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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E102-A No.6  (Publication Date:2019/06/01)
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Special Section on Circuits and Systems

pp.757-757  FOREWORD
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pp.758-766  PAPER
Critical Path Based Microarchitectural Bottleneck Analysis for Out-of-Order Execution
Teruo TANIMOTO  Takatsugu ONO  Koji INOUE  
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pp.767-774  PAPER
Analysis of Regular Sampling of Chaotic Waveform and Chaotic Sampling of Regular Waveform for Random Number Generation
Kaya DEMiR  Salih ERGÜN  
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pp.775-782  PAPER  Open Access Paper
An Architecture for Real-Time Retinex-Based Image Enhancement and Haze Removal and Its FPGA Implementation
Dabwitso KASAUKA  Kenta SUGIYAMA  Hiroshi TSUTSUI  Hiroyuki OKUHATA  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA  
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pp.783-787  LETTER
A 3Gbps/Lane MIPI D-PHY Transmission Buffer Chip
Pil-Ho LEE  Young-Chan JANG  
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Regular Section

pp.788-795  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Broadband Kalman Filtering Approach to Blind Multichannel Identification
Yuanlei QI  Feiran YANG  Ming WU  Jun YANG  
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pp.796-807  PAPER-Graphs and Networks
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Community Detection in Signed Networks
Shuaihui WANG  Guyu HU  Zhisong PAN  Jin ZHANG  Dong LI  
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pp.808-817  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Improvement of General Secret Sharing Scheme Reducing Shares Distributed to Specified Participants
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pp.818-824  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Balanced Odd-Variable RSBFs with Optimum AI, High Nonlinearity and Good Behavior against FAAs
Yindong CHEN  Fei GUO  Hongyan XIANG  Weihong CAI  Xianmang HE  
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pp.825-833  PAPER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
On BER Analysis and Comparison for OSTBC MIMO DF Relaying Networks
Dong-Sun JANG  Ui-Seok JEONG  Gi-Hoon RYU  Kyunbyoung KO  
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pp.834-841  PAPER-Image
Multi-Feature Fusion Network for Salient Region Detection
Zheng FANG  Tieyong CAO  Jibin YANG  Meng SUN  
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pp.842-844  LETTER-Analog Signal Processing  Open Access Paper
A Reduction of the Number of Components Included in Direct Simulation Type Active Complex Filter
Tatsuya FUJII  Kazuhiro SHOUNO  
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pp.845-848  LETTER-Circuit Theory
Burst-Mode CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Based on a Regulated-Cascode Circuit with Gain-Mode Switching
Takuya KOJIMA  Mamoru KUNIEDA  Makoto NAKAMURA  Daisuke ITO  Keiji KISHINE  
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pp.849-853  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security  Open Access Paper
New Ternary Power Mapping with Differential Uniformity Δf≤3 and Related Optimal Cyclic Codes
Haode YAN  Dongchun HAN  
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pp.854-859  LETTER-Coding Theory  Open Access Paper
Propagation-Delay Based Cyclic Interference Alignment with One Extra Time-Slot for Three-User X Channel
Feng LIU  Shuping WANG  Shengming JIANG  Yanli XU  
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pp.860-865  LETTER-Intelligent Transport System
A Robust Indoor/Outdoor Detection Method Based on Spatial and Temporal Features of Sparse GPS Measured Positions
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