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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E97-D No.5  (Publication Date:2014/05/01)
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Special Section on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

pp.1016-1016  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.1017-1027  PAPER
Rule-Based Verification Method of Requirements Ontology
Dang Viet DZUNG  Bui Quang HUY  Atsushi OHNISHI  
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pp.1028-1038  PAPER
Ontology-Based Checking Method of Requirements Specification
Dang Viet DZUNG  Atsushi OHNISHI  
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pp.1039-1048  PAPER
Estimation of the Maturation Type of Requirements from Their Accessibility and Stability
Takako NAKATANI  Shozo HORI  Keiichi KATAMINE  Michio TSUDA  Toshihiko TSUMAKI  
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pp.1049-1057  PAPER
A Semantic-Based Topic Knowledge Map System (STKMS) for Lesson-Learned Documents Reuse in Product Design
Ywen HUANG  Zhua JIANG  
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pp.1058-1068  PAPER
Interval Estimation Method for Decision Making in Wavelet-Based Software Reliability Assessment
Xiao XIAO  Tadashi DOHI  
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pp.1069-1083  PAPER
Mining API Usage Patterns by Applying Method Categorization to Improve Code Completion
Rizky Januar AKBAR  Takayuki OMORI  Katsuhisa MARUYAMA  
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pp.1084-1096  PAPER
Method for Consistent GUI Arrangements by Analyzing Existing Windows and Its Evaluation
Junko SHIROGANE  Seitaro SHIRAI  Hajime IWATA  Yoshiaki FUKAZAWA  
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pp.1097-1108  PAPER
Verifying Business Rules Using Model-Checking Techniques for Non-specialist in Model-Checking
Yoshitaka AOKI  Saeko MATSUURA  
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pp.1109-1118  PAPER
Test Scenario Generation for Web Application Based on Past Test Artifacts
Rogene LACANIENTA  Shingo TAKADA  Haruto TANNO  Morihide OINUMA  
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pp.1119-1126  PAPER
Coordination of Local Process Views in Interorganizational Business Process
Donghui LIN  Toru ISHIDA  
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pp.1127-1138  PAPER
Motivation Process Formalization and Its Application to Education Improvement for the Personal Software Process Course
Masanobu UMEDA  Keiichi KATAMINE  Keiichi ISHIBASHI  Masaaki HASHIMOTO  Takaichi YOSHIDA  
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Special Section on Formal Approach

pp.1139-1139  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yoshinao ISOBE  
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pp.1140-1148  PAPER-Formal Verification
Bisimilarity Control of Nondeterministic Discrete Event Systems under Event and State Observations
Katsuyuki KIMURA  Shigemasa TAKAI  
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pp.1149-1159  PAPER-Formal Verification
A Formal Verification of a Subset of Information-Based Access Control Based on Extended Weighted Pushdown System
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pp.1160-1170  PAPER-Formal Verification
TESLA Source Authentication Protocol Verification Experiment in the Timed OTS/CafeOBJ Method: Experiences and Lessons Learned
Iakovos OURANOS  Kazuhiro OGATA  Petros STEFANEAS  
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pp.1171-1180  PAPER-Formal Construction
An Approach for Synthesizing Intelligible State Machine Models from Choreography Using Petri Nets
Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO  Yasuwo HASEGAWA  Hiroyuki OIMURA  
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pp.1181-1187  PAPER-Formal Construction
Protocol Inheritance Preserving Soundizability Problem and Its Polynomial Time Procedure for Acyclic Free Choice Workflow Nets
Shingo YAMAGUCHI  Huan WU  
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Regular Section

