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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E103-B No.5  (Publication Date:2020/05/01)
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pp.495-503  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Successive Interference Cancellation of ICA-Aided SDMA for GFSK Signaling in BLE Systems
Masahiro TAKIGAWA  Shinsuke IBI  Seiichi SAMPEI  
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pp.504-516  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Detecting Reinforcement Learning-Based Grey Hole Attack in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Boqi GAO  Takuya MAEKAWA  Daichi AMAGATA  Takahiro HARA  
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pp.517-523  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Loss Analysis from Capacitance between Windings in Multilayer Transformer and Loss Improvement by Winding Layer Layout Considering Working Voltage
Toshiyuki WATANABE  Tetsuya OSHIKATA  Kimihiro NISHIJIMA  Fujio KUROKAWA  
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pp.524-536  PAPER-Network
Soft Video Uploading for Low-Power Crowdsourced Multi-view Video Streaming
Than Than NU  Takuya FUJIHASHI  Takashi WATANABE  
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pp.537-544  PAPER-Network  Open Access Paper
CU-MAC: A MAC Protocol for Centralized UAV Networks with Directional Antennas
Aijing LI  Guodong WU  Chao DONG  Lei ZHANG  
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pp.545-558  PAPER-Network
A Weighted Voronoi Diagram-Based Self-Deployment Algorithm for Heterogeneous Directional Mobile Sensor Networks in Three-Dimensional Space
Li TAN  Xiaojiang TANG  Anbar HUSSAIN  Haoyu WANG  
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pp.559-569  PAPER-Network
A Two-Stage Feedback Protocol Based on Multipath Profile for MU-MIMO Networks
Aijing LI  Chao DONG  Zhimin LI  Qihui WU  Guodong WU  
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pp.570-581  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Massive MIMO Antenna Arrangement Considering Spatial Efficiency and Correlation between Antennas in Mobile Communications
Kiyoaki ITOI  Masanao SASAKI  Hiroaki NAKABAYASHI  
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pp.582-590  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Energy Efficiency Optimization for Secure SWIPT System
Chao MENG  Gang WANG  Bingjian YAN  Yongmei LI  
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pp.591-599  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Carrier-Phase Multipath Mitigation Based on Adaptive Wavelet Packet Transform and TB Strategy
Yanxi YANG  Jinguang JIANG  Meilin HE  
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pp.600-608  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies  Open Access Paper
Low Complexity Soft Input Decoding in an Iterative Linear Receiver for Overloaded MIMO
Satoshi DENNO  Tsubasa INOUE  Yuta KAWAGUCHI  Takuya FUJIWARA  Yafei HOU  
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pp.609-617  PAPER-Sensing
A Wideband Real-Time Deception Jamming Method for Countering ISAR Based on Parallel Convolution
Ning TAI  Huan LIN  Chao WEI  Yongwei LU  Chao WANG  Kaibo CUI  
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pp.618-626  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
3D-HEVC Virtual View Synthesis Based on a Reconfigurable Architecture
Lin JIANG  Xin WU  Yun ZHU  Yu WANG  
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