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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E103-C No.2  (Publication Date:2020/02/01)
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pp.30-38  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Reconstruction of Scatterer Shape from Relative Intensity of Scattered Field by Using Linearized Boundary Element Method
Jun-ichiro SUGISAKA  Takashi YASUI  Koichi HIRAYAMA  
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pp.39-47  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 28-GHz CMOS Vector-Summing Phase Shifter Featuring I/Q Imbalance Calibration Supporting 11.2Gb/s in 256QAM for 5G New Radio
Jian PANG  Ryo KUBOZOE  Zheng LI  Masaru KAWABUCHI  Atsushi SHIRANE  Kenichi OKADA  
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pp.48-58  PAPER-Integrated Electronics  Open Access Paper
DFE Error Propagation and FEC Interleaving for 400GbE PAM4 Electrical Lane
Yongzheng ZHAN  Qingsheng HU  Yinhang ZHANG  
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pp.59-61  BRIEF PAPER-Organic Molecular Electronics  Open Access Paper
S-Shaped Nonlinearity in Electrical Resistance of Electroactive Supercoiled Polymer Artificial Muscle
Kazuya TADA  Masaki KAKU  
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pp.62-65  BRIEF PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Dielectrophoretic Assembly of Gold Nanoparticle Arrays Evaluated in Terms of Room-Temperature Resistance
Yoshinao MIZUGAKI  Makoto MORIBAYASHI  Tomoki YAGAI  Masataka MORIYA  Hiroshi SHIMADA  Ayumi HIRANO-IWATA  Fumihiko HIROSE  
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