EBISU  Ryutaro ICHISE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Effects of Touchscreen Device Size on Non-Visual Icon Search
Summary | Full Text:PDF(516KB)

Embedding the awareness state and response state in an image-based avatar to start natural user interaction
Tsubasa MIYAUCHI  Ayato ONO  Hiroki YOSHIMURA  Masashi NISHIYAMA  Yoshio IWAI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2MB)

Resample-based hybrid multi-hypothesis scheme for distributed compressive video sensing
Can CHEN  Dengyin ZHANG  Jian LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(729KB)

Deep Learning-based Fault Localization with Contextual Information
Zhuo ZHANG  Yan LEI  Qingping TAN  Xiaoguang MAO  Ping ZENG  Xi CHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.6MB)

BDD-Constrained A? Search: A Fast Method for Solving Constrained Shortest-Path Problems
Fumito TAKEUCHI  Masaaki NISHINO  Norihito YASUDA  Takuya AKIBA  Shin-ichi MINATO  Masaaki NAGATA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Blur map generation based on local natural image statistics for partial blur segmentation
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Single Image Dehazing using Invariance Principle
Mingye JU  Zhenfei GU  Dengyin ZHANG  Jian LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.1MB)

Image Pattern Similarity Index and Its Application to Task-specific Transfer Learning
Jun WANG  Guoqing WANG  Leida LI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(449.4KB)

Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition Based on Scale and Contrast Invariant Feature Matching
Fuqiang Li  Tongzhuang Zhang  Yong Liu  Guoqing WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(486.8KB)

Cost Aware Offloading Selection and Resource Allocation for Cloud based Multi-robot Systems
Yuan SUN  Xing-she ZHOU  Gang YANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(246.9KB)

Natural Facial and Head Behavior Recognition using Dictionary of Motion Primitives
Qun SHI  Norimichi UKITA  Ming-Hsuan YANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(252.3KB)

Speech-Act Classification Using a Convolutional Neural Network Based on POS tag and Dependency-Relation Bigram Embedding
Donghyun Yoo  Youngjoong Ko  Jungyun Seo  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(533.3KB)

DiSC: A Distributed in-Storage Computing Platform Using Cost-effective Hardware Devices
Jaehwan LEE  Joohwan KIM  Ji SUN SHIN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

HMM-based Maximum likelihood frame alignment for voice conversion from a nonparallel corpus
Ki-Seung LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(175.5KB)

A Two-Layered Framework for the Discovery of Software Behavior: A Case Study
Cong LIU  Jianpeng ZHANG  Guangming LI  Shangce GAO  Qingtian ZENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(940.6KB)

An Analysis of Time Domain Reed Solomon Decoder with FPGA Implementation
Kentaro KATO  Somsak CHOOMCHUAY  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(465.5KB)

Low cost wearable sensor for human emotion recognition using skin conductance response
Khairun Nisa' MINHAD  Jonathan Shi Khai OOI  Sawal Hamid MD ALI  Mamun IBNE REAZ  Siti Anom AHMAD  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

An Empirical Study of Classifier Combination based Word Sense Disambiguation
Wenpeng LU  Hao WU  Ping JIAN  Yonggang HUANG  Heyan HUANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(406.1KB)

A Segmentation Method of Single- and Multiple-Touching Characters in Offline Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition
Kha Cong Nguyen  Cuong Tuan Nguyen  Masaki Nakagawa  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(937.4KB)

A survey on recommendation methods beyond accuracy
Jungkyu HAN  Hayato YAMANA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(716.2KB)

Quantum Associative Memory with Quantum Neural Network via Adiabatic Hamiltonian Evolution
Yoshihiro OSAKABE  Hisanao AKIMA  Masao SAKURABA  Mitsunaga KINJO  Shigeo SATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

Software Analysis Techniques for Detecting Data Race
Pilsung KANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(144KB)

Real-Time Object Tracking via Fusion of Global and Local Appearance Models
Ju HONG YOON  Jungho KIM  Youngbae HWANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.8MB)

Single Image Haze Removal Using Structure-aware Atmospheric Veil
Yun LIU  Rui CHEN  Jinxia SHANG  Minghui WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(908.5KB)