pp.1188-1195  PAPER-Computer System
Retargeting Derivative-ASIP with Assembly Converter Tool
Agus BEJO  Dongju LI  Tsuyoshi ISSHIKI  Hiroaki KUNIEDA  
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pp.1196-1210  PAPER-Computer System
Area-Efficient Microarchitecture for Reinforcement of Turbo Mode
Shinobu MIWA  Takara INOUE  Hiroshi NAKAMURA  
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pp.1211-1224  PAPER-Computer System
ParaLite: A Parallel Database System for Data-Intensive Workflows
Ting CHEN  Kenjiro TAURA  
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pp.1225-1234  PAPER-Computer System
Reconfigurable Out-of-Order System for Fluid Dynamics Computation Using Unstructured Mesh
Takayuki AKAMINE  Mohamad Sofian ABU TALIP  Yasunori OSANA  Naoyuki FUJITA  Hideharu AMANO  
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pp.1235-1243  PAPER-Software System
Towards the Identification of Cross-Cutting Concerns: A Comprehensive Dynamic Approach Based on Execution Relations
Dongjin YU  Xiang SU  Yunlei MU  
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pp.1244-1253  PAPER-Software Engineering
An Investigation into the Characteristics of Merged Code Clones during Software Evolution
Eunjong CHOI  Norihiro YOSHIDA  Katsuro INOUE  
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pp.1254-1263  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Clausius Normalized Field-Based Shape-Independent Motion Segmentation
Eunjin KOH  Chanyoung LEE  Dong Gil JEONG  
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pp.1264-1272  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Adaptive Spectral Masking of AVQ Coding and Sparseness Detection for ITU-T G.711.1 Annex D and G.722 Annex B Standards
Masahiro FUKUI  Shigeaki SASAKI  Yusuke HIWASAKI  Kimitaka TSUTSUMI  Sachiko KURIHARA  Hitoshi OHMURO  Yoichi HANEDA  
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pp.1273-1282  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Developing an HMM-Based Speech Synthesis System for Malay: A Comparison of Iterative and Isolated Unit Training
Mumtaz Begum MUSTAFA  Zuraidah Mohd DON  Raja Noor AINON  Roziati ZAINUDDIN  Gerry KNOWLES  
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pp.1283-1292  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Study of Reducing Circuit Scale Associated with Bit Depth Expansion Using Predictive Gradation Detection Algorithm
Akihiro NAGASE  Nami NAKANO  Masako ASAMURA  Jun SOMEYA  Gosuke OHASHI  
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pp.1293-1303  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Improvements of Local Descriptor in HOG/SIFT by BOF Approach
Zhouxin YANG  Takio KURITA  
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pp.1304-1311  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Detecting Trace of Seam Carving for Forensic Analysis
Seung-Jin RYU  Hae-Yeoun LEE  Heung-Kyu LEE  
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pp.1312-1323  PAPER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Quality Analysis of Discretization Methods for Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Chao-Hong CHEN  Ying-ping CHEN  
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pp.1324-1335  PAPER-Biological Engineering
Locating Fetal Facial Surface, Oral Cavity and Airways by a 3D Ultrasound Calibration Using a Novel Cones' Phantom
Rong XU  Jun OHYA  Yoshinobu SATO  Bo ZHANG  Masakatsu G. FUJIE  
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pp.1336-1339  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
An Improved Low Complexity Detection Scheme in MIMO-OFDM Systems
Jang-Kyun AHN  Hyun-Woo JANG  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.1340-1344  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Multiple Kernel Learning for Quadratically Constrained MAP Classification
Yoshikazu WASHIZAWA  Tatsuya YOKOTA  Yukihiko YAMASHITA  
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pp.1345-1348  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Indexing Human Genome Sequences
Woong-Kee LOH  Kyoung-Soo HAN  
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pp.1349-1352  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Fast Density-Based Clustering Using Graphics Processing Units
Woong-Kee LOH  Yang-Sae MOON  Young-Ho PARK  
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pp.1353-1357  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
One-Class Naïve Bayesian Classifier for Toll Fraud Detection
Pilsung KANG  
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pp.1358-1362  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Class Prior Estimation from Positive and Unlabeled Data
Marthinus Christoffel DU PLESSIS  Masashi SUGIYAMA  
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pp.1363-1366  LETTER-Human-computer Interaction
Evaluation of Large-Sized LCD Touch Panel Using Differential Sensing Circuit and Algorithm
Sang Hyuck BAE  Jaewon PARK  CheolSe KIM  SeokWoo LEE  Woosup SHIN  Yong-Surk LEE  
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pp.1367-1370  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
A Combing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Discriminative Dictionaries Learning for Non-specific Object Detection
Yurui XIE  Qingbo WU  Bing LUO  Chao HUANG  Liangzhi TANG  
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pp.1371-1373  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Feature-Level Fusion of Finger Veins and Finger Dorsal Texture for Personal Authentication Based on Orientation Selection
Wenming YANG  Guoli MA  Fei ZHOU  Qingmin LIAO  
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pp.1374-1378  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
An Efficient Strategy for Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm
Bin YAO  Hua WU  Yun YANG  Yuyan CHAO  Atsushi OHTA  Haruki KAWANAKA  Lifeng HE  
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pp.1379-1381  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Image Quality Assessment Based on Multi-Order Visual Comparison
Fei ZHOU  Wen SUN  Qingmin LIAO  
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pp.1382-1385  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Image Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Slope
Hwa-Soo WOO  Jong-Wha CHONG  
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pp.1386-1389  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
An Improved White-RGB Color Filter Array Based CMOS Imaging System for Cell Phones in Low-Light Environments
Chang-shuai WANG  Jong-wha CHONG  
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pp.1390-1393  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Texture Direction Based Optimization for Intra Prediction in HEVC
Zhengcong WANG  Peng WANG  Hongguang ZHANG  Hongjun ZHANG  Shibao ZHENG  Li SONG  
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pp.1394-1397  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Deformable Part-Based Model Transfer for Object Detection
Zhiwei RUAN  Guijin WANG  Xinggang LIN  Jing-Hao XUE  Yong JIANG  
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pp.1398-1401  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Adaptive Subscale Entropy Based Quantification of EEG
Young-Seok CHOI  
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