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Advance publication (published online immediately after acceptance)

Infants' Pain Recognition based on Facial Expression: Dynamic Hybrid Descriptions
Ruicong ZHI  Ghada ZAMZMI  Dmitry GOLDGOF  Terri ASHMEADE  Tingting LI  Yu SUN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

An Optimization Algorithm to Build Low Congestion Multi-Ring Topology for Optical Network-on-Chip
Lijing ZHU  Kun WANG  Duan ZHOU  Liangkai LIU  Huaxi GU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Representation Learning for Users' Web Browsing Sequences
Yukihiro TAGAMI  Hayato KOBAYASHI  Shingo ONO  Akira TAJIMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.3MB)

Character Feature Learning for Named Entity Recognition
Ping Zeng  Qingping Tan  Haoyu Zhang  Xiankai Meng  Zhuo Zhang  Jianjun Xu  Yan Lei  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(642.9KB)

Learners' Self Checking and its Effectiveness in Conceptual Data Modeling Exercises
Takafumi TANAKA  Hiroaki HASHIURA  Atsuo HAZEYAMA  Seiichi KOMIYA  Yuki HIRAI  Keiichi KANEKO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.8MB)

An Investigative Study on How Developers Filter and Prioritize Code Smells
Natthawute SAE-LIM  Shinpei HAYASHI  Motoshi SAEKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(106.4KB)

A Method of Verifying Time-response Requirements
Yuma MATSUMOTO  Takayuki OMORI  Hiroya ITOGA  Atsushi OHNISHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.9MB)

Towards an Improvement of Bug Report Summarization using Two-layer Semantic Information
Cheng-Zen YANG  Cheng-Min AO  Yu-Han CHUNG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(549.6KB)

Identifying Core Objects for Trace Summarization by Analyzing Reference Relations and Dynamic Properties
Kunihiro NODA  Takashi KOBAYASHI  Noritoshi ATSUMI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(804KB)

Usability Evaluation Method of Applications for Mobile Computers Using Operation Histories
Summary | Full Text:PDF(230.1KB)

Detecting Architectural Violations Using Responsibility and Dependency Constraints of Components
Shinpei HAYASHI  Fumiki MINAMI  Motoshi SAEKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(533.1KB)

A Novel Bimodal Emotion Database From Physiological Signals and Facial Expression
Jingjie YAN  Bei WANG  Ruiyu LIANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(691.3KB)

Fuzzy Levy-GJR-GARCH American Option Pricing Model Based on an Infinite Pure Jump Process
Huiming ZHANG  Junzo WATADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(9.7MB)

Fast Time-aware Sparse Trajectories Prediction with Tensor Factorization
Lei ZHANG  Qingfu FAN  Guoxing ZHANG  Zhizheng LIANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(273KB)

MAP-MRF Estimation Based Weather Radar Visualization
Suk-Hwan LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.8MB)

Single-Image 3D Pose Estimation for Texture-less Object via Symmetric Prior
Xiaoyuan REN  Libing JIANG  Xiaoan TANG  Junda ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(541.4KB)

Improve Multichannel Speech Recognition with Temporal and Spatial Information
Yu ZHANG  Pengyuan ZHANG  Qingwei ZHAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(711.9KB)

Implementing Adaptive Decisions in Stochastic Simulations via AOP
Pilsung KANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(195.5KB)

Classifying MathML Expressions by Multilayer Perceptron
Yuma NAGAO  Nobutaka SUZUKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(291.3KB)

Feedback Control Model of a Gesture-based Pointing Interface for a Large Display
Kazuaki KONDO  Genki MIZUNO  Yuichi NAKAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

AutoRobot: A Multi-Agent Software Framework for Autonomous Robots
Zhe LIU  Xin jun MAO  Shuo YANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.3MB)

Improved Wolf Pack Algorithm Based on Differential Evolution Elite Set
Xiayang CHEN  Chaojing TANG  Jian WANG  Lei ZHANG  Qingkun MENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(545.4KB)

Experimental Tests of a Prototype of IMU-based Closed-loop Fuzzy Control System for Mobile FES Cycling with Pedaling Wheelchair
Takashi WATANABE  Takumi TADANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(755.6KB)

