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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E101-D No.11  (Publication Date:2018/11/01)
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Special Section on Information and Communication System Security

pp.2559-2560  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Atsushi KANAI  
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pp.2561-2575  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
An Overview of Cyber Security for Connected Vehicles
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pp.2576-2583  PAPER-Mobile Application and Web Security
Towards Finding Code Snippets on a Question and Answer Website Causing Mobile App Vulnerabilities
Hiroki NAKANO  Fumihiro KANEI  Yuta TAKATA  Mitsuaki AKIYAMA  Katsunari YOSHIOKA  
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pp.2584-2599  PAPER-Mobile Application and Web Security
Understanding the Inconsistency between Behaviors and Descriptions of Mobile Apps
Takuya WATANABE  Mitsuaki AKIYAMA  Tetsuya SAKAI  Hironori WASHIZAKI  Tatsuya MORI  
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pp.2600-2611  PAPER-Mobile Application and Web Security
Identifying Evasive Code in Malicious Websites by Analyzing Redirection Differences
Yuta TAKATA  Mitsuaki AKIYAMA  Takeshi YAGI  Takeo HARIU  Kazuhiko OHKUBO  Shigeki GOTO  
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pp.2612-2621  PAPER-Mobile Application and Web Security
A Secure In-Depth File System Concealed by GPS-Based Mounting Authentication for Mobile Devices
Yong JIN  Masahiko TOMOISHI  Satoshi MATSUURA  Yoshiaki KITAGUCHI  
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pp.2622-2632  PAPER-Network Security
Automatically Generating Malware Analysis Reports Using Sandbox Logs
Bo SUN  Akinori FUJINO  Tatsuya MORI  Tao BAN  Takeshi TAKAHASHI  Daisuke INOUE  
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pp.2633-2643  PAPER-Network Security
Design and Implementation of SDN-Based Proactive Firewall System in Collaboration with Domain Name Resolution
Hiroya IKARASHI  Yong JIN  Nariyoshi YAMAI  Naoya KITAGAWA  Kiyohiko OKAYAMA  
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pp.2644-2657  PAPER-Forensics and Risk Analysis
Ad-hoc Analytical Framework of Bitcoin Investigations for Law Enforcement
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pp.2658-2664  PAPER-Forensics and Risk Analysis
Modeling Attack Activity for Integrated Analysis of Threat Information
Daiki ITO  Kenta NOMURA  Masaki KAMIZONO  Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Yasuhiro TAKANO  Masami MOHRI  Masakatu MORII  
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pp.2665-2676  PAPER-Forensics and Risk Analysis
Model Inversion Attacks for Online Prediction Systems: Without Knowledge of Non-Sensitive Attributes
Seira HIDANO  Takao MURAKAMI  Shuichi KATSUMATA  Shinsaku KIYOMOTO  Goichiro HANAOKA  
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pp.2677-2687  PAPER-Cryptographic Techniques
Tag-KEM/DEM Framework for Public-Key Encryption with Non-Interactive Opening
Yusuke SAKAI  Takahiro MATSUDA  Goichiro HANAOKA  
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pp.2688-2697  PAPER-Cryptographic Techniques
Zero-Knowledge Identification Scheme Using LDPC Codes
Haruka ITO  Masanori HIROTOMO  Youji FUKUTA  Masami MOHRI  Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  
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pp.2698-2705  PAPER-Cryptographic Techniques
Design Exploration of SHA-3 ASIP for IoT on a 32-bit RISC-V Processor
Jinli RAO  Tianyong AO  Shu XU  Kui DAI  Xuecheng ZOU  
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pp.2706-2709  LETTER-Network Security
A Scalable and Seamless Connection Migration Scheme for Moving Target Defense in Legacy Networks
Taekeun PARK  Koohong KANG  Daesung MOON  
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Regular Section

pp.2710-2719  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Efficient Reusable Collections
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pp.2720-2729  PAPER-Software Engineering
How are IF-Conditional Statements Fixed Through Peer CodeReview?
