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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E96-D No.4  (Publication Date:2013/04/01)
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Special Section on Medical Imaging

pp.771-771  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hiroshi FUJITA  
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pp.772-783  INVITED SURVEY PAPER  Open Access Paper
Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Diagnosis of the Thorax and Colon in CT: A Survey
Kenji SUZUKI  
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pp.784-797  SURVEY PAPER-Computer Assisted Medical Intervention  Open Access Paper
A Survey on Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning Approaches to Computer Assisted Medical Intervention: Intraoperative Anatomy Modeling and Optimization of Interventional Procedures
Ken'ichi MOROOKA  Masahiko NAKAMOTO  Yoshinobu SATO  
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pp.798-807  PAPER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
Segmentation of Liver in Low-Contrast Images Using K-Means Clustering and Geodesic Active Contour Algorithms
Amir H. FORUZAN  Yen-Wei CHEN  Reza A. ZOROOFI  Akira FURUKAWA  Yoshinobu SATO  Masatoshi HORI  Noriyuki TOMIYAMA  
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pp.808-818  PAPER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
Automated Ulcer Detection Method from CT Images for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
Masahiro ODA  Takayuki KITASAKA  Kazuhiro FURUKAWA  Osamu WATANABE  Takafumi ANDO  Hidemi GOTO  Kensaku MORI  
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pp.819-825  PAPER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
A Proposal of Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction Method Based on a Fast Block-Iterative Algorithm
Tatsuya KON  Takashi OBI  Hideaki TASHIMA  Nagaaki OHYAMA  
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pp.826-835  PAPER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
Fast and Robust 3D Correspondence Matching and Its Application to Volume Registration
Yuichiro TAJIMA  Kinya FUDANO  Koichi ITO  Takafumi AOKI  
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pp.836-844  PAPER-Computer-Aided Diagnosis  Open Access Paper
Classification of Pneumoconiosis on HRCT Images for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Wei ZHAO  Rui XU  Yasushi HIRANO  Rie TACHIBANA  Shoji KIDO  Narufumi SUGANUMA  
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pp.845-855  PAPER-Computer-Aided Diagnosis  Open Access Paper
A Bag-of-Features Approach to Classify Six Types of Pulmonary Textures on High-Resolution Computed Tomography
Rui XU  Yasushi HIRANO  Rie TACHIBANA  Shoji KIDO  
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pp.856-863  PAPER-Diagnostic Systems  Open Access Paper
Multi-Layer Virtual Slide Scanning System with Multi-Focus Image Fusion for Cytopathology and Image Diagnosis
Hiroyuki NOZAKA  Tomisato MIURA  Zhongxi ZHENG  
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pp.864-868  LETTER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
Ensemble Learning Based Segmentation of Metastatic Liver Tumours in Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography
Akinobu SHIMIZU  Takuya NARIHIRA  Hidefumi KOBATAKE  Daisuke FURUKAWA  Shigeru NAWANO  Kenji SHINOZAKI  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(793.2KB)

pp.869-871  LETTER-Medical Image Processing  Open Access Paper
Model-Based Approach to Recognize the Rectus Abdominis Muscle in CT Images
Naoki KAMIYA  Xiangrong ZHOU  Huayue CHEN  Chisako MURAMATSU  Takeshi HARA  Hiroshi FUJITA  
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Regular Section

pp.872-885  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Application of an Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm in Symbolic Regression
Qing LIU  Tomohiro ODAKA  Jousuke KUROIWA  Hisakazu OGURA  
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pp.886-896  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A Scalable Communication-Induced Checkpointing Algorithm for Distributed Systems
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pp.897-905  PAPER-Software Engineering
AspectQuery: A Method for Identification of Crosscutting Concerns in the Requirement Phase
Chengwan HE  Chengmao TU  
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pp.906-917  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Efficient XML Retrieval Service with Complete Path Representation
Hsu-Kuang CHANG  King-Chu HUNG  I-Chang JOU  
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pp.918-926  PAPER-Information Network
Failure Microscope: Precisely Diagnosing Routing Instability
Hongjun LIU  Baokang ZHAO  Xiaofeng HU  Dan ZHAO  Xicheng LU  
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pp.927-938  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Development of a Robust and Compact On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognizer for Hand-Held Devices
Jinfeng GAO  Bilan ZHU  Masaki NAKAGAWA  
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pp.939-948  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
A Bayesian Framework Using Multiple Model Structures for Speech Recognition
Sayaka SHIOTA  Kei HASHIMOTO  Yoshihiko NANKAKU  Keiichi TOKUDA  
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pp.949-956  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Homomorphic Filtered Spectral Peaks Energy for Automatic Detection of Vowel Onset Point in Continuous Speech
Xian ZANG  Kil To CHONG  
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pp.957-962  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Novel Imaging Method for Cell Phone Camera in Low Ambient Light Conditions Using Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs
Lin-bo LUO  Jun CHEN  Sang-woo AN  Chang-shuai WANG  Jong-joo PARK  Ying-chun LI  Jong-wha CHONG  
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pp.963-966  LETTER-Computer System
A Low-Power Packet Memory Architecture with a Latency-Aware Packet Mapping Method
Hyuk-Jun LEE  Seung-Chul KIM  Eui-Young CHUNG  
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pp.967-971  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
An Improved Face Clustering Method Using Weighted Graph for Matched SIFT Keypoints in Face Region
Ji-Soo KEUM  Hyon-Soo LEE  
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pp.972-975  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Early Decision of Prediction Direction with Hierarchical Correlation for HEVC Compression
Chae Eun RHEE  Hyuk-Jae LEE  
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pp.976-979  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Joint Motion-Compensated Interpolation Using Eight-Neighbor Block Motion Vectors
Ran LI  Zong-Liang GAN  Zi-Guan CUI  Xiu-Chang ZHU  
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pp.980-983  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Improved Intra Prediction Coding Scheme Based on Minimum Distance Prediction for H.264/AVC
Qingbo WU  Linfeng XU  Zhengning WANG  
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pp.984-987  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Indoor Scene Classification Based on the Bag-of-Words Model of Local Feature Information Gain
Rong WANG  Zhiliang WANG  Xirong MA  
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pp.988-992  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Real-Time Tracking with Online Constrained Compressive Learning
Bo GUO  Juan LIU  
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pp.993-996  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Human Attribute Analysis Using a Top-View Camera Based on Two-Stage Classification
Toshihiko YAMASAKI  Tomoaki MATSUNAMI  Tuhan CHEN  
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