Weighted Voting of Discriminative Regions for Face Recognition
Wenming YANG  Riqiang GAO  Qingmin LIAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(299.9KB)

Implementing Exchanged Hypercube Communication Patterns on Ring-Connected WDM Optical Networks
Yu-Liang LIU  Ruey-Chyi WU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(753.7KB)

An Efficient GPU Implementation of CKY Parsing using the Bitwise Parallel Bulk Computation Technique
Toru FUJITA  Koji NAKANO  Yasuaki ITO  Daisuke TAKAFUJI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(191.6KB)

Depth Map Estimation Using Census Transform for Light Field Cameras
Takayuki TOMIOKA  Kazu MISHIBA  Yuji OYAMADA  Katsuya KONDO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3MB)

An Extreme Learning Machine Architecture Based on Volterra Filtering and PCA
Li CHEN  Ling YANG  Juan DU  Chao SUN  Shenglei DU  Haipeng XI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(774.5KB)

An Investigation of Learner's Actions in Posing Arithmetic Word Problem on an Interactive Learning Environment
Ahmad Afif SUPIANTO  Yusuke HAYASHI  Tsukasa HIRASHIMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(299.2KB)

A scaling and non-negative garrote in soft-thresholding
Katsuyuki HAGIWARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(140.2KB)

Locomotion Control with Inverted Pendulum Model and Hierarchical Low-Dimensional Data
Ku-Hyun HAN  Byung-Ha PARK  Kwang-Mo JUNG  Jung Hyun HAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(906.8KB)

A Study of Qualitative Knowledge-Based Exploration for Continuous Deep Reinforcement Learning
Chenxi LI  Lei CAO  Xiaoming LIU  Xiliang CHEN  Zhixiong XU  Yongliang ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(820.1KB)

A Novel Component Ranking Method for Improving Software Reliability
Lixing XUE  Decheng ZUO  Zhan ZHANG  Na WU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(823.1KB)

Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of Emphases in Japanese Documents
Masaki MURATA  Yuki ABE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(67.8KB)

Fraud Analysis and Detection for Real-time Messaging Communications on Social Networks
Liang-Chun CHEN  Chien-Lung HSU  Nai-Wei LO  Kuo-Hui YEH  Ping-Hsien LIN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(453.2KB)

Doc-Trace: Tracing Secret Documents in Cloud Computing via Steganographic Marking
Sang-Hoon CHOI  Joobeom YUN  Ki-Woong PARK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(460.8KB)

Kernel Rootkits Detection Method by Monitoring Branches Using Hardware Features
Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  Yohei AKAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(187.7KB)

Modeling Attack Process of Advanced Persistent Threat Using Network Evolution
Weina NIU  Xiaosong ZHANG  Guowu YANG  Ruidong CHEN  Dong WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.2MB)

OPERA: A Complete Offline and Anonymous Digital Cash Transaction System with a One-Time Readable Memory
Ki-Woong PARK  Sung-Hoon BAEK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(811KB)

Protecting Critical Files Using Target-based Virtual Machine Introspection Approach
Dongyang ZHAN  Lin YE  Binxing FANG  Xiaojiang DU  Zhikai XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Private Similarity Searchable Encryption for Euclidean Distance
Yuji UNAGAMI  Natsume MATSUZAKI  Shota YAMADA  Nuttapong ATTRAPADUNG  Takahiro MATSUDA  Goichiro HANAOKA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(147.2KB)

Hierarchical-masked image filtering for privacy-protection
Takeshi KUMAKI  Takeshi FUJINO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(521.5KB)

On Randomness Exposure Resilience of Group Signatures
Tomoyoshi ONO  Kazuki YONEYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(440.5KB)

Input and Output Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression
Yoshinori AONO  Takuya HAYASHI  Le Trieu PHONG  Lihua WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Mitigating Use-After-Free Attacks using Memory-Reuse-Prohibited Library
Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  Yuta IKEGAMI  Yuya BAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(344.9KB)

Multi-Dimensional Bloom Filter: Design and Evaluation
Fei XU  Pinxin LIU  Jing XU  Jianfeng YANG  S.M. YIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(120.6KB)

