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Volume E68 No.1  (Publication Date:1985/01/25)
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pp.1-6  PAPER-Transmission Systems
A New Switching Diversity Technique Utilizing Carrier-Jitter Sensor for Mobile Radio Applications
Hiroshi SUZUKI  Kohji MOMMA  
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pp.7-13  PAPER-Optical and Quantum Electronics
Polarization Characteristics in Twisted Single-Mode Optical Fibers
Jun-ichi SAKAI  Susumu MACHIDA  Tatsuya KIMURA  
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pp.14-21  PAPER-Signal Processing
A VLSI-Oriented Digital Signal Processor Based on Pulse-Train Residue Arithmetic Circuit with a Multiplier
Michitaka KAMEYAMA  Oluwole ADEGBENRO  Tatsuo HIGUCHI  
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pp.22-28  PAPER-Switching Systems
Voice-Data Hybrid Transmission Systems in 64 kbit/sec Digital Lines
Julio SEGUEL  Yoshiaki TANAKA  Minoru AKIYAMA  
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pp.29-36  PAPER-Digital Circuits
On an Optimal Logic Partitioning/Test Points Setting Based on Testability Measures in Large Digital Circuits
Shigeru TAKASAKI  Shigehiro FUNATSU  
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pp.37-38  LETTER-Automata and Languages
Loop Detection in a Top-Down CS-Parsing Algorithm Using a Grammar without Context-Sensitive Rules
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pp.39-40  LETTER-Optical Fibers
Far-End Measurement Technique of Chromatic Dispersion in Single-Mode Optical Transmission Lines
Katsumi MIHARA  Tsuneo HORIGUCHI  Shigeyuki SEIKAI  
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