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Volume E65 No.3  (Publication Date:1982/03/25)
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pp.143-147  PAPER-Data Processing
A Fast Identification of Closed Regions Contained in a Series of Cel-Animation Frames
Takeshi AGUI  Koichi IWATA  
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pp.148-153  PAPER-Instrumentation
A Binary Drop Charging and Deflection in a Multi-Nozzle Ink Jet Printer
Masayoshi TAMAI  Tetsuo IYODA  Masatsugu KIKUCHI  Michio UEDA  
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pp.154-158  PAPER-Applications
Doppler Shift in a Standard Frequency via a Broadcasting Satellite--Experiment at Sapporo Using a Medium-Scale Broadcasting Satellite for Experimental Purposes--
Yasutaka OGAWA  Yuji KATOH  Kiyohiko ITOH  
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pp.159-165  PAPER-Transmission Systems
System Considerations of M-Ary PSK Land Mobile Radio for Efficient Spectrum Utilization
Hiroshi SUZUKI  Kenkichi HIRADE  
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pp.166-172  PAPER-Optical and Quantum Electronics
Refractive-Index Dispersion for GeO2-, P2O5- and B2O3-Doped Silica Glasses in Optical Fibers
Noriyoshi SHIBATA  Takao EDAHIRO  
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pp.173-174  LETTER-Antenna and Propagation
Multiple Scattering of a Gaussian Beam by Two Cylinders Having Different Radii
Hiroyuki SUGIYAMA  Shogo KOZAKI  
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pp.175-176  LETTER-Data Processing
A New Relationship between the Lanczos and the MMSE Algorithms for Low-Pass Differentiation
Shiro USUI  Itzhak AMIDROR  
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