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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E93-D No.8  (Publication Date:2010/08/01)
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Special Section on Multiple-Valued Logic and VLSI Computing

pp.2025-2025  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Michitaka KAMEYAMA  
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pp.2026-2035  INVITED PAPER
A Quaternary Decision Diagram Machine: Optimization of Its Code
Tsutomu SASAO  Hiroki NAKAHARA  Munehiro MATSUURA  Yoshifumi KAWAMURA  Jon T. BUTLER  
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pp.2036-2039  INVITED PAPER
Multi-Valued Modal Fixed Point Logics for Model Checking
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pp.2040-2047  PAPER-Logic Design
A Delay Model of Multiple-Valued Logic Circuits Consisting of Min, Max, and Literal Operations
Noboru TAKAGI  
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pp.2048-2058  PAPER-Logic Design
A Parallel Branching Program Machine for Sequential Circuits: Implementation and Evaluation
Hiroki NAKAHARA  Tsutomu SASAO  Munehiro MATSUURA  Yoshifumi KAWAMURA  
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pp.2059-2067  PAPER-Logic Design
A Systematic Design Method for Two-Variable Numeric Function Generators Using Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams
Shinobu NAGAYAMA  Tsutomu SASAO  Jon T. BUTLER  
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pp.2068-2072  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
Novel Multiple-Valued Logic Design Using BiCMOS-Based Negative Differential Resistance Circuit Biased by Two Current Sources
Kwang-Jow GAN  Dong-Shong LIANG  Yan-Wun CHEN  
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pp.2073-2079  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
Optimization and Verification of Current-Mode Multiple-Valued Digit ORNS Arithmetic Circuits
Motoi INABA  Koichi TANNO  Hiroki TAMURA  Okihiko ISHIZUKA  
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pp.2080-2088  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
Energy-Aware Multiple-Valued Current-Mode Sequential Circuits Using a Completion-Detection Scheme
Hirokatsu SHIRAHAMA  Takashi MATSUURA  Masanori NATSUI  Takahiro HANYU  
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pp.2089-2099  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
Highly Reliable Multiple-Valued One-Phase Signalling for an Asynchronous On-Chip Communication Link
Naoya ONIZAWA  Takahiro HANYU  
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pp.2100-2108  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
HPChecker: An AMBA AHB On-Chip Bus Protocol Checker with Efficient Verification Mechanisms
Liang-Bi CHEN  Jiun-Cheng JU  Chien-Chou WANG  Ing-Jer HUANG  
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pp.2109-2116  PAPER-Multiple-Valued VLSI Technology
Multiple-Valued Data Transmission Based on Time-Domain Pre-Emphasis Techniques
Yasushi YUMINAKA  Yasunori TAKAHASHI  Kenichi HENMI  
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pp.2117-2125  PAPER-Application of Multiple-Valued VLSI
Multiple-Valued Constant-Power Adder and Its Application to Cryptographic Processor
Naofumi HOMMA  Yuichi BABA  Atsushi MIYAMOTO  Takafumi AOKI  
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pp.2126-2133  PAPER-Application of Multiple-Valued VLSI
Logic-In-Control-Architecture-Based Reconfigurable VLSI Using Multiple-Valued Differential-Pair Circuits
Nobuaki OKADA  Michitaka KAMEYAMA  
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pp.2134-2144  PAPER-Application of Multiple-Valued VLSI
A Switch Block Architecture for Multi-Context FPGAs Based on a Ferroelectric-Capacitor Functional Pass-Gate Using Multiple/Binary Valued Hybrid Signals
Shota ISHIHARA  Noriaki IDOBATA  Masanori HARIYAMA  Michitaka KAMEYAMA  
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Regular Section

