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Volume E68 No.6  (Publication Date:1985/06/25)
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pp.365-370  PAPER-Microwaves and Millimeter Waves
Weibull-Distributed Ground Clutter in the Frequency Domain
Matsuo SEKINE  Toshimitsu MUSHA  Yuichi TOMITA  Toshihiko HAGISAWA  Eiichi KIUCHI  
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pp.371-375  PAPER-Data Transmission
Percentile Delay Calculation for the Infinite Population Nonpersistent CSMA/CD
Kiyoshi YONEDA  
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pp.376-381  PAPER-Magnetic Recording
Temperature Dependence of Signal Output Loss in Sputtered γ-Fe2O3 Thin Film Media
Satoshi OHTA  Osamu ISHII  Akio TAGO  Seiji HATTORI  
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pp.382-383  LETTER-Mathematics
Iterative Decomposition Method with Mesh Refinements for Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
Kiyotaka YAMAMURA  Shin'ichi OISHI  Kazuo HORIUCHI  
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