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Volume E67 No.12  (Publication Date:1984/12/25)
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pp.645-652  PAPER-Antenna and Propagation
Circularly Polarized Shaped-Beam Antenna for Broadcasting Satellites
Noboru TOYAMA  Kazuyoshi SHOGEN  
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pp.653-654  LETTER-Transmission Systems
Multiple-Error Characteristics of Self-Synchronizing Scrambler/Descrambler in Digital Mobile Radio Transmission
Hiroshi SUZUKI  Hatsuyuki KUDO  
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pp.655-656  LETTER-Mathematics
A Theorem that GF (24m) has no Self-Complementary Normal Bases over GF (2) for Odd m
Masakatu MORII  Kyoki IMAMURA  
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pp.657-658  LETTER-Semiconductors
Semi-Insulating Film Deposition at Lower Substrate-Temperatures Using Ar-Beam Sputtering
Tetsuma SAKURAI  
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