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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E95-D No.10  (Publication Date:2012/10/01)
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pp.2369-2376  PAPER-Computer System
Partial Reconfiguration of Flux Limiter Functions in MUSCL Scheme Using FPGA
Mohamad Sofian ABU TALIP  Takayuki AKAMINE  Yasunori OSANA  Naoyuki FUJITA  Hideharu AMANO  
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pp.2377-2392  PAPER-Software System
Cache-Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling on Multi-Core Architecture
Cheol-Ho HONG  Young-Pil KIM  Seehwan YOO  Chi-Young LEE  Chuck YOO  
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pp.2393-2400  PAPER-Information Network
Improvements on Hsiang and Shih's Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Jung-Yoon KIM  Hyoung-Kee CHOI  
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pp.2401-2414  PAPER-Information Network
Collaborative Access Control for Multi-Domain Cloud Computing
Souheil BEN AYED  Fumio TERAOKA  
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pp.2415-2425  PAPER-Information Network
Self-Organizing Incremental Associative Memory-Based Robot Navigation
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pp.2426-2437  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Multi-Task Approach to Reinforcement Learning for Factored-State Markov Decision Problems
Jaak SIMM  Masashi SUGIYAMA  Hirotaka HACHIYA  
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pp.2438-2446  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Topic Extraction for Documents Based on Compressibility Vector
Nuo ZHANG  Toshinori WATANABE  
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pp.2447-2455  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Online Continuous Scale Estimation of Hand Gestures
Woosuk KIM  Hideaki KUZUOKA  Kenji SUZUKI  
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pp.2456-2468  PAPER-Office Information Systems, e-Business Modeling
A Framework for Measuring and Managing Value Achievement in Business Processes
Sungwon KANG  Jihyun LEE  Danhyung LEE  Jongmoon BAIK  
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pp.2469-2478  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Online Speaker Clustering Using Incremental Learning of an Ergodic Hidden Markov Model
Takafumi KOSHINAKA  Kentaro NAGATOMO  Koichi SHINODA  
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pp.2479-2485  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Acoustic Model Training Using Pseudo-Speaker Features Generated by MLLR Transformations for Robust Speaker-Independent Speech Recognition
Arata ITOH  Sunao HARA  Norihide KITAOKA  Kazuya TAKEDA  
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pp.2486-2494  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Active Learning Using Phone-Error Distribution for Speech Modeling
Hiroko MURAKAMI  Koichi SHINODA  Sadaoki FURUI  
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pp.2495-2504  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Improving the Efficiency in Halftone Image Generation Based on Structure Similarity Index Measurement
Aroba KHAN  Hernan AGUIRRE  Kiyoshi TANAKA  
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pp.2505-2513  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Verification-Aware Design Methodology for Thread Pipelining Parallelization
Guo-An JIAN  Cheng-An CHIEN  Peng-Sheng CHEN  Jiun-In GUO  
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pp.2514-2521  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Selection of Characteristic Frames in Video for Efficient Action Recognition
Guoliang LU  Mineichi KUDO  Jun TOYAMA  
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pp.2522-2532  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
A Composite Illumination Invariant Color Feature and Its Application to Partial Image Matching
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pp.2533-2543  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Discriminant Analysis for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Xue GAO  Jinzhi GUO  Lianwen JIN  
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pp.2544-2547  LETTER-Computer System
Finite Virtual State Machines
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pp.2548-2551  LETTER-Computer System
A Simple but Effective Congestion Control Scheme for Safety-Related Events in VANET
Chen CHEN  Qingqi PEI  Xiaoji LI  Rong SUN  
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pp.2552-2555  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Improved Histogram Shifting Technique for Low Payload Embedding by Using a Rate-Distortion Model and Optimal Side Information Selection
Junxiang WANG  Jiangqun NI  Dong ZHANG  Hao LUO  
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pp.2556-2559  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
TL-Rank: A Blend of Text and Link Information for Measuring Similarity in Scientific Literature Databases
Seok-Ho YOON  Ji-Su KIM  Sang-Wook KIM  Choonhwa LEE  
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pp.2560-2563  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Classifying Mathematical Expressions Written in MathML
Shinil KIM  Seon YANG  Youngjoong KO  
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pp.2564-2567  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
On Kernel Parameter Selection in Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion
Masashi SUGIYAMA  Makoto YAMADA  
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pp.2568-2571  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Voice Activity Detection Using Global Speech Absence Probability Based on Teager Energy for Speech Enhancement
Yun-Sik PARK  Sangmin LEE  
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pp.2572-2576  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Factor Analysis of Neighborhood-Preserving Embedding for Speaker Verification
Chunyan LIANG  Lin YANG  Qingwei ZHAO  Yonghong YAN  
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pp.2577-2580  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Countermeasure against Double Compression Based Image Forensic
Shen WANG  Xiamu NIU  
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pp.2581-2584  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Normalized Joint Mutual Information Measure for Ground Truth Based Segmentation Evaluation
Xue BAI  Yibiao ZHAO  Siwei LUO  
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pp.2585-2588  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Skeleton Modulated Topological Perception Map for Rapid Viewpoint Selection
Zhenfeng SHI  Liyang YU  Ahmed A. ABD EL-LATIF  Xiamu NIU  
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pp.2589-2592  LETTER-Computer Graphics
OpenGL SC Implementation on the OpenGL Hardware
Nakhoon BAEK  Hwanyong LEE  
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pp.2593-2596  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Single-Channel Adaptive Noise Canceller for Heart Sound Enhancement during Auscultation
Yunjung LEE  Pil Un KIM  Jin Ho CHO  Yongmin CHANG  Myoung Nam KIM  
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