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Vol.E102-D No.9 pp.1707-1714
 PAPER  Fundamentals of Information Systems  Open Access Paper
Multi-Tree-Based Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming with a Guaranteed Latency
Satoshi FUJITA
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Vol.E101-D No.1 pp.181-192
 PAPER  Data Engineering, Web Information Systems  Open Access Paper
An Efficient Algorithm for Location-Aware Query Autocompletion
Sheng HUChuan XIAOYoshiharu ISHIKAWA
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Vol.E104-D No.9 pp.1450-1458
 PAPER  Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks for Rebalancing Iris Image Datasets
Yung-Hui LIMuhammad Saqlain ASLAMLatifa Nabila HARFIYAChing-Chun CHANG
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Vol.E104-D No.9 pp.1510-1513
 LETTER  Pattern Recognition
Feature Detection Based on Significancy of Local Features for Image Matching
TaeWoo KIM
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Vol.E99-D No.7 pp.1877-1884
 PAPER  Speech and Hearing  Open Access Paper
WORLD: A Vocoder-Based High-Quality Speech Synthesis System for Real-Time Applications
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Vol.E104-D No.9 pp.1500-1505
 LETTER  Dependable Computing
Enhanced Sender-Based Message Logging for Reducing Forced Checkpointing Overhead in Distributed Systems
Jinho AHN
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Vol.E104-D No.8 pp.1161-1162
 FOREWORD    Open Access Paper
Chase WU
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Vol.E104-D No.9 pp.1496-1499
 LETTER  Information Network
HTTP DDoS Flooding Attack Mitigation in Software-Defined Networking
Sungho PARKYoungjun KIMHyungoo CHOIYeunwoong KYUNGJinwoo PARK
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Vol.E104-D No.9 pp.1459-1466
 PAPER  Human-computer Interaction
Character Design Generation System Using Multiple Users' Gaze Information
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Vol.E102-D No.7 pp.1240-1246
 PAPER    Open Access Paper
Simultaneous Estimation of Dish Locations and Calories with Multi-Task Learning
Takumi EGEKeiji YANAI
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