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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E99-D No.5  (Publication Date:2016/05/01)
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pp.1275-1284  PAPER-Computer System
Layout-Conscious Expandable Topology for Low-Degree Interconnection Networks
Thao-Nguyen TRUONG  Khanh-Van NGUYEN  Ikki FUJIWARA  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  
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pp.1285-1295  PAPER-Computer System
An Implementation of Multiple-Standard Video Decoder on a Mixed-Grained Reconfigurable Computing Platform
Leibo LIU  Dong WANG  Yingjie CHEN  Min ZHU  Shouyi YIN  Shaojun WEI  
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pp.1296-1303  PAPER-Software System
Application Performance Profiling in Android Dalvik Virtual Machines
Hung-Cheng CHANG  Kuei-Chung CHANG  Ying-Dar LIN  Yuan-Cheng LAI  
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pp.1304-1315  PAPER-Software Engineering
Investigating and Projecting Population Structures in Open Source Software Projects: A Case Study of Projects in GitHub
Saya ONOUE  Hideaki HATA  Akito MONDEN  Kenichi MATSUMOTO  
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pp.1316-1325  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Optimizing Hash Join with MapReduce on Multi-Core CPUs
Tong YUAN  Zhijing LIU  Hui LIU  
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pp.1326-1336  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Efficient Evaluation of Maximizing Range Sum Queries in a Road Network
Tien-Khoi PHAN  HaRim JUNG  Hee Yong YOUN  Ung-Mo KIM  
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pp.1337-1344  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Effects of Numerical Errors on Sample Mahalanobis Distances
Yasuyuki KOBAYASHI  
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pp.1345-1352  PAPER-Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
Comparison of Muscle Stimulation Groups for Simplified Practical FES Cycling Control with Cycling Wheelchair: An Experimental Test with Healthy Subjects
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pp.1353-1363  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Learning Subspace Classification Using Subset Approximated Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Yoshikazu WASHIZAWA  
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pp.1364-1374  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Non-Convex Low-Rank Approximation for Image Denoising and Deblurring
Yang LEI  Zhanjie SONG  Qiwei SONG  
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pp.1375-1383  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
LLC Revisit: Scene Classification with k-Farthest Neighbours
Katsuyuki TANAKA  Tetsuya TAKIGUCHI  Yasuo ARIKI  
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pp.1384-1387  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Parity Data De-Duplication in All Flash Array-Based OpenStack Cloud Block Storage
Huiseong HEO  Cheongjin AHN  Deok-Hwan KIM  
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pp.1388-1391  LETTER-Information Network
Location-Aware Forwarding and Caching in CCN-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Rana Asif REHMAN  Byung-Seo KIM  
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pp.1392-1395  LETTER-Educational Technology
Computer Application for Mastering Memorizing Numbers
Vladimir V. STANKOVIC  Mladen P. TASIC  
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pp.1396-1399  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Accelerating Multi-Label Feature Selection Based on Low-Rank Approximation
Hyunki LIM  Jaesung LEE  Dae-Won KIM  
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pp.1400-1403  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Reflection and Rotation Invariant Uniform Patterns for Texture Classification
Chao LIANG  Wenming YANG  Fei ZHOU  Qingmin LIAO  
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pp.1404-1407  LETTER-Computer Graphics
VdPAs: An Intermediate Data Source for Rendering Dynamic Vectors on Height Field
Bin TANG  Jianxin LUO  Guiqiang NI  Weiwei DUAN  Yi GAO  
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