Integration of Custom CMOS-LSI Circuits and Paper-Based Biosensors for Mobile Healthcare Applications

Shigeyasu UNO  Shogo KAWAHARA  Takuya FUJIMOTO  Masao KAMAHORI  

C - Abstracts of IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics (Japanese Edition)   Vol.J101-C   No.3   pp.156-165
Publication Date: 2018/03/01
Online ISSN: 1881-0217
Type of Manuscript: INVITED PAPER
CMOS,  LSI,  biosensor,  chemical sensor,  healthcare,  mobile,  smartphone,  

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A portable sensor device is developed to add electrochemical measurement functionality to commercially-available smartphones by attaching through earphone jack, and measurement of glucose solution and ethanol gas are demonstrated. Most of electronic circuits are integrated in a single LSI chip, which harvests electric power through earphone and sends data through microphone. Biosensors are fabricated on a piece of paper with enzymes and electron mediators, where electrodes are drawn by carbon pencil and Ag/AgCl ink. On absorbing a liquid sample solution, electric current is generated by an electrochemical reaction. It is read out by potentiostat, analog/digital converted, transmitted through microphone, and displayed on a smartphone by an in-house application. The developed sensor system shows appropriate operation for measurement of glucose concentration in a sample solution equivalent to blood glucose level, as well as for detection of ethanol vapor concentration in a sample gas equivalent to alcohol inspection for drivers.