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Volume E71 No.7  (Publication Date:1988/07/25)
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pp.633-636  LETTER-General and Electrical Acoustics
Transcendental Function Representations of the Probability Density Function and the Cumulative Distribution Function for a Product-structured Stochastic Process Model
Shiro EHARA  
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pp.637-639  LETTER-Ultrasonics
A New Measurement System for Sound Velocity Change in Liquid Using Ultrasonic Correlator
Kazuhiko IMANO  Toshio SANNOMIYA  Noriyoshi CHUBACHI  
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pp.640-642  LETTER-Communication Networks and Services
Analysis of a Queueing System with a Load Balancing Mechanism
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pp.643-645  LETTER-Quantum Electronics
Enhanced Switching Characteristics of Bistable Distributed Feedback Lasers with Detuning Effect
Hajime SHOJI  Yasuhiko ARAKAWA  Yoichi FUJII  
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pp.646-647  LETTER-Super-conductive Electronics
Basis Characteristics of the Planar Josephson Triode
Yuichi HARADA  Nobumitsu HIROSE  Shigeru YOSHIMORI  Mitsuo KAWAMURA  
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pp.648-653  PAPER-Speech
A LSP Analysis-Synthesis Method on Mel Frequency Scale Combined with Linear One
Shuuichi ARAI  Arata MIYAUCHI  Shinji OZAWA  
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pp.654-658  PAPER-Analog Signal Processing
Extended Waveform Moment and Its Applications
Toshinori YOSHIKAWA  Satoru KIJIMA  Anil KHARE  
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pp.659-668  PAPER-Systems and Control
Some Properties of Queueing Systems with Fluctuating Traffic Intensity
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pp.669-678  PAPER-Engineering Science in General
An Algorithm to Compute the Moments of the First Passage Time in the Markov Renewal Process with Finite States
Katsuhiro NAKADA  Tadaaki YONEYAMA  Takanobu ISEKI  
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pp.679-687  PAPER-Communication Networks and Services
Statistics for Traffic Congestion Control in Circuit-Switched Networks
Hiroshi SAITO  
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pp.688-692  PAPER-Communication Cable and Wave Guides
Residual Strain Characteristics of Optical Fiber Ribbons Inserted Tightly into Slots
Kazuo HOGARI  Yutaka KATSUYAMA  Toshinao KOKUBUN  Satomi HATANO  
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pp.693-700  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Decomposition of Overlapped Electric Field Patterns by Using the Least Square Estimation of Intensity of Electromagnetic Wave Sources
Jian-Qing WANG  Tsugio SATO  Hiroshi ECHIGO  Tasuku TAKAGI  
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pp.701-708  PAPER-Electro-Optics
Analysis of Threshold Current in GaAs-AlGaAs SCH Lasers--Effect of the Impurity Atoms in Optical Guiding Layers and Energy Gap Profiles of These Layers on the Threshold Current Density--
Minoru YAMADA  Masao GAMO  Yasumasa NASHIDA  
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pp.709-717  PAPER-Instrumentation and Control
An Improved Digital Measurement System of Torque-Speed Curve Plotting for Motors
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