Energy Efficient Resource Selection and Allocation Strategy for Virtual Machine Consolidation in Cloud Datacenters
Yaohui CHANG  Chunhua GU  Fei LUO  Guisheng FAN  Wenhao FU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Cyclic Vertex Connectivity of Trivalent Cayley Graphs
Jenn-Yang KE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Crowd Gathering Detection Based on the Foreground Stillness Model
Chun-Yu LIU  Wei-Hao LIAO  Shanq-Jang RUAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.2MB)

Robust Human-Computer Interaction for Unstable Camera Systems
Hao ZHU  Qing YOU  Wenjie CHEN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.6MB)

Error Correction for Search Engine by Mining Bad Case
Jianyong DUAN  Tianxiao JI  Hao WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(682KB)

Objective Evaluation of Impression of Faces with Various Female Hairstyles Using Field of Visual Perception
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

SOM-Based Vector Recognition with Pre-Grouping Functionality
Yuto KUROSAKI  Masayoshi OHTA  Hidetaka ITO  Hiroomi HIKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.7MB)

BackAssist: Augmenting Mobile Touch Manipulation with Back-of-Device Assistance
Liang CHEN  Dongyi CHEN  Xiao CHEN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Direct Update of XML Documents with Data Values Compressed by Tree Grammars
Kenji HASHIMOTO  Ryunosuke TAKAYAMA  Hiroyuki SEKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(393KB)

Counting Algorithms for Recognizable and Algebraic Series
Trung CHU BAO  Kenji HASHIMOTO  Hiroyuki SEKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(359.5KB)

Static Dependency Pair Method in Functional Programs
Keiichirou KUSAKARI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(213.6KB)

Computational Complexity and Polynomial Time Procedure of Response Property Problem in Workflow Nets
Muhammad Syafiq BIN AB MALEK  Mohd Anuaruddin BIN AHMADON  Shingo YAMAGUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(149.8KB)

Optimizing Non-Uniform Bandwidth Reservation Based on Meter Table of Openflow
Liaoruo HUANG  Qingguo SHEN  Zhangkai LUO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(370.7KB)

Extreme Learning Machine with Superpixel-guided Composite Kernels for SAR image classification
Dongdong GUAN  Xiaoan TANG  Li WANG  Junda ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(533.8KB)

Evaluation of Register Number Abstraction for Enhanced Instruction Register Files
Naoki FUJIEDA  Kiyohiro SATO  Ryodai IWAMOTO  Shuichi ICHIKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(462.8KB)

Hybrid Mechanism to Detect Paroxysmal Stage of Atrial Fibrillation using Adaptive Threshold-based Algorithm with Artificial Neural Network
Mohamad Sabri bin Sinal  Eiji Kamioka  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(618.5KB)

Submodular based Unsupervised Data Selection
Aiying Zhang  Chongjia Ni  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(889.7KB)

Image denoising using Block-Rotation-based SVD Filtering in Wavelet Domain
Min WANG  Shudao ZHOU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(941KB)

Pain Intensity Estimation using Deep Spatiotemporal and Handcrafted Features
Jinwei WANG  Huazhi SUN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(433.4KB)

Source-side Detection of DRDoS Attack Request with Traffic-Aware Adaptive Threshold
Sinh-Ngoc NGUYEN  Van-Quyet NGUYEN  Giang-Truong NGUYEN  JeongNyeo KIM  Kyungbaek KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(450.1KB)

Optimization of Body Biasing for Variable Pipelined Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Takuya KOJIMA  Naoki ANDO  Hayate OKUHARA  Ng. Anh Vu DOAN  Hideharu AMANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Co-propagation with Distributed Seeds for Salient Object Detection
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.6MB)

Horizontal Partition for Scalable Control in Software-defined Data Center Networks
Shaojun ZHANG  Julong LAN  Chao QI  Penghao SUN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(612KB)

Linear-Time Algorithm in Bayesian Image Denoising based on Gaussian Markov Random Field
Muneki YASUDA  Junpei WATANABE  Shun KATAOKA  Kazuyuki TANAKA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.7MB)

On maximizing the lifetime of wireless sensor networks in 3D vegetation-covered fields
Wenjie YU  Xunbo LI  Zhi ZENG  Xiang LI  Jian LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(8MB)

