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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E102-A No.10  (Publication Date:2019/10/01)
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pp.1333-1339  PAPER-Coding Theory  Open Access Paper
Correlation of Column Sequences from the Arrays of Sidelnikov Sequences of Different Periods
Min Kyu SONG  Hong-Yeop SONG  
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pp.1340-1350  PAPER-Coding Theory
Protograph-Based LDPC Coded System for Position Errors in Racetrack Memories
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pp.1351-1363  PAPER-Image  Open Access Paper
Phase-Based Periocular Recognition with Texture Enhancement
Luis Rafael MARVAL-PÉREZ  Koichi ITO  Takafumi AOKI  
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pp.1364-1373  PAPER-Image
Automatic Lung Nodule Detection in CT Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Furqan SHAUKAT  Kamran JAVED  Gulistan RAJA  Junaid MIR  Muhammad Laiq Ur Rahman SHAHID  
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pp.1374-1382  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
Hardware-Based Principal Component Analysis for Hybrid Neural Network Trained by Particle Swarm Optimization on a Chip
Tuan Linh DANG  Yukinobu HOSHINO  
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pp.1383-1386  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing  Open Access Paper
Phase Center Calibration for UWB Phase Interferometer Direction Finding by Virtual Baseline
Jian BAI  Zhiqiang GE  Lu MA  
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pp.1387-1392  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Polarization Filtering Based Transmission Scheme for Wireless Communications
Zhangkai LUO  Zhongmin PEI  Bo ZOU  
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pp.1393-1396  LETTER-Graphs and Networks
Emergence of an Onion-Like Network in Surface Growth and Its Strong Robustness
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pp.1397-1401  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Construction of Resilient Boolean and Vectorial Boolean Functions with High Nonlinearity
Luyang LI  Dong ZHENG  Qinglan ZHAO  
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pp.1402-1405  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
A Note on the Zero-Difference Balanced Functions with New Parameters
Shanding XU  Xiwang CAO  Jian GAO  
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pp.1406-1410  LETTER-Information Theory  Open Access Paper
A Fast Iterative Check Polytope Projection Algorithm for ADMM Decoding of LDPC Codes by Bisection Method
Yan LIN  Qiaoqiao XIA  Wenwu HE  Qinglin ZHANG  
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pp.1411-1415  LETTER-Information Theory
Quantum Codes Derived from Quasi-Twisted Codes of Index 2 with Hermitian Inner Product
Jingjie LV  Ruihu LI  Qiang FU  
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pp.1416-1419  LETTER-Coding Theory
New Asymptotically Optimal Optical Orthogonal Signature Pattern Codes from Cyclic Codes
Lin-Zhi SHEN  
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pp.1420-1425  LETTER-Coding Theory
Further Results on the Separating Redundancy of Binary Linear Codes
Haiyang LIU  Lianrong MA  
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pp.1426-1430  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals  Open Access Paper
QoS-Constrained Robust Beamforming Design for MIMO Interference Channels with Bounded CSI Errors
Conggai LI  Xuan GENG  Feng LIU  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(345.2KB)

pp.1431-1437  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Channel-Alignment Based Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Techniques
Changyong SHIN  Se-Hyoung CHO  
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pp.1438-1442  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals  Open Access Paper
An Adaptive Bit Allocation for Maximum Bit-Rate Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding
Shigenori KINJO  Shuichi OHNO  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(234.1KB)

pp.1443-1446  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
Interference-Aware Dynamic Channel Allocation for Small-Cells in Heterogeneous Networks with FFR
Ilhak BAN  Se-Jin KIM  
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