Detect and Prevent SIP Flooding Attacks in VoLTE by Utilizing a Two-Tier PFilter Design
Na RUAN  Mingli WU  Shiheng MA  Haojin ZHU  Weijia JIA  Songyang WU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Trend and Factor Analysis of Office related Research in LOIS Technical Committee
Toshihiko WAKAHARA  Toshitaka MAKI  Noriyasu Yamamoto  Akihisa KODATE  Manabu OKAMOTO  Hiroyuki NISHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Toward more secure and convenient user authentication in smart device era
Yasushi YAMAZAKI  Tetsushi OHKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(664KB)

Multi-Environment Analysis System for Evaluating the Impact of Malicious Web Sites Changing Their Behavior
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masaki KAMIZONO  Masanori HIROTOMO  Masami MOHRI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(153.2KB)

Study on effect of company rules and regulations in telework involving personal devices
Takashi HATASHIMA  Yasuhisa SAKAMOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(53.2KB)

Smart Bottle Cap
Arinobu NIIJIMA  Takahiro KUSABUKA  Soichiro UCHIDA  Tomoki WATANABE  Tomohiro YAMADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Urban Zone Discovery from Smart Card-based Transit Logs
Jae-Yoon JUNG  Gyunyoung HEO  Kyuhyup OH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(445.6KB)

An Application Framework for Smart Education System based on Mobile and Cloud Systems
Toru Kobayashi  Kenichi Arai  Hiroyuki Sato  Shigeaki Tanimoto  Atsushi Kanai  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(869.5KB)

Predicting Changes in Cognitive Performance Using Heart Rate Variability
Keisuke TSUNODA  Akihiro CHIBA  Kazuhiro YOSHIDA  Tomoki WATANABE  Osamu MIZUNO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(575.2KB)

Attribute Revocable Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption with Forward Secrecy for Cloud Storage
Kenta NOMURA  Masami MOHRI  Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masakatu MORII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1MB)

Attribute Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption with Forward Secrecy for Fine-Grained Access Control of Shared Data
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Kenta NOMURA  Masami MOHRI  Takeru NARUSE  Masakatu MORII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(850.9KB)

Delivering CRL with Low Bit Rate Network Coded Communication for ITS
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masanori HIROTOMO  Masami MOHRI  Taisuke YAMAMOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(259.9KB)

Interpersonal coevolution of body movements in daily face-to-face communication
Taiki Ogata  Naoki Higo  Takayuki Nozawa  Eisuke Ono  Kazuo Yano  Koji Ara  Yoshihiro Miyake  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(883.2KB)

Next-Activity Set Prediction Based on Sequence Partitioning to Reduce Activity Pattern Complexity in the Multi-user Smart Space
Younggi KIM  Younghee LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.1MB)

A Genetic Algorithm for Packing CAN FD Frame with Real-Time Constraints
Shan Ding  Gang Zeng  Ryo KURACHI  Ruifeng HUANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(882.7KB)

An approach to detect cavities in X-ray astronomical images using granular convolutional neural networks
Zhixian MA  Jie ZHU  Weitian LI  Haiguang XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

Low cost and fault tolerant parallel computing using stochastic two-dimensional finite state machine
Xuechun Wang  Yuan Ji  Wendong Chen  Feng Ran  Aiying Guo  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(261.9KB)

Neuromorphic Hardware Accelerated Lane Detection System
Shinwook Kim  Tae-Gyu Chang  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.6MB)

Energy-Performance Modeling of Speculative Checkpointing for Exascale Systems
Muhammad ALFIAN AMRIZAL  Atsuya UNO  Yukinori SATO  Hiroyuki TAKIZAWA  Hiroaki KOBAYASHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(668.4KB)

Power-effective File Layout based on Large Scale Data-intensive Application in Virtualized Environment
Shunsuke Yagai  Masato Oguchi  Miyuki Nakano  Saneyasu Yamaguchi  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Energy Budget Formulation in Progress-Based Nearest Forwarding Routing Policy for Energy-EfficientWireless Sensor Networks
Sho SASAKI  Yuichi MIYAJI  Hideyuki UEHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.3MB)

Body Bias Domain Partitioning Size Exploration for a Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Accelerator
Summary | Full Text:PDF(750.1KB)