Hybrid Message Logging Protocol with Little Overhead for Two-level Hierarchical and Distributed Architectures
Jinho AHN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(878.7KB)

The Pre-Testing for Virtual Robot Development Environment
Hyun Seung Son  R. Young Chul Kim  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.2MB)

Data augmented dynamic time warping for skeletal action classification
Ju Yong CHANG  Yong Seok HEO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(765.8KB)

Online linear optimization with the log-determinant regularizer
Ken-ichiro MORIDOMI  Kohei HATANO  Eiji TAKIMOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(274.1KB)

Processing Multiple-user Location-based Keyword Queries
Yong WANG  XiaoRan DUAN  XiaoDong YANG  YiQuan ZHANG  XiaoSong ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.8MB)

Cross-Layer Management for Multiple Adaptive Streaming Clients in Wireless Home Networks
Summary | Full Text:PDF(743KB)

Domain Adaptation based on Mixture of Latent Words Language Models for Automatic Speech Recognition
Ryo MASUMURA  Taichi ASAMI  Takanobu OBA  Hirokazu MASATAKI  Sumitaka SAKAUCHI  Akinori ITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Deblocking Artifact of Satellite Image Based on Adaptive Soft-threshold Anisotropic Filter using Wavelet
Risnandar  Masayoshi ARITSUGI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(891.8KB)

Boundary-aware Superpixel Segmentation based on Minimum Spanning Tree
Li XU  Bing LUO  Zheng PEI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Accurate Target Motion Analysis from a Small Measurement Set using RANSAC
Hyunhak SHIN  Bonhwa KU  Wooyoung HONG  Hanseok KO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(257.6KB)

Self-Supervised Learning of Video Representation for Anticipating Actions in Early Stage
Yinan LIU  Qingbo WU  Liangzhi TANG  Linfeng XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(885KB)

Complex-valued Fully Convolutional Networks for MIMO Radar Signal Segmentation
Summary | Full Text:PDF(587.5KB)

Pedestrian Detectability Estimation Considering Visual Adaptation to Drastic Illumination Change
Yuki IMAEDA  Takatsugu HIRAYAMA  Yasutomo KAWANISHI  Daisuke DEGUCHI  Ichiro IDE  Hiroshi MURASE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.8MB)

Modeling Complex Relationship Paths for Knowledge Graph Completion
Ping ZENG  Qingping TAN  Xiankai MENG  Haoyu ZHANG  Jianjun XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(399.2KB)

Training of CNN with Heterogeneous Learning for Multiple Pedestrian Attributes Recognition using Rarity Rate
Hiroshi FUKUI  Takayoshi YAMASHITA  Yuji YAMAUCHI  Hironobu FUJIYOSHI  Hiroshi MURASE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.9MB)

Line-based SLAM Using Non-overlapping Cameras in an Urban Environment
Atsushi KAWASAKI  Kosuke HARA  Hideo SAITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(14MB)

Real-time Color Image Improvement System for Visual Testing of Nuclear Reactors
Naoki HOSOYA  Atsushi MIYAMOTO  Junichiro NAGANUMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Multi-peak Estimation for Real-time 3D Ping-Pong Ball Tracking with Double-queue Based GPU Acceleration
Ziwei DENG  Yilin HOU  Xina CHENG  Takeshi IKENAGA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.5MB)

Pixel Selection and Intensity Directed Symmetry for High Frame Rate and Ultra-Low Delay Matching System
Tingting HU  Takeshi IKENAGA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.7MB)

Object Specific Deep Feature for Face Detection
Xianxu HOU  Jiasong ZHU  Ke SUN  Linlin SHEN  Guoping QIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.3MB)

Point of Gaze Estimation Using Corneal Surface Reflection and Omnidirectional Camera Image
Taishi OGAWA  Atsushi NAKAZAWA  Toyoaki NISHIDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(61.2MB)

Accelerating existing non-blind image deblurring techniques through a strap-on limited-memory switched Broyden method
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Superimposing Thermal-Infrared Data on 3D Structure Reconstructed by RGB Visual Odometry
Masahiro YAMGUCHI  Trong Phuc TRUONG  Shohei MORI  Vincent NOZICK  Hideo SAITO  Shoji YACHIDA  Hideaki SATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.8MB)

