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IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
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Volume E105-A No.5  (Publication Date:2022/05/01)
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Special Section on Intelligent Transport Systems and Wideband Systems for Smart Cities and Mobility

pp.753-753  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Masanori HAMAMURA  Tomotaka WADA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(355KB)

pp.754-762  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Cellular V2X Standardization in 4G and 5G
Shohei YOSHIOKA  Satoshi NAGATA  
(Publicized: 2021/11/08)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(3.1MB)

pp.763-769  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Current Status and Issues of Traffic Light Recognition Technology in Autonomous Driving System
Naoki SUGANUMA  Keisuke YONEDA  
(Publicized: 2021/10/12)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(3.1MB)

pp.770-777  PAPER
Markov-Chain Analysis Model based Active Period Adaptation Scheme for IEEE 802.15.4 Network
Ryota HORIUCHI  Kohei TOMITA  Nobuyoshi KOMURO  
(Publicized: 2021/10/22)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (624.6KB) >>
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pp.778-786  PAPER
Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy Positioning Systems When Using Sparse Training Data
Tetsuya MANABE  Kosuke OMURA  
(Publicized: 2021/11/01)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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Special Section on Mathematical Systems Science and its Applications

pp.787-787  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Daisuke ISHII  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(268KB)

pp.788-798  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Distributed Scheme for Unit Commitment Problem Using Constraint Programming and ADMM
Yuta INOUE  Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO  
(Publicized: 2021/09/02)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(4.6MB)

pp.799-807  PAPER
Reliable Decentralized Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems with Single-Level Inference
Shigemasa TAKAI  Sho YOSHIDA  
(Publicized: 2021/10/08)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>
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pp.808-815  PAPER
Optimal Control of Timed Petri Nets Under Temporal Logic Constraints with Generalized Mutual Exclusion
Kohei FUJITA  Toshimitsu USHIO  
(Publicized: 2021/10/13)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.816-822  PAPER
LMI-Based Design of Output Feedback Controllers with Decentralized Event-Triggering
(Publicized: 2021/09/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (11.1MB) >>
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pp.823-832  PAPER
Specification and Verification of Multitask Real-Time Systems Using the OTS/CafeOBJ Method
Masaki NAKAMURA  Shuki HIGASHI  Kazutoshi SAKAKIBARA  Kazuhiro OGATA  
(Publicized: 2021/09/24)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>
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Special Section on Analog Circuit Techniques and Related Topics

pp.833-833  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(192.4KB)

pp.834-843  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
An Evaluation of a New Type of High Efficiency Hybrid Gate Drive Circuit for SiC-MOSFET Suitable for Automotive Power Electronics System Applications
Masayoshi YAMAMOTO  Shinya SHIRAI  Senanayake THILAK  Jun IMAOKA  Ryosuke ISHIDO  Yuta OKAWAUCHI  Ken NAKAHARA  
(Publicized: 2021/11/26)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(7.4MB)

pp.844-852  PAPER
A Study on the Bandwidth of the Transformer Matching Circuits
Satoshi TANAKA  
(Publicized: 2021/10/25)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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Regular Section

pp.853-857  PAPER-Numerical Analysis and Optimization  Open Access Paper
Simple Proof of the Lower Bound on the Average Distance from the Fermat-Weber Center of a Convex Body
Xuehou TAN  
(Publicized: 2021/11/15)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(418.3KB)

pp.858-870  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Software Implementation of Optimal Pairings on Elliptic Curves with Odd Prime Embedding Degrees
Yu DAI  Zijian ZHOU  Fangguo ZHANG  Chang-An ZHAO  
(Publicized: 2021/11/26)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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pp.871-876  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
Research on Mongolian-Chinese Translation Model Based on Transformer with Soft Context Data Augmentation Technique
Qing-dao-er-ji REN  Yuan LI  Shi BAO  Yong-chao LIU  Xiu-hong CHEN  
(Publicized: 2021/11/19)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>
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pp.877-881  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Minimum Correlation and Volume Constrains
Zhongqiang LUO  Chaofu JING  Chengjie LI  
(Publicized: 2021/11/22)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>
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pp.882-886  LETTER-Algorithms and Data Structures  Open Access Paper
Feature Selection and Parameter Optimization of Support Vector Machines Based on a Local Search Based Firefly Algorithm for Classification of Formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Wen SHI  Jianling LIU  Jingyu ZHANG  Yuran MEN  Hongwei CHEN  Deke WANG  Yang CAO  
(Publicized: 2021/11/16)  Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(565.3KB)

pp.887-891  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Characterization and Construction of Generalized Bent Functions with Flexible Coefficients
Zhiyao YANG  Pinhui KE  Zhixiong CHEN  
(Publicized: 2021/10/29)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (206.8KB) >>
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pp.892-896  LETTER-Coding Theory
Balanced (Almost) Binary Sequence Pairs of Period Q ≡ 1(mod 4) with Optimal Autocorrelation and Cross-Correlation
Xiuping PENG  Hongxiao LI  Hongbin LIN  
(Publicized: 2021/11/22)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (150.8KB) >>
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pp.897-900  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Error Rate Performance Analysis of M-ary Coherent FSO Communications with Spatial Diversity in Strong Atmospheric Turbulence
Jinkyu KANG  Seongah JEONG  Hoojin LEE  
(Publicized: 2021/10/28)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (241.4KB) >>
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pp.901-905  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Improved Metric Function for AlphaSeq Algorithm to Design Ideal Complementary Codes for Multi-Carrier CDMA Systems
Shucong TIAN  Meng YANG  Jianpeng WANG  Rui WANG  Avik R. ADHIKARY  
(Publicized: 2021/11/15)  Summary | Full Text:PDF (415.3KB) >>
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