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Volume E99-B No.9  (Publication Date:2016/09/01)
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Special Section on Integration Technologies of Ambient Intelligence and Sensor Networks

pp.1919-1919  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hiroshi TOHJO  
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pp.1920-1929  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
High-Capacity Wireless Access Networks Using 920MHz Band for Wide-Area IoT/M2M Services
Kazunori AKABANE  Nobuaki MOCHIZUKI  Shigeru TERUHI  Mamoru KOBAYASHI  Shuichi YOSHINO  Masashi SHIMIZU  Kazuhiro UEHARA  
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pp.1930-1937  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Network-Type Brain Machine Interface to Support Activities of Daily Living
Takayuki SUYAMA  
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pp.1938-1948  SURVEY PAPER
A Survey of Geographic Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks as a Sensing Platform
Kenichi MASE  
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pp.1949-1957  PAPER
Content-Based Sensor Search with a Matching Estimation Mechanism
Puning ZHANG  Yuan-an LIU  Fan WU  Wenhao FAN  Bihua TANG  
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pp.1958-1966  PAPER
Mobile Agent-Based Information Dissemination Scheme Using Location Information in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Takeshi HASHIMOTO  Junich AOKI  Tomoyuki OHTA  Yoshiaki KAKUDA  
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pp.1967-1979  PAPER
Theoretical Optimization of Sensing Area Shape for Target Detection, Barrier Coverage, and Path Coverage
Hiroshi SAITO  
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pp.1980-1988  PAPER
Self-Organization of Coverage of Densely Deployed WLANs Considering Outermost APs without Generating Coverage Holes
Shotaro KAMIYA  Keita NAGASHIMA  Koji YAMAMOTO  Takayuki NISHIO  Masahiro MORIKURA  Tomoyuki SUGIHARA  
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pp.1989-1997  PAPER
Measurement of Wireless LAN Characteristics in Sewer Pipes for Sewer Inspection Systems Using Drifting Wireless Sensor Nodes
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pp.1998-2008  PAPER  Open Access Paper
ROD-SAN: Energy-Efficient and High-Response Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks Employing Wake-Up Receiver
Hiroyuki YOMO  Takahiro KAWAMOTO  Kenichi ABE  Yuichiro EZURE  Tetsuya ITO  Akio HASEGAWA  Takeshi IKENAGA  
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pp.2009-2018  PAPER
DOA Estimation Using Temporal Spatial Virtual Array Based on Doppler Shift with Adaptive PRI Control
Hirotaka HAYASHI  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  
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pp.2019-2027  PAPER
Knowledge-Based Reestablishment of Primary Exclusive Region in Database-Driven Spectrum Sharing
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Regular Section

pp.2028-2035  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
On the Use of m-Ary Challenges for RFID Distance Bounding Protocol
Young-Sik KIM  Sang-Hyo KIM  
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pp.2036-2046  PAPER-Network
Improving Fairness with Harvesting-Rate Adapted Polling for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
Masashi KUNIKAWA  Hiroyuki YOMO  
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pp.2047-2054  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
3-Port MIMO DRAs for 2.4GHz WLAN Communications
Katsunori ISHIMIYA  Chi-Yuk CHIU  Zhinong YING  Jun-ichi TAKADA  
(Publicized: 2016/04/04)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.2055-2061  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
A Broadened and Deepened Anti-Jamming Technology for High-Dynamic GNSS Array Receivers
Li-wen CHEN  Jian-sheng ZHENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (730.9KB) >>
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pp.2062-2071  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Transmission with a Multi-Antenna Relay in Multiuser Networks
Chang Kyung SUNG  Kyu-Sung HWANG  
(Publicized: 2016/04/04)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (651.7KB) >>
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pp.2072-2080  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Filter Design for IBI Suppression in OFDM Based Filter-and-Forward Relay Beamforming
Satoshi NAGAI  Teruyuki MIYAJIMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (647.8KB) >>
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pp.2081-2086  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
A Zero Bias Frequency-Domain Interference Suppressor for GNSS Receivers
Guangteng FAN  Xiaomei TANG  Junwei NIE  Yangbo HUANG  Guangfu SUN  
(Publicized: 2016/04/04)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.2087-2098  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
Cooperative/Parallel Kalman Filtering for Decentralized Network Navigation
Wenyun GAO  Xi CHEN  Dexiu HU  Haisheng XU  
(Publicized: 2016/03/18)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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pp.2099-2107  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
Resource Allocation for 3D Video Transmission in LTE System Based on Fuzzy Logic
Yongqiang FEI  Yuping ZHAO  
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pp.2108-2111  WRITTEN DISCUSSION-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Comment on the Security of an Order-Preserving Encryption Scheme Using Pseudo-Random Function
Minkyu KIM  Je HONG PARK  Dongyoung ROH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (63.9KB) >>
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