Simultaneous Object Segmentation and Recognition by Merging CNN Outputs from Uniformly Distributed Multiple Viewpoints
Yoshikatsu NAKAJIMA  Hideo SAITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(11.2MB)

Multicultural Facial Expression Recognition Based on Differences of Western-Caucasian and East-Asian Facial Expressions of Emotions
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.1MB)

Extraction and Recognition of Shoe Logos with a Wide Variety of Appearance using Two-Stage Classifiers
Kazunori AOKI  Wataru OHYAMA  Tetsushi WAKABAYASHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(626.2KB)

Image-Based Food Calorie Estimation Using Recipe Information
Summary | Full Text:PDF(5.8MB)

Detecting Malware-infected Devices Using the HTTP Header Patterns
Sho MIZUNO  Mitsuhiro HATADA  Tatsuya MORI  Shigeki GOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Active Contours Driven by Local Rayleigh Distribution Fitting Energy for Ultrasound Image Segmentation
Bi HUI  Jiang YIBO  Li HUI  Sha XUAN  Yi WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

Real-time Approximation of a Normal Distribution Function for Normal-mapped Surfaces
Han-sung SON  JungHyun HAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.2MB)

Tree-based Feature Transformation for Purchase Behavior Prediction
Chunyan HOU  Chen CHEN  Jinsong WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(136.5KB)

Bilateral Convolutional Activations Encoded with Fisher Vectors for Scene Character Recognition
Zhong ZHANG  Hong WANG  Shuang LIU  Tariq S. DURRANI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(416.6KB)

Long-term tracking based on multi-feature adaptive fusion for video target
Hainan ZHANG  Yanjing SUN  Song LI  Wenjuan SHI  Chenglong FENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

A Hardware-Based Caching System on FPGA NIC for Blockchain
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.5MB)

A Real-time Subtask-assistance Strategy for Adaptive Services Composition
Li QUAN  Zhi-liang WANG  Xin LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Novel Defogging Algorithm Based on the Joint Use of Saturation and Color Attenuation Prior
Chen QU  Duyan BI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Graph-Based Video Search Reranking with Local and Global Consistency Analysis
Summary | Full Text:PDF(997.7KB)

Retweeting Prediction Based on Social Hotspots and Dynamic Tensor Decomposition
Qian LI  Xiaojuan LI  Bin WU  Yunpeng XIAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(943.9KB)

Study on Driver Agent based on Analysis of Driving Instruction Data - Driver Agent for Encouraging Safe Driving Behavior (1) -
Takahiro TANAKA  Kazuhiro FUJIKAKE  Takashi YONEKAWA  Misako YAMAGISHI  Makoto INAGAMI  Fumiya KINOSHITA  Hirofumi AOKI  Hitoshi KANAMORI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(819.1KB)

Exponential Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition
Ruisheng Ran  Bin Fang  Xuegang Wu  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

A Two-Layered Framework for the Discovery of Software Behavior: A Case Study
Cong LIU  Jianpeng ZHANG  Guangming LI  Shangce GAO  Qingtian ZENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(940.6KB)

 Volume E101-D No.4  (Publication Date:2018/04/01)
Special Section on Intelligent Information and Communication Technology and its Applications to Creative Activity Support

pp.836-837  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(165.6KB)

