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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E95-D No.1  (Publication Date:2012/01/01)
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Special Section on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communication Systems

pp.1-1  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Guojun WANG  
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pp.2-11  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Survey on Privacy Frameworks for RFID Authentication
Chunhua SU  Yingjiu LI  Yunlei ZHAO  Robert H. DENG  Yiming ZHAO  Jianying ZHOU  
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pp.12-19  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Uncertainty Mitigation for Trustworthiness-Oriented Applications in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Feng LI  Jie WU  Avinash SRINIVASAN  
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pp.20-28  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Systematic Approach to Evaluating the Trustworthiness of the Internet Inter-Domain Routing Information
Peidong ZHU  Huayang CAO  Wenping DENG  Kan CHEN  Xiaoqiang WANG  
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pp.29-37  PAPER-Trust
Authentication Trust Metric and Assessment for Federated Identity Management Systems
Hidehito GOMI  
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pp.38-45  PAPER-Trust
A Fault-Tolerant Architecture with Error Correcting Code for the Instruction-Level Temporal Redundancy
Chao YAN  Hongjun DAI  Tianzhou CHEN  
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pp.46-55  PAPER-Trust
Study on Network Vulnerability Identification and Equilibrated Network Immunization Strategy
Chi GUO  Li-na WANG  Xiao-ying ZHANG  
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pp.56-66  PAPER-Trust
Accurate and Simplified Prediction of L2 Cache Vulnerability for Cost-Efficient Soft Error Protection
Yu CHENG  Anguo MA  Minxuan ZHANG  
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pp.67-77  PAPER-Trust
Improving Data Confidentiality and Integrity for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rabindra BISTA  Yong-Ki KIM  Myoung-Seon SONG  Jae-Woo CHANG  
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pp.78-93  PAPER-Security
A Secure E-Ticketing Scheme for Mobile Devices with Near Field Communication (NFC) That Includes Exculpability and Reusability
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pp.94-107  PAPER-Security
Using Regional Routing to Improve the Scalability and Security of Inter-Domain Multipath Routing
Bin DAI  Feng WANG  Baokang ZHAO  Jinshu SU  
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pp.108-116  PAPER-Security
Secure and Robust Framework for ID/Locator Mapping System
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pp.117-125  PAPER-Security
An Efficient and Secure Service Discovery Protocol for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Jangseong KIM  Joonsang BAEK  Jianying ZHOU  Taeshik SHON  
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pp.126-133  PAPER-Security
An Authentication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Identity-Based Signatures: Implementation and Evaluation
Rehana YASMIN  Eike RITTER  Guilin WANG  
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pp.134-142  PAPER-Privacy
A Clustering K-Anonymity Scheme for Location Privacy Preservation
Lin YAO  Guowei WU  Jia WANG  Feng XIA  Chi LIN  Guojun WANG  
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pp.143-151  PAPER-Privacy  Open Access Paper
Privacy-Enhancing Queries in Personalized Search with Untrusted Service Providers
Yunsang OH  Hyoungshick KIM  Takashi OBI  
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pp.152-160  PAPER-Privacy
A Privacy Protection Method for Social Network Data against Content/Degree Attacks
Min Kyoung SUNG  Ki Yong LEE  Jun-Bum SHIN  Yon Dohn CHUNG  
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pp.161-168  PAPER-Privacy
A Privacy-Preserving Dynamic ID-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme with Access Control for Multi-Server Environment
Min-Hua SHAO  Ying-Chih CHIN  
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pp.169-176  PAPER-Privacy
JXTAnonym: An Anonymity Layer for JXTA Services Messaging
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pp.177-180  LETTER-Privacy
The Chain Effect for the Reputation-Based Trust Model in Peer-to-Peer Computing
Sinjae LEE  Wonjun LEE  
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pp.181-184  LETTER-Privacy
Recipients' Anonymity in Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks
Helena RIFA-POUS  Emmanouil A. PANAOUSIS  Christos POLITIS  
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pp.185-187  LETTER-Privacy
Efficient Sequential Architecture of AES CCM for the IEEE 802.16e
Jae Deok JI  Seok Won JUNG  Jongin LIM  
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pp.188-191  LETTER-Privacy
Delay Attack-Resilient Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Eui-Jik KIM  Jeongsik IN  Sungkwan YOUM  Chul-Hee KANG  
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Regular Section

pp.192-204  PAPER-Computer System
Combinatorial Auction-Based Marketplace Mechanism for Cloud Service Reservation
Ikki FUJIWARA  Kento AIDA  Isao ONO  
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pp.205-214  PAPER-Software System
Feature Location in Source Code by Trace-Based Impact Analysis and Information Retrieval
Zhengong CAI  Xiaohu YANG  Xinyu WANG  Aleksander J. KAVS  
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pp.215-229  PAPER-Dependable Computing
On-the-Fly Trace Generation Approach to the Security Analysis of the TMN Protocol with Homomorphic Property: A Petri Nets-Based Method
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pp.230-238  PAPER-Educational Technology
A Method for Detecting Determiner Errors Designed for the Writing of Non-native Speakers of English
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pp.239-246  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Efficient Candidate Scheme for Fast Codebook Search in G.723.1
Rong-San LIN  Jia-Yu WANG  
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pp.247-255  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Colorization Based Image Coding by Using Local Correlation between Luminance and Chrominance
Yoshitaka INOUE  Takamichi MIYATA  Yoshinori SAKAI  
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pp.256-266  PAPER-Multimedia Pattern Processing
Foldable Augmented Maps
Sandy MARTEDI  Hideaki UCHIYAMA  Guillermo ENRIQUEZ  Hideo SAITO  Tsutomu MIYASHITA  Takenori HARA  
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pp.267-270  LETTER-Software Engineering
Kernel Based Asymmetric Learning for Software Defect Prediction
Ying MA  Guangchun LUO  Hao CHEN  
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pp.271-274  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Sparsity Preserving Embedding with Manifold Learning and Discriminant Analysis
Qian LIU  Chao LAN  Xiao Yuan JING  Shi Qiang GAO  David ZHANG  Jing Yu YANG  
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pp.275-279  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
QDFA: Query-Dependent Feature Aggregation for Medical Image Retrieval
Yonggang HUANG  Dianfu MA  Jun ZHANG  Yongwang ZHAO  
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pp.280-284  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Blind Adaptive Method for Image Restoration Using Microscanning
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pp.285-288  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
A Fast Sub-Volume Search Method for Human Action Detection
Ping GUO  Zhenjiang MIAO  Xiao-Ping ZHANG  Zhe WANG  
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