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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E103-A No.4  (Publication Date:2020/04/01)
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pp.649-656  PAPER-Engineering Acoustics
The Role of Accent and Grouping Structures in Estimating Musical Meter
Han-Ying LIN  Chien-Chieh HUANG  Wen-Whei CHANG  Jen-Tzung CHIEN  
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pp.657-667  PAPER-Systems and Control  Open Access Paper
Switched Pinning Control for Merging and Splitting Maneuvers of Vehicle Platoons
Takuma WAKASA  Yoshiki NAGATANI  Kenji SAWADA  Seiichi SHIN  
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pp.668-676  PAPER-Algorithms and Data Structures
Stronger Hardness Results on the Computational Complexity of Picross 3D
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pp.677-685  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Efficient Computation of Boomerang Connection Probability for ARX-Based Block Ciphers with Application to SPECK and LEA
Dongyeong KIM  Dawoon KWON  Junghwan SONG  
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pp.686-694  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
A True Random Number Generator Method Embedded in Wireless Communication Systems
Toshinori SUZUKI  Masahiro KAMINAGA  
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pp.695-703  PAPER-Coding Theory  Open Access Paper
Insertion/Deletion/Substitution Error Correction by a Modified Successive Cancellation Decoding of Polar Code
Hikari KOREMURA  Haruhiko KANEKO  
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pp.704-709  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A New Closed-Form Algorithm for Spatial Three-Dimensional Localization with Multiple One-Dimensional Uniform Linear Arrays
Yifan WEI  Wanchun LI  Yuning GUO  Hongshu LIAO  
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pp.710-714  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Compensation of Phase Errors in the Frequency Domain for Multi-Carrier LFMCW MIMO Radar
Chen MIAO  Peishuang NI  Mengjie JIANG  Yue MA  Hui TANG  Wen WU  
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pp.715-717  LETTER-Analog Signal Processing
Angular Momentum Spectrum of Electromagnetic Wave
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pp.718-722  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Auction-Based Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing Networks
Ben LIU  Ding XU  
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pp.723-727  LETTER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
Performance Evaluation for Chirp-BOK Modulation Scheme under Alpha-Stable Noise
Kaijie ZHOU  Huali WANG  Peipei CAO  Zhangkai LUO  
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pp.728-732  LETTER-Image
Enhanced HDR Image Reproduction Using Gamma-Adaptation-Based Tone Compression and Detail-Preserved Blending
Taeyoung JUNG  Hyuk-Ju KWON  Joonku HAHN  Sung-Hak LEE  
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