pp.838-846  PAPER-Creativity Support Systems and Decision Support Systems
Development of Idea Generation Consistent Support System That Includes Suggestive Functions for Preparing Concreteness of Idea Labels and Island Names
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.847-855  PAPER-Creativity Support Systems and Decision Support Systems
Cyber-Physical Hybrid Environment Using a Largescale Discussion System Enhances Audiences' Participation and Satisfaction in the Panel Discussion
Satoshi KAWASE  Takayuki ITO  Takanobu OTSUKA  Akihisa SENGOKU  Shun SHIRAMATSU  Tokuro MATSUO  Tetsuya OISHI  Rieko FUJITA  Naoki FUKUTA  Katsuhide FUJITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.856-864  PAPER-Creativity Support Systems and Decision Support Systems
Activating Group Discussion by Topic Providing Bots
Shota KUSAJIMA  Yasuyuki SUMI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.865-873  PAPER-Creativity Support Systems and Decision Support Systems
On Implementing an Automatic Headline Generation for Discussion BBS Systems —Cases of Citizens' Deliberations for Communities—
Katsuhide FUJITA  Ryosuke WATANABE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (380.9KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.874-883  PAPER-Creativity Support Systems and Decision Support Systems
Investigative Report Writing Support System for Effective Knowledge Construction from the Web
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.884-891  PAPER-Knowledge Representation
An Ontology-Based Approach to Supporting Knowledge Management in Government Agencies: A Case Study of the Thai Excise Department
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.892-900  PAPER-Knowledge Representation
Collaborative Ontology Development Approach for Multidisciplinary Knowledge: A Scenario-Based Knowledge Construction System in Life Cycle Assessment
Akkharawoot TAKHOM  Sasiporn USANAVASIN  Thepchai SUPNITHI  Mitsuru IKEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.901-908  PAPER-Datamining Technologies
Stock Price Prediction by Deep Neural Generative Model of News Articles
Takashi MATSUBARA  Ryo AKITA  Kuniaki UEHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (396KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.909-916  PAPER-Datamining Technologies
Sentiment Classification for Hotel Booking Review Based on Sentence Dependency Structure and Sub-Opinion Analysis
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.8MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.917-924  PAPER-Datamining Technologies
Detecting TV Program Highlight Scenes Using Twitter Data Classified by Twitter User Behavior and Evaluating It to Soccer Game TV Programs
Tessai HAYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.925-932  PAPER-Elemental Technologies for human behavior analysis
Multiple Speech Source Separation with Non-Sparse Components Recovery by Using Dual Similarity Determination
Maoshen JIA  Jundai SUN  Feng DENG  Junyue SUN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (628.5KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.933-943  PAPER-Elemental Technologies for human behavior analysis
Static Representation Exposing Spatial Changes in Spatio-Temporal Dependent Data
Hiroki CHIBA  Yuki HYOGO  Kazuo MISUE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.944-955  PAPER-Technologies for Knowledge Support Platform
Web-Based and Quality-Oriented Remote Collaboration Platform Tolerant to Severe Network Constraints
Yasuhiro MOCHIDA  Daisuke SHIRAI  Tatsuya FUJII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.956-963  PAPER-Technologies for Knowledge Support Platform
Detecting Regularities of Traffic Signal Timing Using GPS Trajectories
Juan YU  Peizhong LU  Jianmin HAN  Jianfeng LU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (5.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.964-976  PAPER-Technologies for Knowledge Support Platform
Grid-Based Parallel Algorithms of Join Queries for Analyzing Multi-Dimensional Data on MapReduce
Miyoung JANG  Jae-Woo CHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.977-984  PAPER-Technologies for Knowledge Support Platform
A Data Fusion-Based Fire Detection System
Ying-Yao TING  Chi-Wei HSIAO  Huan-Sheng WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

Special Section on Data Engineering and Information Management

pp.985-985  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Masashi TOYODA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(80.7KB)

pp.986-1002  SURVEY PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Survey of Thai Knowledge Extraction for the Semantic Web Research and Tools
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1MB)

