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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E102-D No.1  (Publication Date:2019/01/01)
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Special Section on Enriched Multimedia — Making Multimedia More Convenient and Safer —

pp.1-1  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Keiichi IWAMURA  
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pp.2-10  PAPER
Robust Image Identification with DC Coefficients for Double-Compressed JPEG Images
Kenta IIDA  Hitoshi KIYA  
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pp.11-18  PAPER
Image Manipulation Specifications on Social Networking Services for Encryption-then-Compression Systems
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pp.19-30  PAPER
Image Watermarking Technique Using Embedder and Extractor Neural Networks
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pp.31-40  PAPER
Permutation-Based Signature Generation for Spread-Spectrum Video Watermarking
Hiroshi ITO  Tadashi KASEZAWA  
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pp.41-47  PAPER
Robust and Secure Data Hiding for PDF Text Document
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pp.48-51  LETTER
Adaptive Tiling Selection for Viewport Adaptive Streaming of 360-degree Video
Duc V. NGUYEN  Huyen T. T. TRAN  Truong Cong THANG  
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Regular Section

pp.52-74  PAPER-Computer System
Accelerating Large-Scale Interconnection Network Simulation by Cellular Automata Concept
Takashi YOKOTA  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takeshi OHKAWA  
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pp.75-84  PAPER-Software Engineering
Empirical Studies of a Kernel Density Estimation Based Naive Bayes Method for Software Defect Prediction
Haijin JI  Song HUANG  Xuewei LV  Yaning WU  Yuntian FENG  
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pp.85-92  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Semantic Management Method of Simulation Models in GNSS Distributed Simulation Environment
Guo-chao FAN  Chun-sheng HU  Xue-en ZHENG  Cheng-dong XU  
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pp.93-103  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
On-Demand Generalization of Road Networks Based on Facility Search Results
Daisuke YAMAMOTO  Masaki MURASE  Naohisa TAKAHASHI  
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pp.104-115  PAPER-Information Network
Selecting Orientation-Insensitive Features for Activity Recognition from Accelerometers
Yasser MOHAMMAD  Kazunori MATSUMOTO  Keiichiro HOASHI  
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pp.116-123  PAPER-Information Network
Design of High-Speed Easy-to-Expand CC-Link Parallel Communication Module Based on R-IN32M3
Yeong-Mo YEON  Seung-Hee KIM  
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pp.124-132  PAPER-Information Network
A High Throughput Device-to-Device Wireless Communication System
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pp.133-146  PAPER-Information Network  Open Access Paper
Towards Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing over Mobile Online Social Networks
Juan CHEN  Shen SU  Xianzhi WANG  
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pp.147-155  PAPER-Educational Technology
Automated Detection of Children at Risk of Chinese Handwriting Difficulties Using Handwriting Process Information: An Exploratory Study
Zhiming WU  Tao LIN  Ming LI  
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pp.156-164  PAPER-Educational Technology
Visual Emphasis of Lip Protrusion for Pronunciation Learning
Siyang YU  Kazuaki KONDO  Yuichi NAKAMURA  Takayuki NAKAJIMA  Hiroaki NANJO  Masatake DANTSUJI  
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pp.165-174  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Local Body Sway Movements for the Identification of People
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pp.175-184  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Real-Time Sparse Visual Tracking Using Circulant Reverse Lasso Model
Chenggang GUO  Dongyi CHEN  Zhiqi HUANG  
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pp.185-194  PAPER-Kansei Information Processing, Affective Information Processing
A Robot Model That Obeys a Norm of a Human Group by Participating in the Group and Interacting with Its Members
Yotaro FUSE  Hiroshi TAKENOUCHI  Masataka TOKUMARU  
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pp.195-197  LETTER-Software System
Cycle Time Improvement of EtherCAT Networks with Embedded Linux-Based Master
Hyun-Chul YI  Joon-Young CHOI  
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pp.198-201  LETTER-Information Network
JPEG Steganalysis Based on Multi-Projection Ensemble Discriminant Clustering
Yan SUN  Guorui FENG  Yanli REN  
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pp.202-205  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Millimeter-Wave Radar Target Recognition Algorithm Based on Collaborative Auto-Encoder
Yilu MA  Zhihui YE  Yuehua LI  
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pp.206-209  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Real-Time Head Action Recognition Based on HOF and ELM
Tie HONG  Yuan Wei LI  Zhi Ying WANG  
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pp.210-213  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Side Scan Sonar Image Super Resolution via Region-Selective Sparse Coding
Jaihyun PARK  Bonhwa KU  Youngsaeng JIN  Hanseok KO  
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pp.214-218  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision  Open Access Paper
Fast Visual Odometry Based Sparse Geometric Constraint for RGB-D Camera
Ruibin GUO  Dongxiang ZHOU  Keju PENG  Yunhui LIU  
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pp.219-222  LETTER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Symmetric Decomposition of Convolution Kernels
Jun OU  Yujian LI  
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