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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E101-B No.9  (Publication Date:2018/09/01)
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pp.1940-1948  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
A Study on Loop Gain Measurement Method Using Output Impedance in DC-DC Buck Converter
Nobukazu TSUKIJI  Yasunori KOBORI  Haruo KOBAYASHI  
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pp.1949-1960  PAPER-Network System
Analysis and Implementation of a QoS Optimization Method for Access Networks
Ling ZHENG  Zhiliang QIU  Weitao PAN  Yibo MEI  Shiyong SUN  Zhiyi ZHANG  
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pp.1961-1966  PAPER-Network
On-Off Power Control with Low Complexity in D2D Underlaid Cellular Networks
Tae-Won BAN  Bang Chul JUNG  
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pp.1967-1981  PAPER-Network
Inserting Layer-5 to Provide Applications with Richer Functions through Common API
Hiroki WATANABE  Takao KONDO  Kunitake KANEKO  Fumio TERAOKA  
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pp.1982-1996  PAPER-Internet
Efficient Approach for Mitigating Mobile Phishing Attacks
Hyungkyu LEE  Younho LEE  Changho SEO  Hyunsoo YOON  
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pp.1997-2006  PAPER-Network Management/Operation
Evidence-Based Context-Aware Log Data Management for Integrated Monitoring System
Tatsuya SATO  Yosuke HIMURA  Yoshiko YASUDA  
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pp.2007-2016  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Joint Estimation of Frequency and DOA with Spatio-Temporal Sub-Nyquist Sampling Based on Spectrum Correction and Chinese Remainder Theorem
Xiangdong HUANG  Mengkai YANG  Mingzhuo LIU  Lin YANG  Haipeng FU  
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pp.2017-2023  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Wide Angle Scanning Circular Polarized Meta-Structured Antenna Array
Chang-Hyun LEE  Jeong-Hae LEE  
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pp.2024-2032  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Improving Spectral Efficiency of Non-Orthogonal Space Time Block Coded-Continuous Phase Modulation
Kazuyuki MORIOKA  Satoshi YAMAZAKI  David ASANO  
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pp.2033-2046  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Free-Space Optical Systems over Correlated Atmospheric Fading Channels: Spatial Diversity or Multihop Relaying?
Phuc V. TRINH  Thanh V. PHAM  Anh T. PHAM  
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pp.2047-2057  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Exploring IA Feasibility in MIMO Interference Networks: Equalized and Non-Equalized Antennas Approach
Weihua LIU  Zhenxiang GAO  Ying WANG  Zhongfang WANG  Yongming WANG  
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pp.2058-2068  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Impact of Buffer Management Solutions on MAC Layer Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks
Derviş AYGÖR  Shafqat Ur REHMAN  Fatih Vehbi ÇELEBİ  
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