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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E101-D No.5  (Publication Date:2018/05/01)
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Special Section on Machine Vision and its Applications

pp.1221-1221  FOREWORD-Machine Vision and its Applications  Open Access Paper
Norimichi UKITA  
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pp.1222-1231  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Training of CNN with Heterogeneous Learning for Multiple Pedestrian Attributes Recognition Using Rarity Rate
Hiroshi FUKUI  Takayoshi YAMASHITA  Yuji YAMAUCHI  Hironobu FUJIYOSHI  Hiroshi MURASE  
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pp.1232-1242  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Line-Based SLAM Using Non-Overlapping Cameras in an Urban Environment
Atsushi KAWASAKI  Kosuke HARA  Hideo SAITO  
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pp.1243-1250  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Real-Time Color Image Improvement System for Visual Testing of Nuclear Reactors
Naoki HOSOYA  Atsushi MIYAMOTO  Junichiro NAGANUMA  
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pp.1251-1259  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Multi-Peak Estimation for Real-Time 3D Ping-Pong Ball Tracking with Double-Queue Based GPU Acceleration
Ziwei DENG  Yilin HOU  Xina CHENG  Takeshi IKENAGA  
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pp.1260-1269  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Pixel Selection and Intensity Directed Symmetry for High Frame Rate and Ultra-Low Delay Matching System
Tingting HU  Takeshi IKENAGA  
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pp.1270-1277  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Object Specific Deep Feature for Face Detection
Xianxu HOU  Jiasong ZHU  Ke SUN  Linlin SHEN  Guoping QIU  
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pp.1278-1287  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Point of Gaze Estimation Using Corneal Surface Reflection and Omnidirectional Camera Image
Taishi OGAWA  Atsushi NAKAZAWA  Toyoaki NISHIDA  
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pp.1288-1295  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Accelerating Existing Non-Blind Image Deblurring Techniques through a Strap-On Limited-Memory Switched Broyden Method
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pp.1296-1307  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Superimposing Thermal-Infrared Data on 3D Structure Reconstructed by RGB Visual Odometry
Masahiro YAMAGUCHI  Trong Phuc TRUONG  Shohei MORI  Vincent NOZICK  Hideo SAITO  Shoji YACHIDA  Hideaki SATO  
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pp.1308-1316  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Simultaneous Object Segmentation and Recognition by Merging CNN Outputs from Uniformly Distributed Multiple Viewpoints
Yoshikatsu NAKAJIMA  Hideo SAITO  
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pp.1317-1324  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Multicultural Facial Expression Recognition Based on Differences of Western-Caucasian and East-Asian Facial Expressions of Emotions
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pp.1325-1332  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Extraction and Recognition of Shoe Logos with a Wide Variety of Appearance Using Two-Stage Classifiers
Kazunori AOKI  Wataru OHYAMA  Tetsushi WAKABAYASHI  
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pp.1333-1341  PAPER-Machine Vision and its Applications
Image-Based Food Calorie Estimation Using Recipe Information
Takumi EGE  Keiji YANAI  
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Regular Section

pp.1342-1349  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Long-Term Tracking Based on Multi-Feature Adaptive Fusion for Video Target
Hainan ZHANG  Yanjing SUN  Song LI  Wenjuan SHI  Chenglong FENG  
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pp.1350-1360  PAPER-Computer System
A Hardware-Based Caching System on FPGA NIC for Blockchain
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pp.1361-1369  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Real-Time Subtask-Assistance Strategy for Adaptive Services Composition
Li QUAN  Zhi-liang WANG  Xin LIU  
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pp.1370-1379  PAPER-Information Network
Detecting Malware-Infected Devices Using the HTTP Header Patterns
Sho MIZUNO  Mitsuhiro HATADA  Tatsuya MORI  Shigeki GOTO  
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pp.1380-1392  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Retweeting Prediction Based on Social Hotspots and Dynamic Tensor Decomposition
Qian LI  Xiaojuan LI  Bin WU  Yunpeng XIAO  
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pp.1393-1400  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Modeling Complex Relationship Paths for Knowledge Graph Completion
Ping ZENG  Qingping TAN  Xiankai MENG  Haoyu ZHANG  Jianjun XU  
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pp.1401-1409  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Study on Driver Agent Based on Analysis of Driving Instruction Data — Driver Agent for Encouraging Safe Driving Behavior (1) —
Takahiro TANAKA  Kazuhiro FUJIKAKE  Takashi YONEKAWA  Misako YAMAGISHI  Makoto INAGAMI  Fumiya KINOSHITA  Hirofumi AOKI  Hitoshi KANAMORI  
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pp.1410-1420  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Exponential Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition
Ruisheng RAN  Bin FANG  Xuegang WU  
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pp.1421-1429  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Novel Defogging Algorithm Based on the Joint Use of Saturation and Color Attenuation Prior
Chen QU  Duyan BI  
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pp.1430-1440  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Graph-Based Video Search Reranking with Local and Global Consistency Analysis
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pp.1441-1444  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Tree-Based Feature Transformation for Purchase Behavior Prediction
Chunyan HOU  Chen CHEN  Jinsong WANG  
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pp.1445-1448  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Complex-Valued Fully Convolutional Networks for MIMO Radar Signal Segmentation
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pp.1449-1452  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Self-Supervised Learning of Video Representation for Anticipating Actions in Early Stage
Yinan LIU  Qingbo WU  Liangzhi TANG  Linfeng XU  
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pp.1453-1456  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Bilateral Convolutional Activations Encoded with Fisher Vectors for Scene Character Recognition
Zhong ZHANG  Hong WANG  Shuang LIU  Tariq S. DURRANI  
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pp.1457-1461  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Pedestrian Detectability Estimation Considering Visual Adaptation to Drastic Illumination Change
Yuki IMAEDA  Takatsugu HIRAYAMA  Yasutomo KAWANISHI  Daisuke DEGUCHI  Ichiro IDE  Hiroshi MURASE  
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pp.1462-1465  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Real-Time Approximation of a Normal Distribution Function for Normal-Mapped Surfaces
Han-sung SON  JungHyun HAN  
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