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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E102-D No.4  (Publication Date:2019/04/01)
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Special Section on Award-winning Papers

pp.690-690  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yukihiko Yamashita  
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pp.691-701  INVITED PAPER
Simultaneous Reproduction of Reflectance and Transmittance of Ink Paintings
Shigenobu ASADA  Hiroyuki KUBO  Takuya FUNATOMI  Yasuhiro MUKAIGAWA  
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pp.702-714  INVITED PAPER
High-Quality Multi-View Image Extraction from a Light Field Camera Considering Its Physical Pixel Arrangement
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pp.715-723  INVITED PAPER
Learning of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Models for Inconsistent Resolution Dataset Analysis
Masahiro KOHJIMA  Tatsushi MATSUBAYASHI  Hiroshi SAWADA  
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Special Section on Data Engineering and Information Management

pp.724-724  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Koji Eguchi  
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pp.725-736  PAPER
Efficient Dynamic Malware Analysis for Collecting HTTP Requests using Deep Learning
Toshiki SHIBAHARA  Takeshi YAGI  Mitsuaki AKIYAMA  Daiki CHIBA  Kunio HATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (664.4KB) >>
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pp.737-744  PAPER
A Top-N-Balanced Sequential Recommendation Based on Recurrent Network
Zhenyu ZHAO  Ming ZHU  Yiqiang SHENG  Jinlin WANG  
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pp.745-758  PAPER
The BINDS-Tree: A Space-Partitioning Based Indexing Scheme for Box Queries in Non-Ordered Discrete Data Spaces
A. K. M. Tauhidul ISLAM  Sakti PRAMANIK  Qiang ZHU  
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pp.759-767  PAPER
NFRR: A Novel Family Relationship Recognition Algorithm Based on Telecom Social Network Spectrum
Kun NIU  Haizhen JIAO  Cheng CHENG  Huiyang ZHANG  Xiao XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (659.2KB) >>
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pp.768-776  PAPER
Activity Recognition Using RFID Phase Profiling in Smart Library
Yegang DU  Yuto LIM  Yasuo TAN  
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pp.777-787  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Subassembly Retrieval of 3D CAD Assembly Models with Different Layout of Components Based on Sinogram
Kaoru KATAYAMA  Wataru SATO  
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pp.788-799  PAPER
Building Hierarchical Spatial Histograms for Exploratory Analysis in Array DBMS
Jing ZHAO  Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA  Lei CHEN  Chuan XIAO  Kento SUGIURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.800-809  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Designing a Framework for Data Quality Validation of Meteorological Data System
Wen-Lung TSAI  Yung-Chun CHAN  
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pp.810-820  PAPER
Detecting Communities and Correlated Attribute Clusters on Multi-Attributed Graphs
Hiroyoshi ITO  Takahiro KOMAMIZU  Toshiyuki AMAGASA  Hiroyuki KITAGAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (853.9KB) >>
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pp.821-825  LETTER
Locality Preserved Joint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Speech Emotion Recognition
Seksan MATHULAPRANGSAN  Yuan-Shan LEE  Jia-Ching WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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Regular Section

pp.826-835  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding a Minimum Spanning Tree with Non-Terminal Set VNT on Series-Parallel Graphs
Shin-ichi NAKAYAMA  Shigeru MASUYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.3MB) >>
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pp.836-844  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining  Open Access Paper
Feature Selection of Deep Learning Models for EEG-Based RSVP Target Detection
Jingxia CHEN  Zijing MAO  Ru ZHENG  Yufei HUANG  Lifeng HE  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.2MB)

pp.845-855  PAPER-Office Information Systems, e-Business Modeling
Linguistic Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making Method Combining Cloud Model and Evidence Theory
Jian ZHOU  Chong HAN  Lijuan SUN  Fu XIAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (541.4KB) >>
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pp.856-858  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Quantum Algorithm on Logistic Regression Problem
Jun Suk KIM  Chang Wook AHN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (104.3KB) >>
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pp.859-862  LETTER-Computer System  Open Access Paper
Wideband Radar Frequency Measurement Receiver Based on FPGA without Mixer
Xinqun LIU  Yingxiao ZHAO  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(948.8KB)

pp.863-866  LETTER-Software Engineering  Open Access Paper
Spectrum-Based Fault Localization Framework to Support Fault Understanding
Yong WANG  Zhiqiu HUANG  Yong LI  RongCun WANG  Qiao YU  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(226.4KB)

pp.867-870  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining  Open Access Paper
Quantitative Analyses on Effects from Constraints in Air-Writing
Songbin XU  Yang XUE  Yuqing CHEN  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(2.4MB)

pp.871-874  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Fast Superpixel Segmentation via Boundary Sampling and Interpolation
Li XU  Bing LUO  Mingming KONG  Bo LI  Zheng PEI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.8MB) >>
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