pp.1003-1011  PAPER
Detecting Anomalous Reviewers and Estimating Summaries from Early Reviews Considering Heterogeneity
Yasuhito ASANO  Junpei KAWAMOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (331.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1012-1020  PAPER
Efficient Methods for Aggregate Reverse Rank Queries
Yuyang DONG  Hanxiong CHEN  Kazutaka FURUSE  Hiroyuki KITAGAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.8MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1021-1029  PAPER
Purpose-Feature Relationship Mining from Online Reviews towards Purpose-Oriented Recommendation
Sopheaktra YONG  Yasuhito ASANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (387KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1030-1041  PAPER
Workflow Extraction for Service Operation Using Multiple Unstructured Trouble Tickets
Akio WATANABE  Keisuke ISHIBASHI  Tsuyoshi TOYONO  Keishiro WATANABE  Tatsuaki KIMURA  Yoichi MATSUO  Kohei SHIOMOTO  Ryoichi KAWAHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1042-1052  PAPER
Performance Evaluation of Pipeline-Based Processing for the Caffe Deep Learning Framework
Ayae ICHINOSE  Atsuko TAKEFUSA  Hidemoto NAKADA  Masato OGUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1053-1065  PAPER
G-HBase: A High Performance Geographical Database Based on HBase
Hong Van LE  Atsuhiro TAKASU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1066-1078  PAPER
Semantically Readable Distributed Representation Learning and Its Expandability Using a Word Semantic Vector Dictionary
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1079-1087  PAPER
Sequential Bayesian Nonparametric Multimodal Topic Models for Video Data Analysis
Jianfei XUE  Koji EGUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1088-1095  PAPER
Improving Recommendation via Inference of User Popularity Preference in Sparse Data Environment
Xiaoying TAN  Yuchun GUO  Yishuai CHEN  Wei ZHU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (614.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1096-1106  PAPER
Songrium Derivation Factor Analysis: A Web Service for Browsing Derivation Factors by Modeling N-th Order Derivative Creation
Kosetsu TSUKUDA  Keisuke ISHIDA  Masahiro HAMASAKI  Masataka GOTO  
Paper recommended by Technical Committee on Data EngineeringSummary | Full Text:PDF (3.6MB) >>Buy this Article

Regular Section

pp.1107-1115  PAPER-Computer System
Hardware Accelerated Marking for Mark & Sweep Garbage Collection
Shinji KAWAMURA  Tomoaki TSUMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1116-1125  PAPER-Computer System
Analysis of Body Bias Control Using Overhead Conditions for Real Time Systems: A Practical Approach
Carlos Cesar CORTES TORRES  Hayate OKUHARA  Nobuyuki YAMASAKI  Hideharu AMANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1126-1140  PAPER-Software System
Name Binding is Easy with Hypergraphs
Alimujiang YASEN  Kazunori UEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (965.1KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1141-1150  PAPER-Educational Technology
Validity of Kit-Build Method for Assessment of Learner-Build Map by Comparing with Manual Methods
Warunya WUNNASRI  Jaruwat PAILAI  Yusuke HAYASHI  Tsukasa HIRASHIMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1151-1158  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Block-Matching-Based Implementation of Affine Motion Estimation for HEVC
Chihiro TSUTAKE  Toshiyuki YOSHIDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (403.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1159-1166  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Mixture Model for Image Boundary Detection Fusion
Yinghui ZHANG  Hongjun WANG  Hengxue ZHOU  Ping DENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (780.7KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1167-1179  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Modeling Storylines in Lyrics
Kento WATANABE  Yuichiroh MATSUBAYASHI  Kentaro INUI  Satoru FUKAYAMA  Tomoyasu NAKANO  Masataka GOTO  
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pp.1180-1188  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Frame-Based Representation for Event Detection on Twitter
Yanxia QIN  Yue ZHANG  Min ZHANG  Dequan ZHENG  
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pp.1189-1198  PAPER-Biological Engineering
ECG-Based Heartbeat Classification Using Two-Level Convolutional Neural Network and RR Interval Difference
Yande XIANG  Jiahui LUO  Taotao ZHU  Sheng WANG  Xiaoyan XIANG  Jianyi MENG  
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pp.1199-1202  LETTER-Information Network
Having an Insight into Malware Phylogeny: Building Persistent Phylogeny Tree of Families
Jing LIU  Pei Dai XIE  Meng Zhu LIU  Yong Jun WANG  
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pp.1203-1206  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Filter Level Pruning Based on Similar Feature Extraction for Convolutional Neural Networks
Lianqiang LI  Yuhui XU  Jie ZHU  
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pp.1207-1208  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Non-Intrusive Objective Speech Intelligibility Estimation
Deokgyu YUN  Hannah LEE  Seung Ho CHOI  
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pp.1209-1212  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Improving Person Re-Identification by Efficient Pairwise-Specific CRC Coding in the XQDA Subspace
Ying TIAN  Mingyong ZENG  Aihong LU  Bin GAO  Zhangkai LUO  
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pp.1213-1216  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Sequential Convolutional Residual Network for Image Recognition
Wonjun HWANG  
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pp.1217-1220  LETTER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
A Joint Convolutional Bidirectional LSTM Framework for Facial Expression Recognition
Jingwei YAN  Wenming ZHENG  Zhen CUI  Peng SONG  
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