Color-based Cooperative Cache and its Routing Scheme for Telco-CDNs
Takuma NAKAJIMA  Masato YOSHIMI  Celimuge WU  Tsutomu YOSHINAGA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(902.3KB)

A Static Packet Scheduling Approach for Fast Collective Communication by Using PSO
Takashi YOKOTA  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takeshi OHKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.1MB)

Protocol-Aware Packet Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-Protocol Processing in Multi-Core MPL Architecture
Runzi ZHANG  Jinlin WANG  Yiqiang SHENG  Xiao CHEN  Xiaozhou YE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(873.6KB)

TCP-TFEC: TCP Congestion Control based on Redundancy Setting Method for FEC over Wireless LAN
Fumiya TESHIMA  Hiroyasu OBATA  Ryo HAMAMOTO  Kenji ISHIDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(993.8KB)

A Layout-Oriented Routing Method for Low-Latency HPC Networks
Ryuta KAWANO  Hiroshi NAKAHARA  Ikki FUJIWARA  Hiroki MATSUTANI  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  Hideharu AMANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(406.5KB)

Efficient Regular Path Query Evaluation by Splitting with Unit-Subquery Cost Matrix
Van-Quyet NGUYEN  Kyungbaek KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(164.9KB)

SOLS: An LOD Based Semantically Enhanced Open Learning Space Supporting Self-Directed Learning of History
Corentin JOUAULT  Kazuhisa SETA  Yuki HAYASHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.2MB)

Fraud Detection in Comparison-Shopping Services: Patterns and Anomalies in User Click Behaviors
Sang-Chul LEE  Christos FALOUTSOS  Dong-Kyu CHAE  Sang-Wook KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

A Support System for Solving Problems of Two-Triangle Congruence Using ‘Backward Chaining
Ryosuke ONDA  Yuki HIRAI  Kay PENNY  Bipin INDURKHYA  Keiichi KANEKO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(730.1KB)

Image retrieval framework based on dual representation descriptor
Yuichi YOSHIDA  Tsuyoshi TOYOFUKU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(681.3KB)

Occluded Appearance Modeling with Sample Weighting for Human Pose Estimation
Yuki KAWANA  Norimichi UKITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1016.5KB)

Emotional Community Detection in Social Network
Zhu JIANG  Wang BAI  Wu BIN  Zhang WEIYU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(893.7KB)

Wiener-based Inpainting Quality Prediction
Takahiro OGAWA  Akira TANAKA  Miki HASEYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.5MB)

Efficient Similarity Search with a Pivot-Based Complete Binaryï¼›Tree
Yuki YAMAGISHI  Kazuo AOYAMA  Kazumi SAITO  Tetsuo IKEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(306.7KB)

The Performance Evaluation of a 3D Torus Network Using Partial Link-Sharing Method in NoC Router Buffer
Naohisa FUKASE  Yasuyuki MIURA  Shigeyoshi WATANABE  M. M. HAFIZUR RAHMAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

Accelerating Weeder: A DNA Motif Search Tool using the Micron Automata Processor and FPGA
Qiong WANG  Mohamed EL-HADEDY  Kevin SKADRON  Ke WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

READER: Robust Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimension Reduction
Lu SUN  Mineichi KUDO  Keigo KIMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Ground Plane Detection with a New Local Disparity Texture Descriptor
Kangru WANG  Lei QU  Lili CHEN  Jiamao LI  Yuzhang GU  Dongchen ZHU  Xiaolin ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.5MB)

An Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling for Near-realtime Systems with Execution Time Variation
Takashi NAKADA  Tomoki HATANAKA  Hiroshi UEKI  Masanori HAYASHIKOSHI  Toru SHIMIZU  Hiroshi NAKAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(489.1KB)

A single-dimensional interface for arranging multiple audio sources in three-dimensional space
Kento OHTANI  Kenta NIWA  Kazuya TAKEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(690KB)

An Efficient Concept Drift Detection Method for Streaming Data Under Limited Labeling
Young-In KIM  Cheong HEE PARK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(896.2KB)

Timed Model-based Formal Analysis of a Scheduler of Qplus-AIR an ARINC-653 compliance RTOS
Sanghyun YOON  Dong-Ah LEE  Eunji PAK  Taeho KIM  Junbeom YOO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(335.4KB)

