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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E99-D No.11  (Publication Date:2016/11/01)
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pp.2672-2681  PAPER-Computer System
Reseeding-Oriented Test Power Reduction for Linear-Decompression-Based Test Compression Architectures
Tian CHEN  Dandan SHEN  Xin YI  Huaguo LIANG  Xiaoqing WEN  Wei WANG  
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pp.2682-2693  PAPER-Computer System
Design of a Compact Sound Localization Device on a Stand-Alone FPGA-Based Platform
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pp.2694-2704  PAPER-Computer System
Job Mapping and Scheduling on Free-Space Optical Networks
Yao HU  Ikki FUJIWARA  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  
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pp.2705-2715  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Personalized Web Page Recommendation Based on Preference Footprint to Browsed Pages
Kenta SERIZAWA  Sayaka KAMEI  Syuhei HAYASHI  Satoshi FUJITA  
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pp.2716-2722  PAPER-Information Network
A One-Round Certificateless Authenticated Group Key Agreement Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Dongxu CHENG  Jianwei LIU  Zhenyu GUAN  Tao SHANG  
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pp.2723-2733  PAPER-Dependable Computing
A Built-in Test Circuit for Electrical Interconnect Testing of Open Defects in Assembled PCBs
Widiant  Masaki HASHIZUME  Shohei SUENAGA  Hiroyuki YOTSUYANAGI  Akira ONO  Shyue-Kung LU  Zvi ROTH  
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pp.2734-2744  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Optimum Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis and Discriminant Kernel Support Vector Machine
Akinori HIDAKA  Takio KURITA  
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pp.2745-2758  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Multi-Agent Steiner Tree Algorithm Based on Branch-Based Multicast
Hiroshi MATSUURA  
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pp.2759-2766  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Micro-Vibration Patterns Generated from Shape Memory Alloy Actuators and the Detection of an Asymptomatic Tactile Sensation Decrease in Diabetic Patients
Junichi DANJO  Sonoko DANJO  Yu NAKAMURA  Keiji UCHIDA  Hideyuki SAWADA  
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pp.2767-2777  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Improvements of Voice Timbre Control Based on Perceived Age in Singing Voice Conversion
Kazuhiro KOBAYASHI  Tomoki TODA  Tomoyasu NAKANO  Masataka GOTO  Satoshi NAKAMURA  
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pp.2778-2787  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Revisiting the Regression between Raw Outputs of Image Quality Metrics and Ground Truth Measurements
Chanho JUNG  Sanghyun JOO  Do-Won NAM  Wonjun KIM  
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pp.2788-2795  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Automatic Retrieval of Action Video Shots from the Web Using Density-Based Cluster Analysis and Outlier Detection
Nga Hang DO  Keiji YANAI  
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pp.2796-2808  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Vote Distribution Model for Hough-Based Action Detection
Kensho HARA  Takatsugu HIRAYAMA  Kenji MASE  
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pp.2809-2813  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
An Index Based on Irregular Identifier Space Partition for Quick Multiple Data Access in Wireless Data Broadcasting
SeokJin IM  HeeJoung HWANG  
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pp.2814-2816  LETTER-Information Network
A Visibility-Based Upper Bound for Android Unlock Patterns
Jinwoo LEE  Jae Woo SEO  Kookrae CHO  Pil Joong LEE  Juneyeun KIM  Seung Hoon CHOI  Dae Hyun YUM  
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pp.2817-2820  LETTER-Information Network
Transparent Discovery of Hidden Service
Rui WANG  Qiaoyan WEN  Hua ZHANG  Sujuan QIN  Wenmin LI  
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pp.2821-2823  LETTER-Dependable Computing
Set-to-Set Disjoint Paths Routing in Torus-Connected Cycles
Antoine BOSSARD  Keiichi KANEKO  
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pp.2824-2827  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
On-Line Rigid Object Tracking via Discriminative Feature Classification
Quan MIAO  Chenbo SHI  Long MENG  Guang CHENG  
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pp.2828-2831  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
RBM-LBP: Joint Distribution of Multiple Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
Chao LIANG  Wenming YANG  Fei ZHOU  Qingmin LIAO  
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pp.2832-2835  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
An Algorithm of Connecting Broken Objects Based on the Skeletons
Chao XU  Dongxiang ZHOU  Yunhui LIU  
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pp.2836-2839  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Fast Coding Unit Size Decision Based on Probabilistic Graphical Model in High Efficiency Video Coding Inter Prediction
Xiantao JIANG  Tian SONG  Wen SHI  Takafumi KATAYAMA  Takashi SHIMAMOTO  Lisheng WANG  
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pp.2840-2842  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Combining Fisher Criterion and Deep Learning for Patterned Fabric Defect Inspection
Yundong LI  Jiyue ZHANG  Yubing LIN  
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pp.2843-2846  LETTER-Natural Language Processing
A Morpheme-Based Weighting for Chinese-Mongolian Statistical Machine Translation
Zhenxin YANG  Miao LI  Lei CHEN  Kai SUN  
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pp.2847-2850  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Contrast Enhancement of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Images Based on Improved Histogram Equalization
Chao XU  Dongxiang ZHOU  Keju PENG  Weihong FAN  Yunhui LIU  
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pp.2851-2855  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Adaptive Local Thresholding for Co-Localization Detection in Multi-Channel Fluorescence Microscopic Images
Eisuke ITO  Yusuke TOMARU  Akira IIZUKA  Hirokazu HIRAI  Tsuyoshi KATO  
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