pp.2145-2161  PAPER-Computer System
Asynchronous Pipeline Controller Based on Early Acknowledgement Protocol
Chammika MANNAKKARA  Tomohiro YONEDA  
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pp.2162-2171  PAPER-Software System
A Concurrent Instruction Scheduling and Recoding Algorithm for Power Minimization in Embedded Systems
Sung-Rae LEE  Ser-Hoon LEE  Sun-Young HWANG  
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pp.2172-2181  PAPER-Software System
A Minimized Assumption Generation Method for Component-Based Software Verification
Ngoc Hung PHAM  Viet Ha NGUYEN  Toshiaki AOKI  Takuya KATAYAMA  
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pp.2182-2189  PAPER-Software Engineering
A Case Study of Requirements Elicitation Process with Changes
Takako NAKATANI  Shouzo HORI  Naoyasu UBAYASHI  Keiichi KATAMINE  Masaaki HASHIMOTO  
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pp.2190-2197  PAPER-Software Engineering
Concept Maps for the Modelling of Controlled Flexibility in Software Processes
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pp.2198-2212  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
An Algorithm for Inferring K Optimum Transformations of XML Document from Update Script to DTD
Nobutaka SUZUKI  
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pp.2213-2222  PAPER-Information Network
Real-Time Monitoring of Multicast Group Information
Achmad BASUKI  Achmad Husni THAMRIN  Hitoshi ASAEDA  Jun MURAI  
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pp.2223-2232  PAPER-Information Network
Extended Selective Encoding of Scan Slices for Reducing Test Data and Test Power
Jun LIU  Yinhe HAN  Xiaowei LI  
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pp.2233-2242  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Tiny Feel: A New Miniature Tactile Module Using Elastic and Electromagnetic Force for Mobile Devices
Tae-Heon YANG  Sang-Youn KIM  Wayne J. BOOK  Dong-Soo KWON  
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pp.2243-2251  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Novel Confidence Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Latent Topic Similarity
Wei CHEN  Gang LIU  Jun GUO  Shinichiro OMACHI  Masako OMACHI  Yujing GUO  
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pp.2252-2261  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
A New Subband-Weighted MVDR-Based Front-End for Robust Speech Recognition
Sanaz SEYEDIN  Seyed Mohammad AHADI  
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pp.2262-2272  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Adaptive Depth-Map Coding for 3D-Video
Kyung-Yong KIM  Gwang-Hoon PARK  Doug-Young SUH  
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pp.2273-2280  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Adaptive Zero-Coefficient Distribution Scan for Inter Block Mode Coding of H.264/AVC
Jing-Xin WANG  Alvin W.Y. SU  
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pp.2281-2290  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Improving Automatic English Writing Assessment Using Regression Trees and Error-Weighting
Kong-Joo LEE  Jee-Eun KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (435.3KB) >>Buy this Article | Errata[Uploaded on September 1,2010]

pp.2291-2301  PAPER-Biological Engineering
Construction of Abdominal Probabilistic Atlases and Their Value in Segmentation of Normal Organs in Abdominal CT Scans
Hyunjin PARK  Alfred HERO  Peyton BLAND  Marc KESSLER  Jongbum SEO  Charles MEYER  
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pp.2302-2305  LETTER-Software System
An Empirical Study of FTL Performance in Conjunction with File System Pursuing Data Integrity
In Hwan DOH  Myoung Sub SHIM  Eunsam KIM  Jongmoo CHOI  Donghee LEE  Sam H. NOH  
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pp.2306-2310  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Hybrid Spatial Query Processing between a Server and a Wireless Sensor Network
Min Soo KIM  Ju Wan KIM  Myoung Ho KIM  
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pp.2311-2315  LETTER-Information Network
A Biometric Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Token
Eun-Jun YOON  Kee-Young YOO  
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pp.2316-2318  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Solving Open Job-Shop Scheduling Problems by SAT Encoding
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pp.2319-2323  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Design of Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification System Based on Statistical Characteristics of Data
Chang Sik SON  Yoon-Nyun KIM  Kyung-Ri PARK  Hee-Joon PARK  
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pp.2324-2326  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Parametric Filter and Fractal Dimension
Xia MAO  Lijiang CHEN  
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pp.2327-2330  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Study of Prominence Detection Based on Various Phone-Specific Features
Sung Soo KIM  Chang Woo HAN  Nam Soo KIM  
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pp.2331-2335  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Estimation of Phone Mismatch Penalty Matricesfor Two-Stage Keyword Spotting
Chang Woo HAN  Shin Jae KANG  Nam Soo KIM  
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pp.2336-2338  LETTER-Natural Language Processing
Minimizing Human Intervention for Constructing Korean Part-of-Speech Tagged Corpus
Do-Gil LEE  Gumwon HONG  Seok Kee LEE  Hae-Chang RIM  
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