SEDONA: A Novel Protocol for Identifying Infrequent, Long-Running Daemons on a Linux System
Young-Kyoon SUH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(476.7KB)

 Volume E100-D No.9  (Publication Date:2017/09/01)
Special Section on Picture Coding and Image Media Processing

pp.1943-1943  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Toshiaki Fujii  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(59.2KB)

pp.1944-1952  PAPER
A New Scheme of Distributed Video Coding Based on Compressive Sensing and Intra-Predictive Coding
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1953-1961  PAPER
Image Restoration with Multiple Hard Constraints on Data-Fidelity to Blurred/Noisy Image Pair
Saori TAKEYAMA  Shunsuke ONO  Itsuo KUMAZAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1962-1970  PAPER
Color Transfer by Region Exploration and Navigation
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1971-1983  PAPER
Shift-Variant Blind Deconvolution Using a Field of Kernels
Motoharu SONOGASHIRA  Masaaki IIYAMA  Michihiko MINOH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1984-1993  PAPER
Sheared EPI Analysis for Disparity Estimation from Light Fields
Takahiro SUZUKI  Keita TAKAHASHI  Toshiaki FUJII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1994-2004  PAPER
Hole-Filling Algorithm with Spatio-Temporal Background Information for View Synthesis
Huu-Noi DOAN  Tien-Dat NGUYEN  Min-Cheol HONG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2005-2016  PAPER
Visualizing Web Images Using Fisher Discriminant Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
Kohei TATENO  Takahiro OGAWA  Miki HASEYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2017-2026  PAPER
Visual Indexing of Large Scale Train-Borne Video for Rail Condition Perceiving
Peng DAI  Shengchun WANG  Yaping HUANG  Hao WANG  Xinyu DU  Qiang HAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2027-2036  PAPER
Imperceptible On-Screen Markers for Mobile Interaction on Public Large Displays
Goshiro YAMAMOTO  Luiz SAMPAIO  Takafumi TAKETOMI  Christian SANDOR  Hirokazu KATO  Tomohiro KURODA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (5.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2037-2038  LETTER
Overlapped Filtering for Simulcast Video Coding
Takeshi CHUJOH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (353.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2039-2043  LETTER
Pixel-Wise Interframe Prediction based on Dense Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation for Depth Map Coding
Shota KASAI  Yusuke KAMEDA  Tomokazu ISHIKAWA  Ichiro MATSUDA  Susumu ITOH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2044-2047  LETTER
A Study on Video Generation Based on High-Density Temporal Sampling
Yukihiro BANDOH  Seishi TAKAMURA  Atsushi SHIMIZU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (196.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2048-2051  LETTER
Estimation of Dense Displacement by Scale Invariant Polynomial Expansion of Heterogeneous Multi-View Images
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2052-2055  LETTER
Physically-Correct Light-Field Factorization for Perspective Images
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.5MB) >>Buy this Article

