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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E98-D No.3  (Publication Date:2015/03/01)
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Special Section on Foundations of Computer Science---New Spirits in Theory of Computation and Algorithm---

pp.485-485  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yushi UNO  
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pp.486-489  PAPER
Secure Sets and Defensive Alliances in Graphs: A Faster Algorithm and Improved Bounds
Kazuyuki AMANO  Kyaw May OO  Yota OTACHI  Ryuhei UEHARA  
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pp.490-496  PAPER
Faster Enumeration of All Maximal Cliques in Unit Disk Graphs Using Geometric Structure
Taisuke IZUMI  Daisuke SUZUKI  
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pp.497-502  PAPER
The Biclique Cover Problem and the Modified Galois Lattice
Hideaki OTSUKI  Tomio HIRATA  
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pp.503-511  PAPER
Some Reduction Procedure for Computing Pathwidth of Undirected Graphs
Masataka IKEDA  Hiroshi NAGAMOCHI  
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pp.512-523  PAPER
Node Query Preservation for Deterministic Linear Top-Down Tree Transducers
Kazuki MIYAHARA  Kenji HASHIMOTO  Hiroyuki SEKI  
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pp.524-531  PAPER
Candidate Boolean Functions towards Super-Quadratic Formula Size
Kenya UENO  
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pp.532-540  PAPER
A Fourier-Analytic Approach to List-Decoding for Sparse Random Linear Codes
Akinori KAWACHI  Ikko YAMANE  
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pp.541-544  LETTER
Computational Complexity of Generalized Golf Solitaire
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Special Section on the Architectures, Protocols, and Applications for the Future Internet

pp.545-545  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yusheng JI  
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pp.546-556  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
New Directions for a Japanese Academic Backbone Network
Shigeo URUSHIDANI  Shunji ABE  Kenjiro YAMANAKA  Kento AIDA  Shigetoshi YOKOYAMA  Hiroshi YAMADA  Motonori NAKAMURA  Kensuke FUKUDA  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  Shigeki YAMADA  
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pp.557-564  PAPER-Internet Architecture and Protocols
Local Tree Hunting: Finding Closest Contents from In-Network Cache
Hiroshi SHIMIZU  Hitoshi ASAEDA  Masahiro JIBIKI  Nozomu NISHINAGA  
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pp.565-577  PAPER-Internet Architecture and Protocols
Adaptive TTL Control to Minimize Resource Cost in Hierarchical Caching Networks
Satoshi IMAI  Kenji LEIBNITZ  Masayuki MURATA  
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pp.578-587  PAPER-Internet Operation and Management
Improved Resilience through Extended KVS-Based Messaging System
Masafumi KINOSHITA  Osamu TAKADA  Izumi MIZUTANI  Takafumi KOIKE  Kenji LEIBNITZ  Masayuki MURATA  
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pp.588-595  PAPER-Internet Operation and Management
Detecting Anomalies in Massive Traffic Streams Based on S-Transform Analysis of Summarized Traffic Entropies
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pp.596-606  PAPER-Network Computing and Applications
Dual-Band Sensor Network for Accurate Device-Free Localization in Indoor Environment with WiFi Interference
Manyi WANG  Zhonglei WANG  Enjie DING  Yun YANG  
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Regular Section

pp.607-616  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Pseudo Polynomial Time Algorithms for Optimal Longcut Route Selection
Yuichi SUDO  Toshimitsu MASUZAWA  Gen MOTOYOSHI  Tutomu MURASE  
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pp.617-626  PAPER-Software Engineering
A Scenario-Based Reliability Analysis Approach for Component-Based Software
Chunyan HOU  Chen CHEN  Jinsong WANG  Kai SHI  
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pp.627-636  PAPER-Software Engineering
Method Verb Recommendation Using Association Rule Mining in a Set of Existing Projects
Yuki KASHIWABARA  Takashi ISHIO  Hideaki HATA  Katsuro INOUE  
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pp.637-648  PAPER-Information Network
A Quantitative Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Proactive and Reactive Security Countermeasures
Yoon-Ho CHOI  Han-You JEONG  Seung-Woo SEO  
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pp.649-660  PAPER-Information Network
A Novel Statistical Approach to Detect Card Frauds Using Transaction Patterns
Chae Chang LEE  Ji Won YOON  
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pp.661-670  PAPER-Information Network  Open Access Paper
The Case for Network Coding for Collective Communication on HPC Interconnection Networks
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pp.671-680  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Multiple Binary Codes for Fast Approximate Similarity Search
Shinichi SHIRAKAWA  
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pp.681-691  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Analysis of Noteworthy Issues in Illumination Processing for Face Recognition
Min YAO  Hiroshi NAGAHASHI  
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pp.692-703  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Extraction of Blood Vessels in Retinal Images Using Resampling High-Order Background Estimation
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pp.704-711  PAPER-Multimedia Pattern Processing
Discriminating Unknown Objects from Known Objects Using Image and Speech Information
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pp.712-716  LETTER-Software Engineering
Split-Jaccard Distance of Hierarchical Decompositions for Software Architecture
Ki-Seong LEE  Byung-Woo HONG  Youngmin KIM  Jaeyeop AHN  Chan-Gun LEE  
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pp.717-720  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Discriminative Pronunciation Modeling Using the MPE Criterion
Meixu SONG  Jielin PAN  Qingwei ZHAO  Yonghong YAN  
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pp.721-725  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Making Joint-Histogram-Based Weighted Median Filter Much Faster
Hanhoon PARK  
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pp.726-727  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Uniformity-Approximated Histogram Equalization Algorithm for Image Enhancement
Pei-Chen WU  Chang Hong LIN  
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pp.728-732  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
No-Reference Blur Strength Estimation Based on Spectral Analysis of Blurred Images
Hanhoon PARK  
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pp.733-736  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
An Efficient Filtering Method for Scalable Face Image Retrieval
Deokmin HAAM  Hyeon-Gyu KIM  Myoung-Ho KIM  
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pp.737-740  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Automatic Mura Detection for Display Film Using Mask Filtering in Wavelet Transform
Jong-Seung PARK  Seung-Ho LEE  
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pp.741-744  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Displacement Mapping with an Augmented Patch Mesh
Sungchul JUNG  Chang Ha LEE  
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pp.745-748  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Detection of S1/S2 Components with Extraction of Murmurs from Phonocardiogram
Xingri QUAN  Jongwon SEOK  Keunsung BAE  
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