Yuki UEDA  Akinori IHARA  Takashi ISHIO  Toshiki HIRAO  Kenichi MATSUMOTO  
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pp.2730-2743  PAPER-Software Engineering
Fostering Real-Time Software Analysis by Leveraging Heterogeneous and Autonomous Software Repositories
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pp.2744-2753  PAPER-Software Engineering
Studying the Cost and Effectiveness of OSS Quality Assessment Models: An Experience Report of Fujitsu QNET
Yasutaka KAMEI  Takahiro MATSUMOTO  Kazuhiro YAMASHITA  Naoyasu UBAYASHI  Takashi IWASAKI  Shuichi TAKAYAMA  
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pp.2754-2761  PAPER-Information Network
Lightweight Security Hardware Architecture Using DWT and AES Algorithms
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pp.2762-2772  PAPER-Information Network
Critical Nodes Identification of Power Grids Based on Network Efficiency
WenJie KANG  PeiDong ZHU  JieXin ZHANG  JunYang ZHANG  
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pp.2773-2783  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Accelerating a Lloyd-Type k-Means Clustering Algorithm with Summable Lower Bounds in a Lower-Dimensional Space
Kazuo AOYAMA  Kazumi SAITO  Tetsuo IKEDA  
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pp.2784-2794  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Speeding up Extreme Multi-Label Classifier by Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Yukihiro TAGAMI  
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pp.2795-2807  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Food Intake Detection and Classification Using a Necklace-Type Piezoelectric Wearable Sensor System
Ghulam HUSSAIN  Kamran JAVED  Jundong CHO  Juneho YI  
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pp.2808-2817  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
High-Performance Super-Resolution via Patch-Based Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Implementation
Reo AOKI  Kousuke IMAMURA  Akihiro HIRANO  Yoshio MATSUDA  
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pp.2818-2822  LETTER-Computer System
Strip-Switched Deployment Method to Optimize Single Failure Recovery for Erasure Coded Storage Systems
Yingxun FU  Shilin WEN  Li MA  Jianyong DUAN  
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pp.2823-2826  LETTER-Information Network
On the Optimal Configuration of Grouping-Based Framed Slotted ALOHA
Young-Beom KIM  
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pp.2827-2830  LETTER-Information Network
NEST: Towards Extreme Scale Computing Systems
Yunfeng LU  Huaxi GU  Xiaoshan YU  Kun WANG  
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pp.2831-2835  LETTER-Dependable Computing
Energy-Efficient Connectivity Re-Establishment in UASNs with Dumb Nodes
Qiuli CHEN  Ming HE  Fei DAI  Chaozheng ZHU  
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pp.2836-2839  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Efficient Methods of Inactive Regions Padding for Segmented Sphere Projection (SSP) of 360 Video
Yong-Uk YOON  Yong-Jo AHN  Donggyu SIM  Jae-Gon KIM  
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pp.2840-2843  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Efficient Texture Creation Based on Random Patches in Database and Guided Filter
Seok Bong YOO  Mikyong HAN  
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pp.2844-2848  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Manga Show-Through Cancellation
Taku NAKAHARA  Kazunori URUMA  Tomohiro TAKAHASHI  Toshihiro FURUKAWA  
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pp.2849-2854  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Adaptive Object Tracking with Complementary Models
Peng GAO  Yipeng MA  Chao LI  Ke SONG  Yan ZHANG  Fei WANG  Liyi XIAO  
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pp.2855-2858  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Accurate Scale Adaptive and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Correlation Filters
Jiatian PI  Shaohua ZENG  Qing ZUO  Yan WEI  
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pp.2859-2862  LETTER-Biological Engineering
High-Speed Spelling in Virtual Reality with Sequential Hybrid BCIs
Zhaolin YAO  Xinyao MA  Yijun WANG  Xu ZHANG  Ming LIU  Weihua PEI  Hongda CHEN  
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