Regular Section

pp.2056-2067  PAPER-Software System
A Formal Model to Enforce Trustworthiness Requirements in Service Composition
Ning FU  Yingfeng ZHANG  Lijun SHAN  Zhiqiang LIU  Han PENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (798KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2068-2080  PAPER-Software System
Incorporating Security Constraints into Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Scheduling
Hyeongboo BAEK  Jinkyu LEE  
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pp.2081-2091  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Flexible and Fast Similarity Search for Enriched Trajectories
Hideaki OHASHI  Toshiyuki SHIMIZU  Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA  
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pp.2092-2099  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Data-Sparsity Tolerant Web Service Recommendation Approach Based on Improved Collaborative Filtering
Lianyong QI  Zhili ZHOU  Jiguo YU  Qi LIU  
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pp.2100-2117  PAPER-Information Network
Content Espresso: A Distributed Large File Sharing System for Digital Content Productions
Daisuke ANDO  Fumio TERAOKA  Kunitake KANEKO  
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pp.2118-2125  PAPER-Dependable Computing
A Low Capture Power Test Generation Method Based on Capture Safe Test Vector Manipulation
Toshinori HOSOKAWA  Atsushi HIRAI  Yukari YAMAUCHI  Masayuki ARAI  
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pp.2126-2137  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Modeling Content Structures of Domain-Specific Texts with RUP-HDP-HSMM and Its Applications
Youwei LU  Shogo OKADA  Katsumi NITTA  
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pp.2138-2146  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Entity Summarization Based on Entity Grouping in Multilingual Projected Entity Space
Eun-kyung KIM  Key-Sun CHOI  
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pp.2147-2155  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
A New Automated Method for Evaluating Mental Workload Using Handwriting Features
Zhiming WU  Hongyan XU  Tao LIN  
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pp.2156-2164  PAPER-Educational Technology
An Algorithm to Evaluate Appropriateness of Still Images for Learning Concrete Nouns of a New Foreign Language
Mohammad Nehal HASNINE  Masatoshi ISHIKAWA  Yuki HIRAI  Haruko MIYAKODA  Keiichi KANEKO  
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pp.2165-2173  PAPER-Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
A Vibration Control Method of an Electrolarynx Based on Statistical F0 Pattern Prediction
Kou TANAKA  Tomoki TODA  Satoshi NAKAMURA  
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pp.2174-2182  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Articulatory Modeling for Pronunciation Error Detection without Non-Native Training Data Based on DNN Transfer Learning
Richeng DUAN  Tatsuya KAWAHARA  Masatake DANTSUJI  Jinsong ZHANG  
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pp.2183-2196  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Iteration-Free Bi-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Application
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pp.2197-2204  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing
Bin YAO  Lifeng HE  Shiying KANG  Xiao ZHAO  Yuyan CHAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2205-2214  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Improving Feature-Rich Transition-Based Constituent Parsing Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Chunpeng MA  Akihiro TAMURA  Lemao LIU  Tiejun ZHAO  Eiichiro SUMITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (561.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2215-2218  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Entropy-Based Sparse Trajectories Prediction Enhanced by Matrix Factorization
Lei ZHANG  Qingfu FAN  Wen LI  Zhizhen LIANG  Guoxing ZHANG  Tongyang LUO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (590.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2219-2223  LETTER-Information Network
Centralized Contention Based MAC for OFDMA WLAN
Gunhee LEE  Cheeha KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (375.5KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2224-2227  LETTER-Dependable Computing
A Method for Diagnosing Bridging Fault between a Gate Signal Line and a Clock Line
Yoshinobu HIGAMI  Senling WANG  Hiroshi TAKAHASHI  Shin-ya KOBAYASHI  Kewal K. SALUJA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (554.2KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2228-2231  LETTER-Dependable Computing
CLDSafe: An Efficient File Backup System in Cloud Storage against Ransomware
Joobeom YUN  Junbeom HUR  Youngjoo SHIN  Dongyoung KOO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (588.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2232-2236  LETTER-Dependable Computing
Synthesis and Enumeration of Generalized Shift Registers for Strongly Secure SR-Equivalents
Summary | Full Text:PDF (468.4KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2237-2240  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Enhancing Purchase Behavior Prediction with Temporally Popular Items
Chen CHEN  Chunyan HOU  Jiakun XIAO  Yanlong WEN  Xiaojie YUAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (430.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2241-2244  LETTER-Human-computer Interaction
Quantification of Human Stress Using Commercially Available Single Channel EEG Headset
Summary | Full Text:PDF (723.4KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2245-2248  LETTER-Human-computer Interaction
Saliency-Guided Stereo Camera Control for Comfortable VR Explorations
Yeo-Jin YOON  Jaechun NO  Soo-Mi CHOI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.6MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2249-2252  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
DNN Transfer Learning Based Non-Linear Feature Extraction for Acoustic Event Classification
Seongkyu MUN  Minkyu SHIN  Suwon SHON  Wooil KIM  David K. HAN  Hanseok KO  
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pp.2253-2256  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Computationally Efficient Reflectance Estimation for Hyperspectral Images
Takaaki OKABE  Masahiro OKUDA  
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pp.2257-2260  LETTER-Computer Graphics
A Hybrid Approach via SRG and IDE for Volume Segmentation
Li WANG  Xiaoan TANG  Junda ZHANG  Dongdong GUAN  
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pp.2261-2264  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Design of Closed-Loop Fuzzy FES Controller and Tests in Controlling Knee Extension Movements
Takashi WATANABE  Takumi TADANO  
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