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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E101-D No.8  (Publication Date:2018/08/01)
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pp.1982-1996  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Design and Implementation of Deep Neural Network for Edge Computing
Junyang ZHANG  Yang GUO  Xiao HU  Rongzhen LI  
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pp.1997-2004  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Tighter Generalization Bounds for Matrix Completion Via Factorization Into Constrained Matrices
Ken-ichiro MORIDOMI  Kohei HATANO  Eiji TAKIMOTO  
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pp.2005-2014  PAPER-Software Engineering
A Two-Layered Framework for the Discovery of Software Behavior: A Case Study
Cong LIU  Jianpeng ZHANG  Guangming LI  Shangce GAO  Qingtian ZENG  
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pp.2015-2026  PAPER-Software Engineering
An Emotion Similarity Based Severity Prediction of Software Bugs: A Case Study of Open Source Projects
Geunseok YANG  Tao ZHANG  Byungjeong LEE  
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pp.2027-2034  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Novel Recommendation Algorithm Incorporating Temporal Dynamics, Reviews and Item Correlation
Ting WU  Yong FENG  JiaXing SANG  BaoHua QIANG  YaNan WANG  
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pp.2035-2043  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Specificity-Aware Ontology Generation for Improving Web Service Clustering
Rupasingha A. H. M. RUPASINGHA  Incheon PAIK  Banage T. G. S. KUMARA  
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pp.2044-2052  PAPER-Information Network
A Scalable SDN Architecture for Underwater Networks Security Authentication
Qiuli CHEN  Ming HE  Xiang ZHENG  Fei DAI  Yuntian FENG  
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pp.2053-2063  PAPER-Dependable Computing
A Design for Testability of Open Defects at Interconnects in 3D Stacked ICs
Fara ASHIKIN  Masaki HASHIZUME  Hiroyuki YOTSUYANAGI  Shyue-Kung LU  Zvi ROTH  
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pp.2064-2071  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Multilevel Thresholding Color Image Segmentation Using a Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Sipeng ZHANG  Wei JIANG  Shin'ichi SATOH  
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pp.2072-2081  PAPER-Educational Technology
Understanding Support of Causal Relationship between Events in Historical Learning
Tomoko KOJIRI  Fumito NATE  Keitaro TOKUTAKE  
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pp.2082-2091  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
ECG Delineation with Randomly Selected Wavelet Feature and Random Forest Classifier
Dapeng FU  Zhourui XIA  Pengfei GAO  Haiqing WANG  Jianping LIN  Li SUN  
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pp.2092-2100  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Construction of Spontaneous Emotion Corpus from Indonesian TV Talk Shows and Its Application on Multimodal Emotion Recognition
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pp.2101-2114  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Improved Radiometric Calibration by Brightness Transfer Function Based Noise & Outlier Removal and Weighted Least Square Minimization
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pp.2115-2122  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
From Easy to Difficult: A Self-Paced Multi-Task Joint Sparse Representation Method
Lihua GUO  
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pp.2123-2131  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
An Efficient Misalignment Method for Visual Tracking Based on Sparse Representation
Shan JIANG  Cheng HAN  Xiaoqiang DI  
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pp.2132-2135  LETTER-Computer System
In-Storage Anti-Virus System via On-Demand Inspection
Jaehwan LEE  Youngrang KIM  Ji Sun SHIN  
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pp.2136-2140  LETTER-Software System
Proof and Evaluation of Improved Slack Reclamation for Response Time Analysis of Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
Hyeongboo BAEK  Donghyouk LIM  Jinkyu LEE  
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pp.2141-2144  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Predicting Taxi Destination by Regularized RNN with SDZ
Lei ZHANG  Guoxing ZHANG  Zhizheng LIANG  Qingfu FAN  Yadong LI  
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pp.2145-2149  LETTER-Information Network
A Routing Method for Fish Farm Monitoring Under Short Transmission Range Condition
Koichi ISHIDA  Yoshiaki TANIGUCHI  Nobukazu IGUCHI  
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pp.2150-2153  LETTER-Dependable Computing
Detecting Unsafe Raw Pointer Dereferencing Behavior in Rust
Zhijian HUANG  Yong Jun WANG  Jing LIU  
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pp.2154-2158  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Transform Electric Power Curve into Dynamometer Diagram Image Using Deep Recurrent Neural Network
Junfeng SHI  Wenming MA  Peng SONG  
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pp.2159-2162  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
PCANet-II: When PCANet Meets the Second Order Pooling
Chunxiao FAN  Xiaopeng HONG  Lei TIAN  Yue MING  Matti PIETIKÄINEN  Guoying ZHAO  
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pp.2163-2167  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Data Hiding in Spatial Color Images on Smartphones by Adaptive R-G-B LSB Replacement
Haeyoung LEE  
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pp.2168-2172  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Robust 3D Surface Reconstruction in Real-Time with Localization Sensor
Wei LI  Yi WU  Chunlin SHEN  Huajun GONG  
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pp.2173-2177  LETTER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Multi-Channels LSTM Networks for Fence Activity Classification
Kelu HU  Chunlei ZHENG  Wei HE  Xinghe BAO  Yingguan WANG  
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